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iPod got weird spots

  • HT1320 ipods making weird noise? what do i doNovember 30

    ipods making weird noise? what do i doIf it still works do nothing. If it does not then the harddrive needs to be replaced.Read other 2 answers

  • IPhone4, iPod app weirdness. Some tracks won't play. [updated]October 11

    Hi all. So yesterday on my way to work my iPhone4 stopped playback (iPod app), i pressed the play button, but it just didn't do anything and the track remained unplayed. I click to the next track and that one worked just fine. This happen to serval t

  • Ipod makes weird sounds when the hard drive runsNovember 30

    my ipod video is making weird click clak sound when the hard drive starts running. Is this normal?? HAs this happen to anyone before?HEY!!!!!! I wasnt alone. Amazing. I had the same experience with my new Black 30 Gig iPod 5 Gen. It had a 3 second de

  • IPod Touch weird dithering effectNovember 30

    Hey all, Don't know if anyone's encountered this, but my iPod Touch seems to be dithering images to oblivion. This is especially noticeable when you open the notes app, where instead of having a smooth background, it looks all speckled, as does the i

  • Ipod had weird menu with weird fontNovember 30

    i picked up my ipod only to notice a bunch of weird options that looked like a menu. it said things like STATUS, LCD SCRN, SCRLL, and a few other things, what is that? and how did it come up there??? HELP! is my ipod dying!?!?!?Sounds like the Diagno

  • Help!! My ipod plays weird musics!!!!November 30

    I don't know what happened to my mini pod~ the songs in my ipod just sound very weird~ i can only hear the music very clearly but not the real whole songs! It's kind of like listening someone singing from very far away, but the music of the songs are

  • My ipod does weird thingsNovember 30

    So I have a 30g video ipod that I have had for about a year now. Lately it has been doing so really weird things. It will be fully charged but run out of battery in thirty minutes or less, and it takes it anywhere from ten to fifteen seconds atleast

  • IPod Touch Weird AccessoryNovember 30

    I just bought an iPod Touch a week ago and came with all the necessary accessories -- the headphones, the USB connector, the iPod itself, the polishing cloth, the transparent stand, manuals and everything. It also came with this weird, white, dock or

  • Ipod acting weird. Please help!November 30

    So I'd had my 4GB ipod mini since 2005. I use my ipod every single day. I charge it every morning before i go to school & unplug it even though the battery hasn't fully charged yet. Recently, just last week, I noticed that my ipod has been acting wei

  • Ipod making weird noises and not workingOctober 11

    Ok so I recently have been having problems connecting my ipod to my computer. I plug it in to the usb cable, with itunes up. The ipod goes to the do not disconnect screen and itunes freezes. It stays like that and nothing changes. While this is happe

  • IPod acts weird sometimesNovember 30

    Hello, Until recently, the 'other' part of my iPod would usually stay at 0,01 GB. Sometimes when I'd sync it, it'd become sligthly higher, but when I clicked away and then returned, it would have corrected itself to 0,01 GB again. Then about a week a

  • Ipod acts weird 2g 8gbNovember 30

    i have an ipod and i just got off of a long roadtrip last night and in my haste dropped my ipod into a gutter that had about a half centimeter of water and i went in side came back out to get more stuff and i noticed my ipod in the gutter and took it

  • Ipod 4G-weird noises after synchronisingNovember 30

    Hello fellow ipod-holders. I wonder if my problem with ipod can be solved or it's just a given thing. Recently,I've noticed,that after either recharging,using a socket or synchronising with Mac,Ipod produces odd sounds,like the ones,when the circuit

  • IPod acting weird with Podcasts.November 30

    Over the last few weeks, my iPod has had issues with podcasts. When i have a new podcast on iPod, the blue dot is displayed next to it. However, recently the blue dot had appeared next to old podcasts/vidcasts which i have already heard. When i look

  • Ipod acting weird... tried tons of stuffNovember 30

    So this is my third ipod (4th gen 20gb click wheel). No, i didnt break the other 2, the broke themselves. so when this ipod started skipping through all of my songs without playing them i wasnt really worried, i thought i could just send it in and ge

  • IPod Giving weird messages HELp!!!!November 30

    I turned on my ippod video today and it is stcuk at this black and white screen with a check mark that say " ok to disconnect" and at the top of the screen it says "Disk "Mode" and the battery has 1 little bar next to it.. This ha

  • IPod acting weirdNovember 30

    I am using kdemod, and everytime i plug my ipod to the machine, it appears as if it were mounted twice, when it is only once..... could it be a problem with hal? Here is a pic for proof:Ipod Nano 2G dmesg: usb 5-1: new high speed USB device using ehc

  • My ipod is weird!November 30

    well, i was on my ipod this morning and i wanted to turn it off so i held down the lock button and i slided the power off thing and when i did that it went on a blank screen, not completely blank but the sound buttons work and i can screenshot, i hav

  • Music dissapeared, ipod acting weird - HELPNovember 30

    Ok so i came home today and decided to add an album to my Ipod. I hooked it up and transfered. Great. So then i tried to listen to some music and i discover its EMTY, at least i couldnt see any songs! not an album, artist playlist or song! nothing! B


    I have the 2nd Gen iPod Touch. Owned it for about 2 years with no problems. Over the past few days, without me touching it it will start forwarding songs and the playing them normally and then fast warding again, skipping songs, not responding to me

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