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ipod 6th gen volume keeps going down

  • Ipod 6th gen not showing any music after successful syncOctober 11

    Hi all, My ipod 6th gen has just started doing something odd. When I plugged it in it said it couldnt be read and I had to restore it. I did this, but now when I sync'd all my music back to the ipod, it seems to work, but when I unplug the nano and t

  • Ipod 4th gen volume buttons not working. Volume bar not showing in music or video apps, not a speaker problem as this works fine when testing built in alarm tones???October 11

    Ipod 4th gen volume buttons not working. Volume bar not showing in music or video apps, not a speaker problem as this works fine when testing built in alarm tones???Have you tried the standard fixes: - Reset: Reset iPod touch:  Press and hold the On/

  • My ipod 6th gen wont sync new songs ive uploaded and when i try to update it i get error message 1436October 11

    my ipod 6th gen wont sync new uploaded music and when try to update version 1.2 it comes up with error message 1436Did you already have a look at this article? iPod: Cannot restore or update in iTunes with error 1415, 1417, 1418, 1428, 1429, 1430, 14

  • Can you watch films on the iPod 6th gen?November 30

    Can you watch films on the iPod 6th gen?Hello, Unfortunetaly you are unable to watch any sort of movie, video, or film on the 6th Generation iPod Nano.  This is simply because the screen is too small.  The 4th, 5th, and 7th Generation can however wat

  • Ipod 6th gen not workingNovember 30

    Hi there, I bought an ipod 6th gen just over a year ago, while using it, I noticed the screen get grainy just before my battery went low.  Now the screen is black and wont charge.  I am wondering if it is the battery or the ipod itself.  I never drop

  • Audio stuttering in podcast app, IPod 6th gen.November 30

    Audio stuttering in podcast app, IPod 6th gen. I don't know what triggers it, other audio is fine- only podcasts. Set on 1x speed. Affects all podcasts (not a media problem). I can't see any setting that could be affecting it.Just tried that and did

  • My ipod 6th gen just died- for no reason.November 30

    So I woke up this morning and tried to turn on my new ipod 6th gen, and it didn't react at all. I was pretty unsatisfied with the battery anyways, and noticed it draining over night since you cant turn it off completely, but the battery couldn't be t

  • Issues with syncing 2 IPOD 6th Gen Nano's to one computerNovember 30

    we have 2 new IPOD 6th Gen.  I can sync mine in ITunes, but when I plug in the 2nd one (which has a different owners name) to sync, the device comes up, but when I hit the sync button nothing is happening.  Does anyone have any ideas? ThanksDo you ha

  • How to put mivies on ipod 6th genNovember 30

    Some help from the masses please, does the 6th gen only take movies and video clips purchased from iTunes? I tried to load the music clips from my iphone 3, but get a message stating the video clip was not able to be played on this ipod. Is there a s

  • Why is the max volume so low on my ipod 6th genOctober 11

    why is the max volume so low on my ipod 6th genWell, my volume control certainly does influence the start up chime and I cannot see why yours shouldn't.   Use keyboard buttons F11 and F12 to adjust your sound level last thing at night and if your mac

  • HT1363 How do I sync my ipod 6th gen in disk mode?November 30

    My power button is not functioning properly on my ipod nano 6th gen, so I followed the directions to put into disk mode and sync. I have successfully put it into disk mode and connected it to my computer but it does not sync or even recognize my ipod

  • IPod 6th Gen: Clickwheel Problems Still PersistNovember 30

    I just purchased a 6th Gen iPod 80 Gig to replace the 30 Gig I bought last year and I'm disappointed in it. While overall it's a fascinating PMP there are still issues with the clickwheel not working after adding several GB's of music to the darned t

  • Ipod 6th gen. nano attach to itunes generated error and it is in switch off when update its software with itunes.November 30

    I have ipod 6th generation. when i update software in itunes it is switch off and do not response in itunes. It is not switch on and when i attach to computer itunes shows this error "An Ipod has been detected, but it could not be identified properly

  • IPod 6th genNovember 30

    How do I move audio from music section to the audio section on 6th gen I pod?Woonda, Locate these tracks in iTunes, right->click on and choose Get Info.  Then head over to the Options tab and change the Media Type to Audiobooks.  Then resync your Nan

  • Ipod 6th Gen coming to uk stores?November 30

    Does anyone know when the 6th gen be coming to stores like currys etc? ThanksMost stores have them now. I got mine yesterday in the aple store @ Bristol Mall. Also got a velco sports strap from H Samuels for £5.99 to hold nano when cycling, cycled to

  • IPod 6th gen Problem with on buttonNovember 30

    On button stopped working. Does anyone know how to fix it? iPod 6th genHi Blue Ocean Girl, Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities. If the sleep/wake button is not working on your iPod nano, I suggest trying to restore it using iTunes. If the b

  • IPod Nano (6th gen) volume button issue..againNovember 30

    So, just about exactly a year ago, my iPod nano, 6th generation, its volume down button stoped working. the volume up was fine, but the volume down no longer functioned; it no longer turned down the volume and didn't even give that little click you f

  • My ipod nano 6th gen: volume goes down automatically.November 30

    I suspect it is due to some sort of short or something. How can I see if it can be fixed or not? I believe I saw a post similar before - I run a lot with this ipod and I am sure it get sweaty but I always use an arm band...it is not like I dunk it in

  • IPod 6th gen deletes everything off itself out of blue, for the second timeNovember 30

    Hello, I have a June 2008-bought 6 gen 80 Gb iPod classic and, knock on wood, it's the first one I've had that didn't die on me within a year. However, I am experiencing an annoying problem with it. This happened for the second time: iTunes freezes a

  • Ipod 6th gen gone crazyNovember 30

    So for some unknown reason one day my Ipod started going crazy. I would start listening to a song then from out of no where it would start doin random stuff... these random stuff I'm talking about range from changing songs, turning volume up and down

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