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iphone 4s in negative mode

  • How to charge iphone successfully?November 30

    After charging iphone results are negative not positive. ThanksAfter reading your post, my impression of your post is negative not positive.Read other 2 answers

  • "This accessory is not supported with iphone"November 30

    Just got my iphone 4 loving it. Rocking the 1st generation dock, that came with my old iPhone I think, for the iPhone classic. I thought it fit and audio comes through the line out thing, my iTunes stuff plays perfect through my phone, but I keep get

  • IPhone reboots when coming out of low power modeNovember 30

    I have a consistent reboot coming out of sleep mode. If I have wifi enabled and put the phone to sleep for a longer period of ( time > 10 min ) the phone will reboot when I wake it. This is with only waking it up and not going to any particular appli

  • Screen zoomed can't undo with hard reset or full restore!November 30

    I was playing with a particle App and the screen zoomed. It zoomed back but then zoomed again and froze - I tried resets, hard resets, and finally full restore (iOS 4.1) and it still starts up looking normal then suddenly without touching the phone,

  • Touch screen Zoomed out totally and is almost frozen.November 30

    Tried switching off, reset, restore via i-tunes etc.. Who can help me? Rgds, Monique The NetherlandsHappened to me with both unintended 3 finger taps (zoom) and 3x homebutton (negative) These useless 'quick buttons' are VERY annoying (2 unitended tap

  • No iOSNovember 30

    Hi,      I have an iPhone 3Gs - 16 GB, and I recently did something very stupid.  I had previously unlocked my phone for use with all GSM carriers on iOS 4.3.3.  For whatever reason, I pulled a senior moment and updated the iOS (or at least tried to)

  • Narrow screen display on G530November 30

    I have a Lenovo G530 that I recently purchased new. Sometimes the display does not use up the entire screen, leaving a black space about an inch wide on either side. I tried changing the screen resolution, but that didn't help. It does not do it all

  • Problems with 1.1.2 solved yet?November 30

    I have not done the update yet. After it came out I read about all the problems people were having and elected not to udate my phone. Before I update it have they fixed those problems or should I just keep 1.1.1? Thanksmaybe 1 percent of the iPhone p

  • IPhone Mail App showing "negative" numberOctober 11

    Hey guys, for some reason my mail app on my iphone is showing a "negative 1" even though there is no mail. I deleted the account, re-entered all the information and it is still there. Also, when a new mail arrives it goes back to 0 (or no notifi

  • HT1349 The iPhone 4S setting (white on black) it is so cool! But one thing that I don't know if Apple is aware of this glitch or not, but they need to fix it, when you go to that mode every picture and every icon go to negative view, has anyone experienceOctober 11

    One very COOL feature on iPhone 4S that I just discovered, is the (White on Black) display mode, which is so cool and atrictive. When you go to that mode, every picture on the iPhone, facebook, icons and every other applications that displays a pictu

  • My IPhone 3Gs is in showing everything Photo negative manner.October 11

    My IPhone 3Gs is in showing everything Photo negative manner. How to bring it to normal viewing?Go to Settings>General>Accessibility Make sure that the White on Black is set to off, and that should set it back to normal.Read other 2 answers

  • My iphone 4 screen looks negativeOctober 11

    My iphone 4 screen looks negative, when i take a screenshot its normal. I have had the screen replaced because i shattered my screen last year. I have also had the motherboard replaced in the phone a few weeks back. It is not doing this because of wh

  • The color on my iPhone went from positive to negative.....helpNovember 30

    The color on my iPhone changed from positive to negative.......helpwhat color is postive and what color is negative? what where you doing when this happen? we need more info if you need help.Read other 3 answers

  • Iphone loads negative messages (-5, eg) and not able to view mailNovember 30

    My mail is acting so weird - my red circle on the mail icon always shows negative new messages (-4 or -8, etc.). I deleted the account and re-input my info and saw it load all the messages, but after loading, none can be viewed.. it actually seems lo

  • Black negative displays on recent iPhones?November 30

    I just got an iPhone today, 8gb, and it has black negatives, on the display like people were having with the iPod Touches. The blacks look just awful, whereas my iPhone before did not. Quite frustrating. I hope others are having better luck.Greetings

  • My Camera mode set to "Negative Filter" in Iphone 4 and updated to IOS 7.November 30

    My iphone's camera mode is set to Negative Filter, that is whenever I take a photograph it is displayed in the form of a negative rather than the usual image. I am using Iphone 4 and IOS 7. I am not able figure it out how to do.Hi, RameshMichaels.  C

  • Screen trails and flickers, stays in negative screen mode, iphone 4s,November 30

    I have an iphone 4s. My phone is in almost negative screen mode. I went into the settings but the negative was not turned on. Also when you are at my homepage and lockscreen the screen trails from its previous screen. on my 2nd page you can still see

  • HT4528 iPhone 4: wallpaper turned black or negative. Resetting by holding power and home buttons does not resolve the issue.November 30

    iPhone 4: wallpaper turned black or negative image. Resetting by holding the power and home buttons does not resolve issue.  Advice please!Try restoring your iPhone. iTunes: Backing up, updating, and restoring your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch softwar

  • IPhone 5 negatives outweigh positives?November 30

    I was seriously considering ordering a no-comittment iPhone 5 from AT&T, but the negatives that I have read about are making me seriously re-consider: -Dust under camera lens. -Scratches on the casing. -Purple haze in some photos. -Apple Maps -Swipin

  • IPhone screen and photos look like negatives of images.November 30

    I have a new Apple iPhone 4.  Screen and color was fine....photos looked great.  Now display screen and photos appear to look like negatives of the image.  What's up?  Can't seem to be able to find a setting to change it back to look normal.  Have on

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