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ipad auto join missing

  • Ipad Wifi settings no auto-join auto-log inNovember 30

    I'm at a hotel with free wifi and tech support tells me to shut off auto login on my iPad Did it successfully last night, but now this morning neither auto join or auto log in appears. Is there a setting somewhere that makes these visible? Whahappene

  • Wifi auto-join button gone ?November 30

    I have a iPhone 4s and iPad 2, both on iOS 6.1.3 At home I have my home wifi, and a slower public hotspot from my ISP On the iPad, I have 2 options in the wifi hotspot settings: auto-join and auto-login. On my iPhone, these options are not shown. Bot

  • Auto Join/Login panel missing from WiFi settings tabNovember 30

    I seem to be missing the option to Auto-Join/Auto-login wireless networks. For reference, here's a screenshot of the two buttons im missing: http://isco.nd.edu.au/faq/images/3wifi-settings1.PNG This is what I actually see: http://img819.imageshack.us

  • How do i stop ipad from joining other wifi networksOctober 11

    My ipad keeps joining my neighbors unlocked guest wifi network. How can i prevent this from happening. Ipad3 with ios6. Wow, my question was answered in 3 minutes. Of course it took me longer to resolve it, but your answer was clear, correct and succ

  • TS1398 when i update my software to 6.1.3(10B329)to I phone 4s the wifi is not working and not auto join the network that i have already connected toOctober 11

    when i update my software to 6.1.3(10B329)to I phone 4s the wifi is not working and not auto join the network that i have already connected toFirst, grow up.  Just because YOUR phone isn't working, doesn't mean Apple put out bad software.  I've not h

  • Wi-Fi doesn't give Auto-Join or Forget Network optionsNovember 30

    Is this normal for iOS 5.1? If I go out of range or turn my WiFi off, and then come in range/turn wifi on, it won't autoconnect and I have to re-input the password. When I hit the blue arrow next to the connected network, it doesn't give me a Forget

  • Mac Os X Lion - Wifi Auto-Join/Dropout SolutionNovember 30

    Just a FYI for others who may encounter this problem after upgrading to Lion. Found a good solution from - http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/backstage/comments/os-x-lion-serious-wi-fi-disc onnect-problems-for-macs-and-solutions/ # Comment number 4 (of

  • Set 'Auto-join' to on in a configuration profile?November 30

    We're using ICU generated profiles to provide WPA2 (EAP-SIM) Wi-Fi login configurations to our iPhone users. This works fine except that they need to manually set 'Auto-join' to ON to ensure they always login to Wi-Fi. As we'd like to make sure every

  • How to reset auto-join in wifi after its been disabledNovember 30

    under my wifi connection i told it to disable the auto join how do i reactivate it1. See my User Tip for some help: Some Solutions for Resetting Forgotten Security Questions: Apple Support Communities. 2. Here are two different but direct methods:   

  • HT204023 Why cant my ipad auto-connect to my phone hotspot?November 30

    Why cant my ipad auto-connect to my hotspot? Whenever I turn my HS on I always have to go into my wifi settings on my ipad and manually connect. Its kind of a  pain to always have to do this.That seems to be a hot topic question which no one seems to

  • Auto-Join feature disappeared after resetting network settingsNovember 30

    Previously the option to auto-join networks was present but not working. To try and alleviate this I decided to reset my network configs from the Settings app. Now when I look auto-join isn't an option, only Forget this network appears. I'm on 4.3.1

  • Now on iOS 6, auto-join on wi-fi won't stay on.November 30

    After chaotic ios 6 update, auto- join on wi-fi won't stay onfound 2 ways: reset network settings: go to settings>general>reset>reset network settings.  However I didn't do this because I think I would need to re enter all the passwords for the d

  • TS1398 phone not auto joining wifi at home other iphones are ok though any ideas anyoneNovember 30

    help plz,   iphone 4 not auto joining wifi network @ home, other iphones in house are joining with no probs can anyone help????hi, if dilbert41's answer didn't work, try pressing on the little bleu arrow next to your wifi name in settings>wi-fi, then

  • Auto Join Domain using WAIK without install Operating System ImageNovember 30

    Hi all, i have a question. In my Environment, i have requirement like this : If user get new laptop with operating system already installed, is it possible to automatic join domain when user plug in LAN cable to their computer? I already explore abou

  • Can Mac auto join Iphone network over Blue Tooth Network?November 30

    I have a Mac paired (Blue Tooth) to my iPhone 3G. I use it for internet access. But when phone gets out of range from my Mac the connection is dropped, as expected. Are there Blue Tooth settings on the Mac that will allow it to 'auto join', re-connec

  • HT4989 Auto-join wi-fi on MacNovember 30

    How do you turn off auto-join on specific wifi networks on a mac?Try resetting the SMC and PRAM Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) About NVRAM and PRAMRead other 5 answers

  • Ipad auto lockNovember 30

    Why doesn't my ipad auto lock when using some apps?Some apps work in both landscape and portrait mode, so requires using the iPad side switch to lock to that orientation. If this is what you mean, as you have given little info to what you ate experie

  • New iPad Auto-Lock not functioingNovember 30

    For some reason my New iPad Auto-Lock feature has stopped functioning. Auto-Lock, under general settings, is set at 2 minutes, yet it never engages. What could be causing this problem?Try a couple of basic troubleshooting steps and see if that fixes

  • Ipad cant join home my home network anymore. rejects password,November 30

    ipad cannot join home network any more. Rejects password. What can I do??Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings Now restart the iPad. Hold the On/Off Sleep/Wake button down until the red slider appears. Slide your finger across t

  • Airport auto-join 'oddness'November 30

    I have two systems at home, a Powerbook G4, and an iMac G5, both with 10.4.9 (and every update thereafter, barring the latest security patch), and both of which connect to an Airport Extreme base station (via built-in Airport cards). Here's what's we

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