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  • Help needed in blocked sales order list vkm1October 11

    Scenerio is that currently the sales coordination department views all blocked sales orders thru t-code VKM1 The company said they want sales coordination department to view ONLY the sales orders under the value of 300,000rs. (That value being flexib

  • VKM1 - Release Sales Orders - Job scheduelingOctober 11

    I have maintain automatic credit control for same of the sales documents (the control at the moment checks a review date that should not be in the past, from FD32. If it is in the past it blocks the sales order) In the meanwhile, I have maintain a jo

  • Sales Order released even though Credit limit exceeded VKM1October 11

    Hi, I have got a scenario where a Sales order has been released(Delivery,Invoicing has taken place) even though the credit limit of the Customer has exceeded. Steps: The user check the order from VKM1 (push button check and save), but he didn´t relea

  • Report with information about release documents in VKM1October 11

    Hello I need to know if exists some report that gives me more information about release documents in transaction VKM1. What user releases some document? How many documents a credit account had been release or block in a year or between dates? The tra

  • Delivery notes was created. But still appeared in VKM1.October 11

    Hello Friends, I have this case wherein Sales Order that used Letter of Credit as payment Guarantee Procedure. Sales order has been released already and Delivery notes was created. But Delivey notes still appeared in VKM1. I would like to ask your op

  • Error while doing VKM1 SD Document - Credit ReleaseOctober 11

    Hi Guys, Its a very unusual situation. I am Trying to VKM1 an Sales order. It gets released but when i try to save it it gives a pop up window displaying  Project Network order and gives message List of orders cannot be Locked? I try to process it ..

  • Error while releasing Sales Order through VKM1October 11

    Hi Gurus, I got a sales order which has created a credit hold.  When I try to release that through VKM1 i am getting the  error "Error Determining Posting Period (info structure S008, Variant Z2, RC).  Kindly let me what should I do for releasing thi

  • Credit Memo blocked by VKM1October 11

    Hi guys I would like to know if there is any configuration for Credit Management (SD-BF-CM) NOT to verify in Credit the Credit Memo Sales Orders? My users don't want to block these kind of Orders to be blocked in VKM1. I tried to find documentation,

  • Sales order not showing in VKM1 & VKM3October 11

    Hi All, Sales document blocked for credit check, Status (VBUK) "B" is updated. But sales document number is not showing in VKM1 and VKM3  release t codes.  Header Credit status : Not approved. Pricing and documents perfectly completed. No issue

  • In VKM3 but not in VKM1October 11

    Hi, When i created an order and saved, the Dynamic credit check failed and the schedule lines were not confirmed. So far it is Ok but why was I not able to see this credit blocked sales order in VKM1? When i ran VKM3 with the sales order number, i wa

  • In VKM1 field VBKRED-KWKKE Credit value beyond the credit horizon is blank?October 11

    Hello, I see that note 728744 addresses this issue.  We are on a later release that this note applies to and yet we are still having the issue of this field appearing blank in VKM1.  Has anyone encountered this? Thanks, KevinHi, Thanks for suggestion

  • VKM1 Status and Purchase Order FieldsNovember 30

    Hi Everyone, I'm new with SD and not familiar with transaction VKM1. I have a task that needs to get the corresponding Status field and Purchase Order field for a corresponding VBELN. To what table can I map these data? Please help. Many Thanks!Hi Ki

  • Credit value in VKM1 is set to zeroNovember 30

    Hello, In tcode VKM1 sometimes we have sales orders with the credit value set to zero (structure field VBKRED-KWKKC). Why does it happen? Thanks in advance. Adriano Cardosoif u want to inactive the record then write the below code in routine TKOMV-KI

  • Custom VKM1November 30

    hi guys, There is a request to custom VKM1 by taking out the menu,button and check box. And user wants additional field to be included in the report output. I’m able to copy ZRVKRED01, ZRVKRED02 and all include.  However I’m having problem to find ho

  • Credit Management Problem (VKM1/VKM4 Transaction)November 30

    Dear All I wanted some details on VKM4 transaction. The issue is that even after releasing credit block of Sales Orders through VKM1 transaction they are still being displayed in VKM4 transaction. Please note that even the invoicing is complete for t

  • Credit Blocked delivery does NOT reappear in VKM1November 30

    Hi, I have static credit limit check activated for deliveries. Credit check config is done to not run a check again for 120 days once the document is released from VKM1. With credit check the delivery gets blocked. Its visible in VKM1. Then its relea

  • Vkm1 static check statusNovember 30

    Hi, In OVA8, I have static (adjacent field open order and open deliveries are not selected), critical field and dunning level selected. In VKM1 status field, I can see there are Static Check, TermsOfPayment, Max dunn. For Terms of payment and dunning

  • User Exit after the credit release  by VKM1/VKM3 (database commit)November 30

    Hi All, We have a requirement where once the credit manager releases the order from block through transaction VKM1 or VKM3, an e-mail should be triggered stating that the order has been released. I tried putting the code in EXIT_SAPFV45K_001(include

  • Transaction similar to VKM1 with only display accessNovember 30

    Hi, I would like to ask, do you know the transaction which would be similar to VKM1 (Blocked SD documents), but its user would be granted with display mode only? I tried to check the rest of the transactions from VKM* group but it seems there are non

  • Changing Date Format in ALV List for VKM1 transactionNovember 30

    Hi All, I have to change date format to MM/DD/YY in the ALV list display of VKM1 transaction. There are user exits available. I am trying to use EDIT_MASK option of the field catalog.. Without changing the code, I give value as __:__:__ or MM/DD/YY i

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