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internet software nokia 112.

  • Nokia 112 all software erasedNovember 30

    My mobile nokia 112. That Problem is my phone all software erase so how do i downlod repeat Moderator's note: We provided a topic-related subject to the post as it was moved to the appropriate board.  Hi Salaman Thank you for posting and welcome to t

  • Nokia 112 Software installation failedNovember 30

    I download the latest software version of nokia 112 when i install it, it restarts and a shows updating and then it shows again software installation failedI have same problem but I got solution for updating failed in nokia 112,110,113.follow these i

  • I'm using internet by nokia ovi pc suit via cable & on that opera browser working properly but i update my browser by mozilla but it is not working a msg is appear "unable to connect"November 30

    i'm usin internet by nokia ovi pc suite via cable &it is working properly in opera 10 but i update my browser to mozilla but on firefox it is nat working a msg apear "unable to connect" .I have changed all settings suggested on site but the

  • Nokia C2-00 and Nokia 112November 30

    Nokia 112 inbuilt window live messenger but nokia C2-00 no window live messenger i hav window live messenger Solved! Go to Solution.Hi rakeshtk, Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums! Nokia 112 is a recent model which comes with the lates

  • QUery: Whether Nokia 112 supports PC sync of (Outl...November 30

    Hi: I intend to buy a basic phone that supports PC sync. Nokia 112 is one of the mdels that I have shortlisted. Question: whether PC sync (outlook 2010 contacts, tasks, appointments, notes etc.) is possible over bluetooth on Nokia 112. Background:  1

  • Nokia 112 new battery (BL-6C)November 30

    Hi, I was wondering where I can buy a new battery for my nokia 112. Is it possible to put another nokia battery in the phone? If so, which one? Because I can't find a store where they still sell this battery. I can't find how to start a new topic, th

  • Nokia 112 can't connect to audio deviceNovember 30

    Hi all, I recently bought a Nokia 112 (RM-837) and wanted to play some music with it. When I try to play music to my bluetooth audio device (Stereoboomm 500), it displays this error: "Service not supported by other device". I am able to successf

  • Unable to connect to internet on Nokia 3110 Classi...November 30

    hi all, this is a tricky query. i am using om 4.1 on my nokia 3110 classic and using gprs through airtel (service provider). now, one day i changed sim card to bsnl and configure manual settings for bsnl. now, after doing that i have an issue that i

  • Improve your UI software Nokia. Ovi Suite wasted m...November 30

    The E71 device/hardware is good. But, unless I was confused by Nokia website: - The E71 user guide is poorly simplistic and should be improved; - Nokia support is quasi inexistant: - Nokia web 'support' is not better than the marketing brochure, and

  • **bleep** You Nokia Is Update Software Nokia From ...November 30

    **bleep** You Nokia Is Update Software Nokia From Irancould you please explain more about your issue? Greece Nokia X6 RM-559 v40.0.002Read other 2 answers

  • Nokia 112November 30

    Hi, I have problem with add czech language to my mobile phone. I try to download PC Suite but when I want reinstall SW i received infomation that I have to connect mobile phone over USB but this mobile phone is not supporting USB connection. Do you h

  • Nokia 112 switch onNovember 30

    Last day my nokia 112 accidentally droped nothing happened to the phone but after when i fix the battery in the phone it does not start. When i go to nokia care they reply me it has board problem or something borad is band .please help . Solved! Go t

  • Nokia 112 Signal Receiver ProblemNovember 30

    I am Using Nokia 112 (New Mobile).So many time tower is getting hide..And automatically tower is coming.In main cities also this problem is coming.I have cleaned my sim then inserted.But till that problem is coming.Actually Nokia 112 Having this type

  • Nokia 112 dual sim phone software updateNovember 30

    When i check my phone for software update, it download the software and ask me to install. When i click install button my phone get restart, and when home screen appears it shows installing but suddenly it shows installing failed. That's why? Please

  • Can't connect to internet via Nokia Suite 3.7November 30

    Situation: Win8 pro 64bit Nokia N9 64gb Nokia Suite 3.7 (downgraded to 3.6.36 which still works right) When trying to create internet connection using latest version (3.7) of Nokia Suite, it will say there's problem with configuration or "modem is al

  • Can't connect to internet using Nokia SuiteNovember 30

    Hello. I have a Nokia Asha 311. I could connect to internet using my USB cable and Nokia Suite without trouble in another computer similar to the one I'm using now. The difference is that that computer had windows 7 and this one has Windows xp (proba

  • HANG on the halfway of internet software updatingNovember 30

    Hi, My new MacPro facing a Big problem.HANG on the halfway of software updating after system disc installed completely!!! Maybe you'll suggest me to re-install it again,unluckily,i've repeat and repeat the installation and then software updating as u

  • Advice and Internet Software Applications for iBook G3?November 30

    Ok, So I did it late last night, or technically early this morning... I went and bought a Refurbished MacBook - Black 2.0GHz Core Duo with 512mb RAM (in 2x265 sticks which I am replacing with 2x1gb sticks purchased from TigerDirect at the same time)

  • Setting up internet for Nokia 6300November 30

    Hi, I have recently changed networks from Orange to Asda and am wanting to change my settings that have been provided to me by ASDA so that I can access the internet which are here. http://www.asda-mobile.com/?node_id=1.10 The problem is that I don't

  • Web Browsers connect to internet, software update fails, pop for mail failsNovember 30

    A few days ago I was not able to pop my mail down to my mac from Cox and gmail they both failed to connect. Then i tried os x software up date and it says i am not connected to the internet. Itunes will not update pod casts either. Yahoo chat wont lo

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