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  • How to install Arch for dual-boot with Win 7 (on 2 hard drives)?October 11

    Hello, the TLDR first: how exactly should I proceed when setting up GRUB for 2 hard drives to dual-boot Arch (64 bit)and Win 7 (64 bit)? Long version: So, I have the following hard drive & partition layout: On my first hard drive (250 GB big) I have:

  • Installing Arch WinXP Dual-BootNovember 30

    Hello! I'm new with Arch-Linux. I'm trying to install Arch with Windows XP. I looked at the guide and several threads but I can not solve my problem. I make an installation in "Legacy" because my drive is IDE. I have installed Win XP. I do manua

  • Windows 7 / Arch Linux Dual-Boot - win7 keeps changing the boot flag!October 11

    Greetings! Its been a long while since I had to dual-boot with windows on the same machine. I 've installed windows 7 and then arch linux and installed GRUB on my sda1 where the /boot partitions is located at. I've managed to boot into arch successfu

  • Windows 7 and Arch linux dual boot problemOctober 11

    hey guys I had an issue with windows 7 dual booted with arch and i was just wondering my windows 7 crashed. I had Reinstalled windows OS and all my partitions are set up but now when I try to boot up arch I cant at all cause windows Boot took over an

  • Install Arch Linux with UEFI and GPTNovember 30

    Hi, I purchased a new laptop and I created a partition with Windows 8 (default OS on laptop) and another partition where I want to install Arch Linux. When I tried to install Arch Linux not boot from CD. After searching in Google I downloaded the lat

  • Dual booting win 7 and arch: cannot install grub to partitionOctober 11

    I have read the arch wiki page on dual booting and several other sources on line, but I am still struggling to get this to work. I am trying to dual boot arch and windows 7 on my lenovo ideapad s205. the machine comes with windows 7 pre-installed. I

  • Installing Arch Linux after Windows 7 64bit dual bootNovember 30

    Total noob here ^^ Im trying to install Arch Linux after my installation of Windows 7, without fucking up that one... I freed up 50GB and removed it from my Windows boot partition, so Arch can be installed there, I have almost absolutely no experienc

  • Migrating from Arch to Dual Boot (Arch 64 + Win8.1 64).October 11

    Hello my friends. I used to have a dual boot system (MBR, if I'm not mistaken), with Arch Linux on hda (1TB) and Windows 7 on hdb (300GB). I did this installation more than 3 years ago. The disk with windows died recently, and because I need it for w

  • Error with dual boot Win 8/OL6 R3October 11

    Hello, I am hoping to discuss this with someone who has experience with this configuration. My goal is to get Oracle Linux dual booting on my windows 8 machine. I have installed OL but I am having trouble getting it to dual boot win8/OL using the win

  • Archwiz Script for installing Arch LinuxNovember 30

    I created a new Bash Script Project called Archwiz, located on  github flesh/archwiz , its still in Beta for a few reasons, I never figured out how to get computer translations working in the script so I can Localize it, and I never figured out all t

  • Keyboard and mouse not working when installing arch linux 2014.01.05November 30

    trying to install arch linux 2014.01.05 dual iso but when I boot the live  cd my keyboard and mouse (both wired) arent detected. please helpI am from australia > melbourne victoria and usually type in english us or english australian (which keymap do

  • Recovering earlier installed Windows 7 after installing Arch LinuxOctober 11

    I'm trying to boot windows on my ASUS notebook. There was windows 7 from the very beginning (disks C:\ and D:\), then I divided disk D:\ on several partitions and installed Arch Linux. I overwrited Windows boot information by boot part of Linux. Now

  • Failure to install Arch Linux via netinstall AIF; PGP key issuesNovember 30

    Hello, I'm am attempting a fresh install Arch Linux on a clean machine: Dell 1420, 4GB RAM. I am using the archlinux-2012.02.09_04-00-01-netinstall-dual.iso installer. Installation progresses nicely through the package selection (I choose core, core-

  • Resize Windows XP to install Arch LinuxNovember 30

    Me again! Hi! Well my Dad finally gave me permission to install Arch on our computer (hes a bit paranoid..) But I need some help.. I boot archlive and when I go into Cdisk to setup the partitions, Windows Controls the ENTIRE partition on the Hard dri

  • Can I install Arch Linux without Internet connection ?November 30

    It sounds noobish but my friends like to know if they can install Arch Linux without Internet connection ?mcmillan wrote: The core iso should be all you need, just boot off that to start the installation. It's been a while since I did an install, but

  • Installed arch linux on windows 8 laptop and with GNOMENovember 30

    Hi all, I am trying to learn more about linux and decided to go the Arch Linux way. I've battled through a bunch of issues before I got to this point so I might have fudged something along the way. The current issue is that I install GNOME, and it bo

  • [SOLVED] Install Arch Linux on USB Stick!November 30

    So, here is the deal. I want to install Arch Linux on a USB Stick so I can plug it at any computer and have my system... with me I've had a little bit experience with Arch so I know a few things about it... used it for a few months before on a real s

  • Is it suitable install Arch Linux on a USB key?October 11

    I want to install Arch Linux on a USB  key following the wiki https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/In - _a_USB_key But I now heard that Arch Linux will be very very slow than LiveUSB because of USB's bad I/O speed. Is it real? Forgive my poor English

  • How to partition a USB flash-drive to install Arch Linux?November 30

    Good afternoon, Could anyone please guide me in the right direction, how would I go about partitioning my USB flash-drive in order to install Arch Linux onto my Acer Aspire One? I've found guides, but none of them are specific enough - the static ass

  • Trying to install Arch Linux on a HP-dv2000 laptopNovember 30

    I am able to start up from, the CD no problem. I get the Arch Linux menu. What I think is the problem is maybe a resolution issue because as I go to install it, the screen looks wonky and I can't see the command line properly. I know when I install U

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