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Increas headphone sound in 6303

  • Speakers of my Macbook suddenly started to soud bad but my headphones sound well, what happens?November 30

    Speakers of my Macbook suddendly started to sound bad but my headphones sound well. What happens?Speakers of my Macbook suddendly started to sound bad but my headphones sound well. What happens?Read other 9 answers

  • Can an app interfer with the headphone sound?November 30

    I took my iPhone into the store because the headphone sound isn't working.  They replaced the phone, but I am having the same issue with a new phone.  Is it possible an app is interfering with the sound?Hello there! To test your video, please refer t

  • Audio in headphones sounds like garbageNovember 30

    I am trying to record a simple voice track using a M-Audio MobilePRE USB preamp for my mic as well as my headphones.  The audio in the headphones sounds really bad like there's a latency or echo.  Any ideas on how to clean this up?Is the unit mixing

  • Headphone sound mono and muffledNovember 30

    Aspire R7, Windows 7 - 64bit. Intel mainboard with nvidia graphics card. Use to work, but after re-installation and later updates, it suddenly didn´t. Sound, video and game controllers show: Intel Display Audio driver and Realtek High Definition Audi

  • Only "Headphones" sound, no speaker sound after 4.2.1 upgradingOctober 11

    After I had finished upgrading 4.2.1 firmware for my iPad, the speaker's sound has gone. I can hear the sound from my iPad only when I connected to any headphones or bluetooth devices. I tried many methods to get the sound back, starting from: 1. try

  • Splitter to get both speaker & headphones-sound only out of one earphone MSI K8N Neo4 SB LOctober 11

    I've read the threads on this subject, but am unable to get simultaneous sound through use of a stereo splitter from line out of the computer. With the speaker unplugged from the splitter, headphones work okay with sound from both sides. When I plug

  • Headphone sound bar not showingNovember 30

    on my ipod touch 4th gen the sound bar doesn't show when i plug in my headphones, but when i take them out the sound bar is there, like it should be! can you help me?- Try cleaning out/blowing out the headphone jack. Try inserting/removing the plug a

  • USB Headphones, sound distortion in iTunesNovember 30

    Hi, I recently purchased a set of Logitech ClearChat Pro USB Headphones. They do have a specific driver, and are automatically installed when you plug them in. I run 32 Windows Vista. The sound when listening to music or video through iTunes crackles

  • Headphone sound not workingNovember 30

    Since installing update to Yosemite version 10.10.2 on January 29th, I have not been able to connect my headphones to my MacBook Pro 13" Retina Early 2013. I am having problems with both my wired Beats & my wireless bluetooth Beats headphones. I

  • Headphone sound too loud - how to get very fine volume control in osxNovember 30

    I could not use my headphones on my new MBP, because the sound was always too loud, even on the smallest setting. It appears that lots of other people have similar problems, so here is a way to fix this: To get very fine sound volume control I use so

  • Bluetooth headphones sound terribleNovember 30

    I just purchased a pair of Philips SHB7000 bluetooth headphones and they sound absolutely terrible when paired with my Lenovo Yoga 10 tablet. Worse than an AM radio. But when I use these headphones with my PC or my Galaxy tab or my HTC One phone (all

  • Poor headphone sound quality w/ bluetoothNovember 30

    I connected my Motorola S805 headphones using bluetooth in my Mac but the sound quality is pretty bad (yes I am using the Headphone setting and not Headset)...there is a low hissing sound, the quality of sound is extremely poor (the headphones themse

  • Headphone sound quality extremely poor, why?November 30

    Had dust in the head phone socket, cleared this out and now the sound is extremely poor quality. Is the socket damaged beyond repair?I've tried that, and numerous headphones in the iphone. It's definitely the phone. Thanks anywayRead other 3 answers

  • No headphone sound in premiere CS6November 30

    Hello, i am having troubles getting sound through my headphones. I am on a mac (snow leopard) and CS6. I can hear sounds i.e. iTunes through my headphones. But i can't get it fixed through the audio hardware setup. I also tested map output for differ

  • Wacky error: USB headphone sound crackles in everything BUT mpd.November 30

    Here's a weird error for you all. Though it hasn't come from any recent upgrade or anything I've noticed that the sound output of my 3.5 mm --> USB adapter crackles consistently at a volume loud enough to be annoying, and the odd thing is that this d

  • SB Audigy 2 ZS Platinum - no headphone sound from the front panNovember 30

    Hi all, I had replaced my old broken Asus Mobo with the same type. After all hardware was reconnected to the new mobo I have noticed the front pannel headphone output doesnt work. I have connected the card and the panel with the proper cable, the pan

  • When I put on my headphones, sound becomes barely audible, what do I do?!?!?November 30

    Hmm, my first time ACTUALLY having probs with my iPad, I am a little bit nervous. Okey, I tried to change volume when I had my headphones on ( I believe there's two parts, types of volume, one when it's the built-in speaker, other is when the headpho

  • No headphone sound after Windows 7 clean installationNovember 30

    Hello. I recently performed a clean installation of Windows 7 Home Premium. Before that on preinstalled Windows the problem described below did not show up, sound worked just great. Now I don't have sound when inserting my headphones in jack (built-i

  • Yeasterday day any headphone sound is messed up though speakers sound fine.November 30

    when headphones, any headphones, are plugged in sound is very static with weak sound in left ear. It is worse with music/talk then 'sounds'.  took headphones out and speakers sound fine.  This just started.  I am using a ipad 3 and ios 7.04.In Creati

  • Headphones sound distortedNovember 30

    I bought a "monster" adaptor at the apple store made for the iphone so I could plug in a more comfortable pair of headphones. (My earbuds that came with the phone work perfectly fine) The problem is, when i listen to my iphone's ipod....the soun

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