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  • Intel iMac PRAM battery replacementNovember 30

    Can anyone point me at some instructions for replacing the PRAM battery in an early intel iMac please?It is a coin battery, 3 V Lithium (922-6476), and requires opening the case to get to it. I cannot find a teardown photo sequence that shows how to

  • IMac pram battery holder brokeNovember 30

    My pram battery holder broke when replacing batt on 2007 24" alum iMac . The black plastic tab on the right came off so now the battery won't stay seated. Is there an easy fix?I was able to use a folded piece of business card to wedge the battery in

  • IMac PRAM batteryNovember 30

    I have a slot-loading iMac G3-400 and I have been unable to find what type of PRAM battery it uses. I looked up the specs in the Apple support area but it just says 3.6 Volt Lithium. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, -JoeHere is a picture of the

  • EMac PRAM Battery Minimum In-Circuit (Working) VoltageNovember 30

    Greetings . . . If, when I shut down my system nightly, and also turn off power to my UPS (to which my turned-off eMac is connected), I find that eMac date/time aren't retained and revert to default (something like a date in April, 1969) and require

  • PRAM battery for iMac 333MHzOctober 11

    I have be trying to upgrade a iMac 333 MHz from 8.6 to 9.2.2 I am up to 9.1 but need to connect to my dsl to do the 82MB download. I have been moving the iMac around to different electrical outlets now the iMac will not start up. The date and time ea

  • Directions for changing pram battery on imac DVOctober 11

    Hi, A friend of mine has an imac 400 DV slot loader with a dead pram battery. I look after this computer for them but have never changed the battery on one of these. Can anyone give me directions and/or photos? I've had a look through older questions

  • How do you change the pram battery on a slot loading iMac?October 11

    I'm hopeful that a new pram battery will solve the problems I've been having with my iMac. I just have to put it in, and judging by the correspondence I've seen on this subject, that's not an easy job. (One letter spoke of having to remove 16 screws)

  • Replace PRAM battery in in Intel core2 duo iMac?November 30

    I have just installed the iStat widget in my Intel Core2 Duo 2.16 Ghz iMac. I was a little surprised to see a battery level reading on it (of 45%). I wonder if it is measuring the remaining life of the PRAM battery. Remembering how badly my Powermac

  • How to replace an PRAM battery??  IMac g3 9.1 "Bondi Blue"November 30

    I think that my PRAM battery is dead. Can anyone give me instructions to replace it? I have a full working battery from an older computer lying around somewhere...Hi, Ben - Replacing the battery in early iMacs can be tricky. You would probably get a

  • Dead iMac G3 suddenly won't power on. PRAM battery or Power Supply?November 30

    iMac G3 350 slot load USB only running 10.4.11 i love this little guy. it's been running almost non stop for a few years as a file server... only restarted maybe a dozen times during that period. i can't remember ever shutting it down. i had to move

  • Computer clock resets to 1969. PRAM battery probably not the issue.October 11

    I have a PowerMac G4 mirrored doors computer running Tiger 10.4.11 that occasionally starts up with that error message saying: "Your computer's clock is set to a date before March 24th, 2001. This may cause some applications to behave erratically.&qu

  • What's easier? Replacing pram battery or hard drive and dvd drive?October 11

    I have a dead imac g4 flat panel with all my files and a dvd drive. I have a working imac same year, same processor but with only a cd drive. First, I want my files. Then, I wouldn't mind keeping one of them as a dvd player. Would appreciate any sugg

  • Hard drive 6 gb/s and PRAM battery questionsOctober 11

    I have two questions: 1) Does iMac Core Duo 20'' (early 2006 first intel model) support 6 gb/s hard drive (I recently bought a WESTERN DIGITAL Sata III 6 Gb / s buffer 64 Mb 7200 rpm)?  when I will upgrade my hard drive it will recognize 6 gb/s speed

  • Replacing pram batteryNovember 30

    I will be opening up my iMac (G3 400 early 2001) soon to install a new hard drive. I realized this would be a good time to change the pram battery which is original, but still good. If I do the replacement quickly enough will all the settings be save

  • PRAM Battery  076-1098November 30

    I found this battery for my iMac G5 listed on apple site. But that tells me nothing about what kind of battery to buy if I want to buy it at local electronics store like Radio Shack etc.Yeah I find it funny too.  On that site another PRAM Battery (92

  • PRAM battery changeNovember 30

    Hi, The PRAM battery in my iMac G3 is broken and I need to exchange it. I was able to find a manual on the Apple web-sites, but the change procedure is described for another model. I need to take away the 'metal cage' after opening the plastic cover

  • Does a 12" PowerBook have a PRAM battery on the logic board?November 30

    We got an 867MHz 12" Aluminum PowerBook in today that doesn't seem to want to hold PRAM values any longer than 5 minutes. It doesn't seem to matter if it's plugged in and using the AC adapter as the source or the battery (as long as it's charged, of

  • PRAM battery reset or similar for PowerBook G3 400MHz LombardNovember 30

    Hello, I recently acquired a PowerBook G3 400MHz Lombard? (not pismo)- with the battery dead and it not getting any signs of life beyond a green light on the display or the caps-lock. I was wondering if there is a simple fix that might get this going

  • Any way to measure the life expectancy of a PRAM battery?November 30

    Is there any way to measure the life expectancy of the PRAM battery through software?   Or must one open the case to determine the left over charge?  I have an iMac 5,1 that thus far is doing well.  But I am well aware the age suggests the PRAM batte

  • How Long Does the iMac's Battery LastNovember 30

    Hi. How long will the iMac's battery last if you use it 8 hours (how about for 16 hours) a day and shut it down when you go to bed. Thank you in advance. Gbu.As long as you leave the machine plugged into a live power source, even when it has been tur

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