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iMac Grey Screen at Startup

  • TS2570 Grey screen on startup...November 30

    I am using 2008 White Macbook with OSX lion running on it. Recently I tried to update the OS and then I started getting a folder with question mark on startup. After that I started getting a continuous grey screen on startup. I tried various options

  • My macbook pro wont get past the grey screen at startup. Help!!October 11

    After doing a run of the mill software update on my macbook pro (running snow leopard) it froze during the "moving items into place" stage. I forced a shut down and now it wont get past the grey screen with apple logo and spinning wheel. I have

  • Powerbook freezes at grey screen on startupOctober 11

    I have a 3+ year old Powerbook running 10.4.9 that won't go past the grey apple screen on startup. It pretty much spins indefinitely. I thought it might be a failing hard drive, but I'm not sure after the tests I've done. The drive is 80GB (74.53 GB

  • Intermittent double beep and grey screen on startupNovember 30

    I just installed new third party RAM for my iMac (2008), because it was on sale. The initial RAM they sent me caused a kernel panic (forced shutdown) so I assumed they were faulty and sent them back. I just received my second set of RAM modules - whi

  • Grey screen on startup resolution.November 30

    Hi All I have been getting the grey (although I call it blue) screen on startup over the past year. I have an intel imac with the latest version of snow leopard on it. I've tried everything suggested in the forums, including rebuilding my machine fro

  • HELP!!!  intermittent boot failures - grey screen at startupNovember 30

    For the past six to eight months now I have been dealing with intermittent issues upon startup. My early 2006 Intel iMac will occasionally hang at the grey screen without the Apple logo showing up. No rainbow pinwheel, no nothing. Just a grey screen.

  • IMac Grey screenNovember 30

    When i start my iMac i get a Grey screen any ideas? kind regards.Take each of these steps that you haven't already tried. Stop when the problem is resolved. Step 1 The first step in dealing with a startup failure is to secure the data. If you want to

  • OSX Lion, stuck on grey screen at startup w/ spinning gear.October 11

    i believe i have tried everything i could find, so any info is good. about a week ago my 2009 macbook pro 15 inch stopped starting up, always going to a grey screen with the apple logo and spinning gear. what i have done so far. reset nvram repair di

  • Stuck on Grey Screen During StartupOctober 11

    I updated to Yosemite on Saturday and everything has been working fine, I have been able to shut down and startup as normal until today. Last night I forced my Early 2011 MacBook Pro to shut down and today it will no longer get to the login screen. I

  • Macbook Pro won't load past a grey screen on startup!October 11

    I apologise for what will most likely be an essay ahead. I have a Macbook Pro (2.16ghz) that is just over three years old. It is running on Leopard with all the up to date patches / updates. Over the past week or so, it has been 'playing up' in the s

  • G3 Beige: grey screen at startup; no icon; won't boot from CDOctober 11

    G3 Beige, OS 9.2; working perfectly for past year. I was using a D-Link wired router, to this and my other Mac, G4 Graphite OS X Tiger. Having just gotten a netbook, I installed a D-Link wireless router (DIR-615), and changed the ethernet cables for

  • I have a grey screen at startup and cannot go any farther.October 11

    Hello, My problem is similar to other folks problems.  At startup I first experienced a flashing file folder with a question mark.  After I tried to shut down and reboot I experienced a grey screen.  After another shutdown and reboot I experienced an

  • Please Help: iMac black screens after startup logo + spinning wheel no cursor).October 11

    Hi, guys. I'm in a fair bit of a desperate situation; my iMac's screen seems to shut down every time after the white startup screen. The Apple logo appears, & the progress wheel begins spinning, then after a while - when it would usually then go to t

  • HT2538 I get nothing but a grey screen at startupNovember 30

    When I turn on my 2008 iMac, I get nothing but a grey screen . . . put in the rescue disk (and held down the "C") and got the Apple logo and the little spinning think, but then to black screen?  What to do?  What is causing this?Hello, Have you

  • Mac mini and grey screen at startupNovember 30

    ok, so last night we come home and my mom tries to turn on her mac mini, but it just freezes on the grey screen in the startup process. i tried booting from the disk but it didnt work (no the disk is stuck in the drive cuz i cant start up the compute

  • Unable to enter password on grey screen on startupNovember 30

    My macpro froze so I shut it down.  When it restarted to the grey screen where I can sign in to the computer, the box to place the password in does not appear, so now I cannot access the computer at all.  HELP!!!Startup in Safe Mode http://support.ap

  • PB G4 OSX10.5 grey screen on startup/not recognize harddrive?November 30

    Powerbook G4 won't startup, stops at grey screen with folder alternating Finder icon/question mark. Reseting PRAM has no effect. When started in Safe mode, will go to two buttons, no drive icon. When started in Safe mode with install DVD inserted, ca

  • Empty grey screen on startup, no Apple logoNovember 30

    I have an iBook G4 late 2003 running OS 10.3.9- On startup all I get is an empty grey screen, no Apple logo, no whirling gear. I immediately zapped the PRAM and reset the PMU with no change: the empty grey screen remained. I then restarted pressing t

  • Persistent grey screen on startup.November 30

    I own a late 2011 MacBook Pro running osx mavericks. Had it for two years with no problems. In early January of this year the macbook would crash whenever I opened photoshop or other programs like iMovie or photobooth. The only way to get it to funct

  • Grey Screen on startup - Computer won't turn onNovember 30

    Hi - I tried turning on my iMac G5 PPC and it goes to the grey screen, with the apple logo and the spinning wheel, then the fans start going crazy and its stuck there. What can I do to fix this? Is it due to Leopard?am having that same problem with a

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