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imac g5 airport speed

  • Issue with Airport-iMac data transfer speedNovember 30

    Hi, folks. On 10.6.4 and 10.6.5, we'd recently seen the internet slowing down on our Intel iMac (not on MacBook Pro or either of our old G5 computers running tiger). I did some searching but couldn't track down an obvious solution. Symptom was app ag

  • What's wrong with the New  iMac's AirPort?October 11

    Hello Last night I spent 4 hours trying to connect with my brand new wireless router (Netgear DG834PN). The one time I did connect and tried to configure using Netgear's Wizard (using Safari) my Mac's AirPort Extreme dropped the connection, never to

  • Setup AExpress to share internet w/ iMac (internal Airport)October 11

    Thw iMac in house is sharing internet through on board airport: "House Computer" over Network Fastaccess DSL/Airport connection. Home office is in backyard and signal is weak so I bought a Airport Express. When I run iMac's Airport Utility it se

  • Migrate from minimac (G4) to new iMac via airport extremeOctober 11

    I have a brand new iMac and I have the latest airport extreme. I have my old miniMac and all are linked up through the Airport Extreme. I want to transfer all of my old files from my G4 miniMac to my new iMac but the Migration Assistant says I have t

  • IMac G5 Airport problem!!!November 30

    I just bought used iMac G5 1.8 GHz PPC 17", installed Panther from included CD's and noticed, that my home network doesn't show up in popup menu. As I connect to my Netgear router wirelessly using iBook G4 with no problem, I used Ethernet cable to co

  • I am unable to view ATV settings from iMac using AirPort utilityNovember 30

    I am unable to view ATV settings from iMac using AirPort utility. Having problems with ATV quitting Airplay since recently updating.I was interested to know if I could configure, or at least view the settings of my ATV from a Mac computer. This is be

  • Does the imac need airport to connect to the internet??? Or can it just connect via any router?? thanksNovember 30

    Does the imac need airport to connect to the interent of can I just connect it via any router?????you should be able to use any router.Read other 2 answers

  • 10.5 + Rev A Intel 20" iMac = Busted AirportNovember 30

    Hi Chaps... I'm typing this from my kitchen, where my iMac is plugged into the modem via ethernet. Tonight I did a clean install of Leopard, and it appears to have killed my iMac's airport. I've been using wifi fine on 10.4.x. My housemate uses wifi

  • Stream from my iMac via airport express to my Harmann Kardon AVR360November 30

    I want to stream music from my iMac via airport express to my Harmann Kardon AVR360, but without success. I'm using a mini jack -> optical adapter. Any recommendations on how to make this work?The issue may be the adapter or cable that you are using.

  • Anybody get an XBOX to run with iMac internal Airport?November 30

    The subject says it all.  My kid inherited an XBOX (not the 360) with a wireless router and the like.  I've been to the airport discussion and everything seems to be focused on using the AEBS or ABS.  I was curious if anyone has had success with usin

  • Apple TV2 with iMac via AirPort but without W-Lan?November 30

    Hello Apple TV insiders I have my iMac connected to the internet with cable-LAN. iTunes is ready and the iMac has AirPort. I have no Wireless LAN. Will I be able to connect Apple TV 2 to my iMac via AirPort without W-LAN? (They couldn't tell me at my

  • How do I get rid of Maverick on my computer and revert to the previous operating system? This update has nearly ruined my iMac destroying its speed, efficiency and flexibility.November 30

    How do I get rid of Maverick on my computer and revert to the previous operating system? This update has nearly ruined my iMac destroying its speed, efficiency and flexibility.If restoring to the previous state from backup isn't an option (hopefully

  • After sleep, Pismo will not auto-reconnect to iMac's airport extreme.November 30

    I'm internet sharing with an iMac, late-2006 intel, airport extreme. If the powerbook sleeps, it will not auto-reconnect after waking. I can't even enter the password to reconnect; it displays an error message. I have to turn off-and-on the iMac's ai

  • Imac high fan speed and goes to sleep 10sec after wake-upNovember 30

    Hi, Since today my imac's fan speed is high (optical fan and cpu fan speed at: 4000rpm) Done a hardware test wich gives me 4SNS/1/40000001:IDSR-0.000 indicating something with logic board. According to istat all my temperatures are below 35°C (95°F).

  • 2 iMac's on 10.5.5 with different airport speeds?October 11

    Hi, Can someone tell me if this is right or not: I have a home airport network of 2 iMacs. They work fine. BUT, one shows network speed of a max 48 Mbit/s and the other 130. They are both on 10.5.5. Using the network utility(en1), one says Wireless N

  • IMac AirPort speed slows to a crawl after 5minNovember 30

    Hi, I have a mid 2011 27" imac. Ever since I've had this computer, my wifi works fine for the first 5-10 min when I turn the computer on, then after that it starts to slow to the point where it takes 2min to load a page. Then I have to wait about 15m

  • Ethernet Patch Cable from One iMac to AirPort Extreme Please help!October 11

    Hi, I have an iMac on one side of my home office, and a cable modem connected to my AirPort Extreme. I just bought a 25 ft. patch cable to run and connect to the router for faster speeds, but it is not working. I tried connecting it to the AirPort an

  • How to configure iMac and Airport Extreme for remote access?November 30

    I want  to view videos stored in iTunes on my iMac remotely over the Internet when I away from my home network.  My home network setup includes AirPort Extreme with Comcast High Speed Internet Service (16Mbs/6Mbps).  I use AirPlayit to support the iM

  • IMac Loses Airport ConnectivityNovember 30

    Hi, I have two identical 20" Intel Core Duo iMacs (see hardware review below). One is at home and the other at work. I have been experiencing a problem on both computers where my Airport connection drops "randomly". After the connection is

  • IP Address Conflicts - iMac and Airport Express, Snow Leopard and Mountain LionNovember 30

    In our home we have an iMac, two Mac notebooks, an iPad, an Apple TV and a Sony Playstation that all use wi-fi.  I have a recurring problem.  When several devices are connected to the Internet through Airport Extreme (wi-fi) downloads really slow dow

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