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imac bad video card symptoms

  • My 4yr old iMac's video card caught fire, should apple replace it?October 11

    I bought an iMac on Monday 24th December 2007, and after attempting to turn it on - 19th January 2012 the video card caught fire in it and has damaged the computer completely. I find this very surprising from such a high quality brand such as Apple,

  • Can my Late 2009 24" iMac's video card be replaced without replacing the entire logic board?October 11

    Can someone help me determine if my video card is built onto the logic board on my Late 2009 Intel 3.06 mhz 24" iMac?  The video shows corruption (checkered blocks) with a progress bar at the bottom of the screen, then it reboots in a cycle. Accordin

  • IMac and video card ATI Radeon HD 4850October 11

    Using my iMac 24"/3.06/SD with OSX 10.6 and trying to access Final Cut Express, it tells me I need an AGP video card! Why isn't the ATI Radeon HD 4850 able to display FCE? It operates all my other Apple software. Please, has anyone an idea about this

  • Receiving New iMac Free - Video Card QuestionOctober 11

    Much to my relief, Apple is replacing my 2008 24" iMac after I have brought it in to them 3 times for the same issue in a month (failure to startup, they have replaced two video cards, one MLB, and the display but the problem repeats itself within 1-

  • IMac'24 08 + new iMac's video cardsNovember 30

    I know that in my iMac'24(2008) used mxm ati 2600 card. I just want to know - may i upgrade my old imac with new ati 4850Please look at this parts of instructions(officail apple repair instructions) iMac'24 2007 http://narod.ru/disk/6548536000/Applei

  • Upgrading my iMac's video cardNovember 30

    I have a 24" 2.33Ghz 2nd generation(?) intel iMac and I'm wondering if I can have apple upgrade my Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT 256mb video card. I've been told by someone that this isn't possible, but I'm curious why not? My last card was recently replace

  • IMac Display/Video card "error"November 30

    Hey ppl, just had the most random thing happen to my new iMac Core Duo 20" today. ive had it for under a month, and its the standard model from Apple. I had a few Apps open, and was using VLC to play a video file.... suddenly, the entire display goes

  • Imac 27" - Video card AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2028 MBNovember 30

    Dear All, I want to buy the Video card AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2028 MB for the 27" imac Mid 2011. Any suggest from where i can replace it or buy it online? any help from Apple store for replacement / alternative? regards, Wassim,iMac (27-inch): AMD Radeo

  • Horizontal lines on imac display, video card going bad?November 30

    I have horizontal lines and a triangular shaped artifact on my 24 inch Imac display. This happens after quite awhile of use, so I am thinking it might be the video card is about to go. Also, have issues with viewing flash videos, the browser (safari)

  • Imac G4 video card upgradeNovember 30

    I would like to install motion 2 on my 17" Imac G4 1.25ghz. Software says I need to upgrade my video card. Is that possible on an Imac G4 Flat panel? If so what cards fit the Imac?I have a friend who ran the Motion compatibility checker from Apple on

  • Imac Inherent Video card DefectNovember 30

    Hi I moved this as I just noticed I posted in the wrong forum Sorry! Message was edited by: markthedrummerHi Mark, You posted in the Intel-iMac forum but this is a iMac G5 you are referring to?? CarolynRead other 4 answers

  • Which video card for 24-inch iMac?October 11

    I am not a gamer... is there any reason for me to get the 7600 card over the 7300 in the 24-inch iMac? Thanks.Hello, I am not a gamer... is there any reason for me to get the 7600 card over the 7300 in the 24-inch iMac? Thanks. If you are not playing

  • Video Card Memory Allocation Issue with SW:TORNovember 30

    I am attempting to run SW:TOR on a duel-boot iMac running both iOS X Lion (10.7.2) and Windows 7 via Boot Camp.  I have the game installed on the Windows 7 side, but because it is an iMac, my video card (ATI Radeon HD 5670 512 MB) is integrated. The

  • IMac early 2008 8800GS video card issueNovember 30

    I have had this machine for 2.5 years and all is fine until 1 day (mid of Nov) that it would not start (blank screen after apple logo). Nov 19, 2010 I brought it to the Richmond centre apple store in Richmond, BC, Canada (since I have applecare). I w

  • Video card question for new iMacOctober 11

    Howdy all, I'm about to order a new BTO iMac, and I'm wondering if somebody could give me feedback on the two different video cards available. Cost is not really a concern here (I would rather spend more on the video card and cut back on something li

  • 24" iMac--latest models. Which video card option to choose?October 11

    I am going to buy a new iMac 24" with 4 GB RAM. There is a $300 difference between two of the models, based mainly, so far as I can tell, on a processor speed difference of 2.6 to 2.9 Ghz, but mainly on the video card. The lower priced iMac has a NVI

  • Video Card on New iMac 24"October 11

    I just purchased one of the new iMac 24" 2.4GHz. After purchasing, I upgraded from 1Gb to 4Gb of RAM. I purchased this machine solely to use for video editing. I'm a professional graphic designer, and I have owned several eMacs and iMacs over the pas

  • Can I attach an external monitor to my iMac G5 (ALS) if the video card is dead?October 11

    I don't know for a fact that the video card is dead, but the screen on my iMac (PPC/ALS) 20" gradually started flaking out over several months and is now dead. Computer boots up fine and I'm looking at it through target mode right now.  I want to kee

  • Can I upgrade the video card in my 2009 iMac with the new ATI 2 GB VRAM card?October 11

    I am looking for more video RAM for video, CGI and animation work in Blender. I may purchase Final Cut Pro X in the near future and I need to make sure there is enough video RAM to be able to work with this version of FInal Cut. I, currently, use Fin

  • My 27" imac won't boot in normal mode. The screen stays white. I have upgraded to Yosemite. However, the computer does boot in safe mode. Could this be a virus related issue or possibly a video card issue?October 11

    My 27" iMac will not boot in normal mode. The screen stays white. The computer will boot in safe mode. Could this be virus related or is it possibly an issue with my video card. Before this happened, my computer screen was flashing weird things and t

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