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imac a1311 random poweron problem

  • IMac G5 Random Shutdown Problem (yet another)November 30

    Hi Folks I seem to have been smitten by the "random shutdown" bug as well. My iMac G5 (pre isight) has been working fairly well. Here's a quick history Bought: Dec 2004 Failed to start up Dec 2005. Consequently took it in to have the power suppl

  • Apple IMac 27 has a problem. Random black screen. Over 1 year without any fixOctober 11

    Apple IMac 27 has a problem. Random black screen. Over 1 year without any successful fix. IMac 27 10.8.4 (12E55) - bought in 2010 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 4GB 1067 Mhz RAM Graphics ATI Radeon HD 4670 256 MB The IMac computer screen goes black random

  • Are the replacement Heatsinks fixing people's Random Shutdown problems?October 11

    Is the replacement heatsink (the shorter one) still the method of choice from Apple for fixing Random Shutdown problems? Is it working for people who've had it done recently?Does this max out the CPU? Yes. People who advocate this are testing to see

  • IMac Frozen randomly for no obvious reasonNovember 30

    My iMac has been acting up weird since two accidental power-off 2 weeks ago. The power off was due to a plug fail at my old house and it happened 2 times in 10 minutes. I eventually fixed the plug and made sure that never happened again. But the 2nd

  • IMac A1311 does not respond to any keyboard or mouseNovember 30

    Hello, My iMac A1311 does not respond to any keyboard or mouse. I can restart it. It starts without a problem, but I can't enter my account password or move the cursor. I have tried using four different keyboards including the original bluetooth keyb

  • Intel iMac keeps randomly dropping Airport connectionNovember 30

    My Intel Duo core iMac keeps randomly dropping its Airport connection. It never used to do this until a few months ago. The Airport menu bars randomly show half grey, or all grey, and either I have to turn Airport on/off from the menu to get all the

  • IMac G5 random shutdown, won't restartNovember 30

    Increasingly, my early 17-inch iMac G5 randomly shuts down, and the only way I've found to restart it is to unplug everything - power, printer, ethernet (cable modem), firewire backup disc, Palm cradle - and then plug everything back in. Then the lig

  • IMac G5 randomly loses power, please helpNovember 30

    Our iMac G5 randomly loses power, suddenly shutting off. This happens anywhere from 5-30 minutes after starting up.Losing power like that usually indicates a thermal problem, go to Applications>Utilities>Console and then System Log, look for any not

  • OSX Lion + 2011 iMac 21.5'' = sound problem?November 30

    Since i install OSX Lion in my new iMac 2011 i have problem with sound. After iMac come back from sleep i don't have any sounds/alerts. The temporary solution that i found is to go to: System Preferences > Sound and adjust the Alert Volume up/down. A

  • Intel iMac 20' users - any problems with noise on your firewire interfaces?October 11

    Someone please tell me that they have a quiet intel iMac 20'/Firewire interface set up, I'm having problems with a lot of digital noise from my Saffire LE & badly am hoping it's 'fixable' or just a faulty unit but more so, praying it's not noise from

  • Random shutdown problem on G5 dual 2.3 GHz w/OS 10.4.7October 11

    Hello, I'm using a dual 2.3 GHz G5, and it's been working flawlessly since I bought it about a year ago. Until yesterday, I was running OS 10.4.5. Yesterday I upgraded to 10.4.7, and as soon as I booted up after the install, I started having a madden

  • Is someone with iMac 2010 users  have problems with the monitor. I mean horizontal  stripes and dark screen ?November 30

    Is someone with iMac 2010 users  have problems with the monitor. I mean horizontal  stripes and dark screen ?Mine's a late '09, but there have been display issues with iMacs. Contact Apple Service, iMac Service or Apple's Express Lane. Do note that i

  • Stupidly partition hdd on window7 in IMAC A1311, and now I can not use the IMAC...... Need some helpNovember 30

    Just bought a used IMAC A1311 core 2 duo, and there are something called Bootcamp and Window7 on it, and i log in to Window7 and stupidly partition hdd on it, and i think it has formatted everything. now the window7 is error and I do hold (alt) key w

  • IMac A1311 not bootingNovember 30

    "iMac A1311 not booting - Gets to the screen with Apple logo and spinning gear and then switches off. Have tried safe boot, resetting SMC but no good. Can anyone please help?"Data Rescue... http://www.prosofteng.com/products/data_rescue.php (Has

  • I synced my dad's iPhone 4 to my iMac. So my problem is the that whenever I go onto FaceTime on my iMac all of my dad's contacts are on MY FaceTime! So i tried to delete a contact off my FaceTime but then it deleted a contact off his iPhone aswell! HELP?!November 30

    I synced my dad's iPhone 4 to my iMac. So my problem is the that whenever I go onto FaceTime on my iMac all of my dad's contacts on his iPhone 4 are on MY FaceTime on MY iMac! So I tried to delete a contact off my FaceTime on the iMac but then it del

  • HT1473 Do iMacs (2009) have a problem with copy protected CDs?November 30

    Do iMac (2009) have a problem with copy protected CDs? My iMac keeps ejecting new (2014) George Harrison (Apple years) CDs I bought.Sorry, I should have been clearer. My iMac is not recognising the 2014 pressing of George Harrison's apple year CDs, I

  • Random Shutdown Problem Fixed (for now)November 30

    I experienced the same random shutdown problems/symptoms with my MacBook that have been extensively described in this forum and elsewhere. I sent it back for repair under AppleCare and it was returned in 3 days. It has been running now for 4 days wit

  • Random performance problemsNovember 30

    Hello, We have a medium sized internet application which is experiencing random performance problems. The applications data is stored in xml which is read/saved every page hit to a clob. The table which holds the clob has the cacheing option enabled

  • Random Shutdown ProblemNovember 30

    Hello I started seeing the random shutdown problem around 6 weeks ago. The problem occurs every once in a while usually around the first 5 minutes of the unit booting up. When the system powers down I will try to bring it back up but it just powers d

  • K8N NEO FSR - Random boot problems and hizzing sound in the LAN portNovember 30

    Hi, I´m experiencing random boot problems with my rig. I runs ok for awhile but then freezes with a bluescreen or restarts. After that I get Invalid boot.ini and an unknown bluescreen. I restart, get the same. Turn off my computer mess with the SATA

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