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  • Is it possible to install an iMac 250Gb HD in a G3 Tower?November 30

    I recently had my HD replaced on my iMac (still under AppleCare! Yay!) but the Geniuses at the store could not transfer the data to the new HD. They gave me the old one with the names and numbers of a couple of data recovery companies, but it seems l

  • Playback jitters with 250GB drivesNovember 30

    I experienced stuttering and skips in iMovie playback with my first project on my new iMac 20". Had no issues after the project was moved from my internal 250GB drive to an external firewire drive. Others are reporting similar issues with iMovie and

  • Need help designing New Back up systemOctober 11

    500GB TC decided to retire on its own. Probably will get new 2TB TC on way home today. When one drive goes...so I am doing my eqivalent of Spring cleaning of my externals. Never having a real back up system I am looking for some help. Here is what I

  • HOW TO install RAID/ AHCI 975x PUE Driver GuideOctober 11

    As below on how to install the matrix driver, there is no 'how to install on a system not already preconfigured with raid/AHCI'. This driver creates a F6 Floppy disc, why? because windows will  not recognise your hard in AHCI mode without the driver

  • Second Hard Drive & Insufficient PrivilegesNovember 30

    Hey everybody... I installed a second hard drive in my lower drive bay and am now trying to erase it (in order to format it for use). It shows up in Disk Utility, but when I try to erase it (with Mac OS Extended (Journaled), and after I enter my admi

  • X58 Platinum does not post unless I clear CMOSNovember 30

    I have to hit the 'clear CMOS' button from a cold start (unplugged power cable) on the back of the motherboard in order for it to boot. It restarts just fine. Once it is booted, everything runs fine. It is just weird that I have to clear the CMOS eve

  • Sync Problems - Importing Garageband FIles Into Logic Studio 8November 30

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone can PLEASE HELP?!! I'm having a real headache when I open my Garageband files in Logic Studio 8 - most of the real instrument tracks end up out of sync with the software tracks!! For example, I opened a song in Logi

  • Aperture Library_original.aplibraryNovember 30

    Hello all ... just updated from Aperture 2.1.4 two weeks ago to 3.1 with no apparent issues. Updated to 3.1.1 just the other day. I've noticed I have two aperture libraries in my pictures folder, one marked for version 3.1.1 and the other called "Ape

  • Backup Macintosh HD and external HD, What happens at restore time?November 30

    1st scenario: iMac 250GB + 650GB in an ext JBOD. TM Disc 1TB. Im currently making a backup of both HD's the internal and the external. But something comes out my mind, what will happens is my HD crash and i need to restore from TM? TM will only resto

  • Partition on 1TB firewire driveNovember 30

    I have ordered a 1TB firewire harddrive as I am out of space on my iMac (250gb). Is it best to leave the drive as one volume or partition it. In other words, what is the point of partitioning a drive? Benefits, shortcomings etc etc Thanks for any adv

  • Random Mighty Mouse activity.November 30

    Hi All, Are there any other people out there experiencing the peculiar random, uncommanded motions of the MM cursor across the screen? This activity that I am getting from time to time is plain annoying. I have no idea whether it is a mouse related g

  • Maxtor Diamondmax 20 & iMac G3 600MHzNovember 30

    Hi, I just got an iMac G3 600MHz (Mac OS 9.2.2) on eBay. However, the HDD produces a really high pitch noise that makes working on this beauty a real torture. I cloned the original screaming HDD onto a new Maxtor Diamondmax 20 (120GB, 7200rpm) using

  • K8n neo nforce3 250Gb - maxtor sata II diamondmax 10 300GB [partially solved]November 30

    I have a K8n neo nforce3 250Gb motherboard (bios 1.1) and just bought a MAXTOR sata II diamondmax 10 300GB Harddisk (Model:6v300f0, 27 april 2006, firmware:va111630)... After plugging it in, the bios failed to recognise it, unless I did a warmboot af

  • IMac aug. 2008, OCZ SSD 250Gb hangs when trying to boot with Windows CDNovember 30

    I just bought a new Vertex 250GB SSD disc and installed OSX on it and everything seems to work. Now I wanted to install bootcamp with Windows 7 64 RC1 on it, but I can't boot from the DVD. It just hangs with a white screen in the beginning, right aft

  • Maxtor DiamondMax 10 250gbNovember 30

    I need a second drive for my G5 and i'm have three choices... 1. Maxtor DiamondMax 10 250Gb Serial ATA II (3.0Gb/s) 7200 rpm 16Mb 2. Maxtor DiamondMax 10 250Gb Serial ATA 150 7200 rpm 16 Mb 3. Western Digital 250Gb 8Mb SATA 150 (the standard HD that

  • ISight IMac's 250GB hard drive gone AWOLOctober 11

    I've had this iMac less than two weeks, and I adore it. For those of you waffling between the 17" and 20", go for the 20" it's worth the extra. I even love the Mighty Mouse that came with it. Which is a surprise because generally speaking I

  • Upgrading from 2007 IMAC 20/2.0/1GB/250GB/SDto new Entry level iMac 2010November 30

    Wow.It's been ages since I've been on here! Anyway as my post states,I'm considering upgrading to the new 2010 iMac. My 2007 has hardly been put through the mill media wise.Indeed it has only had a new mouse via Applecare in the 3 years I've had it.I

  • Nforce3 250gb and DiamondMax 9November 30

    Hello!!!  I've been searching through the posts and found that lots of nforce4 owners have problems with Maxtor DiamondMax 10 HDD. Now i have a K8N Neo Platinum board (Ms-7030) and currently running  Maxtor DiamondMax 9 120GB HDD (6Y120M0). I cant re

  • IMac with 500GB HDD or standard HDD + external Maxtor 250GB?November 30

    Which would be better? Appreciated.My suggestion would to be get the 500GB internal for constant use. The external is nice to have but they are even risky. I run an art department and had three powermacs each with their own internal HD (80GB, 80GB an

  • I have a 2008 20" iMac with a 250GB stock hard drive which is nearing capacity. How do I upgrade the HD?November 30

    I would ideally like to be able to purchase a good OEM hard drive and swap it out myself, but I am a novice with hardware and don't want to ruin my Mac...It would be much easier,less expensive and IMHO wiser to simply get an external HD and begin sto

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