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Im pathetic dont download

  • Pathetic iPhone 4 Wi-fi download speedsOctober 11

    Alright, so I got my iPhone 4 recently and I've noticed the download speed over Wi-fi is pathetic. I can easily get 400-450 kB per sec down on my Macbook but can't get a measly 150 kB per sec on my iPhone which makes streaming videos like on youtube

  • G580 - pathetic download speed & wifi connectivityOctober 11

    I had purchased G580 laptop in October & upgraded to windows 8. Since then, the wifi problem has been regular. After   updating the drivers the wifi is mostly. Once in a while I have to restart the router..  That's still OK, but the download speed is

  • Pathetic download speed from iTunes serversNovember 30

    So.. I have a 100mb connection, just ran a speedtest and get 95mb/s. iTunes is currently downloading a film at 100KB/s, that means it will take 5 hours to download this HD film I just bought. So, suffice to say, I will never be buying anything again

  • I have changed country (which was a painful process in its own right) and now can't find my purchases, and when I try to download them again (as per the instructions) they no longer are available - how do I get them back??October 11

    Where do I find my hundreds of dollars of downloads I have done since 2005? I move countries for work regularly and now Iphones detect that you are not in the home country and make life very difficult, so you have to either register the new country a

  • 12 hours to download a tv episode?October 11

    Trying to download a show I purchased via iTunes and I'm only downloading ONE episode at a time and I'm getting 4, 7 even 12 hours remaining!! This is pathetic!! Why is it so slow? I mean seriously!! I paid for the **** season! I wanna watch it back

  • I cant download all my iPhone photos onto my Dell Latitude laptop. I get the impression that Apple are trying to force me to buy iCloud space in order for me to do this. If so then I'm done with Apple products. I would rather buy a Samsung in the futOctober 11

    If you cant read what I've written above then your system is just pathetic. At my age, I don't need to be instructed on "how to write a good question". Why must a brief detailed  technical question be summarized? Why cant I do the supposedly sim

  • Issues with iTunes 9.2 not running after download.October 11

    I have been trying to get iTunes 9.2 going since the 24th when I purchased my iPhone 4. I have had NO LUCK getting iTunes to properly run after downloading the flie. I have Vista 64 bit. When I download the file and attempt to run it, I get the error

  • Pathetic Adobe SupportOctober 11

    This is a vent. Please excuse me for it. I am in Australia. I have a LEGAL copy of LightRoom v1.4.1, I also installed the Beta of v2. When the release version of v2 was announced, I downloaded it and installed it. I have a problem with metadata creat

  • I Just want to download + save a copy of the OS I have paid for?! Is that too much to ask?October 11

    I have already downloaded and upgraded to ML once already, but cant find the DMG file anywhere?! I don't want to download OSX Mountain Lion everytime I want to install it, that is just friggin ridiculous! not everyone has mega bandwidth flowing freel

  • Universal Music Group audible watermarking on digital downloads?October 11

    Hello, I wanted to take a moment to praise Apple for being so patient and persistent around a sound quality issue I've been noticing for months with certain of my digital purchases from the iTunes Music Store. Start of story: I noticed that certain o

  • PATHETICOctober 11

    Pathetic speeds now. Ever since you was told we are switching provider it seems you have throttled us or have some real sever issues now!. Coincidence it starts after asking us to pay a termination fee?.. Now we are getting 0.5mb download speed and 1

  • 24 hours so far downloading Lion and no end in sight. Is this really the way forward?November 30

    Here in the UK a lot of us have fairly pathetic download speeds, so I ask Apple is this really the way forward?Same for me - started 20.July about 7pm in germany with VDSL capable of 2.5MB/s Download Started well soon but dropped to about 300KB/s. St

  • URGENT---download sql databaseNovember 30

    Can some one please tell me a decent site from where I can download sql database ?? All this while I have been trying to download "Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise " ....Is that correct..and when I do so...I get nothing in my My Programs except f

  • Very slow downloading speeds on uTorrentNovember 30

    I just bought the new MacBook Pro Retina 15-inch late 2013 model, and I can't seem to get anything past 5kb/s. What's weird is my older Mac has the same preferences in uTorrent and it actually downloads fast, while this one seems stuck and I can't th

  • Pathetic support from Adobe.November 30

    Hi, I went through a nightmare, trying to get my software upgraded from Master Collection CS3 to Design and Web Premium CS6. 1) Firstly, I had trouble paying for the damn software through their online store. It failed at checkout and asked me to cust

  • Downloading and installing IndesignNovember 30

    OMG...this is the most pathetic site I have ever seen in my life. NOTHING by problem after problem after problem trying to download and access INdesign. Now trying to get on second computer. Morons on chat can't help. Tell me to do this and that. go

  • Major download speed issues as of 2 days agoNovember 30

    As the subject line says, as of a couple days ago my download speed dropped to 40KB/s.  Before then, it was around 1MB/s.  Using speedtest, it said I had 26 ms ping, 1.2-ish mbps download, and 3.32 upload speed.  I'm 100% sure our internet plan does

  • Very slow download speed with Airport ExpressNovember 30

    Hi. I've recently experienced painfully slow downlink (download) speed using Airport Express. My WiFi configuration: - main router: WRT54G connected to my provider (speed limit: 4Mbit up/down link), - AirPort Express with WiFi N and Airtunes hooked u

  • Download Adobe after effects CS6November 30

    When I want to download Adobe after effects CS6 ( trial version) I has to download at first assisting Adobe download, the download takes place has marvel but when I click to begin the installation nothing takes place, and thus I cannot pass by anothe

  • Pathetic slow speed on net after 10.5.5 upgradeNovember 30

    For last few days my internet page loading is pathetically slow.... i didn't know why then I remembered that I downloaded the newest update from Apple... (thanks!!) I know its not my router since my macbook that I didn't upgrade yet is still nice and

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