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idvd 5.0.1 update

  • "Flickering" on iMovie and IDVD porojects AFTER running updatesOctober 11

    We had an iDVD completed and ready to burn. Actually we burned one copy last Friday and it was great, but needed to go back to iMovie and make some voice corrections. When I turned on the iMac yesterday a long list of updates were available so I went

  • IDVD 2 crashing and updating?November 30

    I'm trying to make a DVD, my first, at home. But every time I press delete in iDVD 2 the program crashes though I worked through that. Now when I try to burn the project it crashes too during the encoding phase. I would like to just update the applic

  • IDVD wont open-- software update issuesNovember 30

    Im having issues with the iDVD application. I click it open, and it bounces on the dock, but then it freezes. I cant open an existing DVD project directly, or through opening the application first. I thought it might need a software updated (its vers

  • Does apple have update to idvd so I can use Sony dcr-sx44 camcorderOctober 11

    Does apple have an update to idvd so I can use sony dcr-sx44 camcorder?If you already have iDVD then run Software Update, if there are any updates available for iDVD they will be posted. While that doesn't answer your question directly it is your bes

  • Installed/updated iDVD on Mavericks but still missing themesNovember 30

    I am new to the Mavericks OS. I have used iDVD for years and love it. Since Mavericks did not come with iDVD, I bought iLIFE 9 and installed it. So now I have all the older themes but want to get the newer ones too. When I open iDVD and click CHECK F

  • IDVD not updating changes made in iMovieNovember 30

    I 'shared' an iMovie project with iDVD. Project details were initially: Video mode: PAL (Australia) Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Encoding: Best Quality Project Duration: 94:01 minutes DVD Capacity: 3.3GB of 4.2GB Motion Menus: 15.14 of 15:00 (minutes) Tracks: 1

  • IDVD Update 6.02(787) ProblemNovember 30

    I updated iDVD with the newest update v. 6.0.2 (787) and now can't open my projects that were created before the update. What can I do to get my previous iDVD projects to open? iMac G5/1.8 512/160GB/SD   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  I had the very same problem

  • My Macbook Pro seems to be having problems updating software or connecting to apples servers for updates.October 11

    Hi, I am having an issue at the moment with my MacBook Pro updating anything! Here is a list of the problems I'm getting. - App store is not loading correctly and cannot navigate or select updates for my programs/apps installed on my computer (see ph

  • How do I add a new chapter to iDVD without re-exporting from iMovie?October 11

    I created a movie and after I finished the project in iDVD I realized that I had not included one chapter. This must be a common problem ... but I can't figure out how to update the chapter info to include this new chapter. I did get a message about

  • Error message in iDVD '08 - A valid DVD drive could not be foundOctober 11

    I did the basic updates that always pop up and this error appeared the same day when I went to go use my dvd player (that I use on a daily basis and never had a problem with till now); "A valid DVD drive could not be found. I'm running on an iMac 10.

  • Can't burn to DVD from iMovie (4.0) using iDVD.  Can I use another program?October 11

    Suddenly, after making several DVDs with this computer using its old version of iMovie without trouble, I can't burn my latest creation...I'm getting a message saying that "You cannot use this version of the application iDVD with this version of Mac

  • IDVD 7.1.2 will not burn a iPhoto11 slideshowOctober 11

    Is there a problem between iphoto 11 9.2.1 and iDVD 7.1.2? I created a slideshow using iphoto and using SHARE IDVD (which the iDVD software was open) it moved the slideshow over to my theme project in iDVD. I could view and play.  Now I wanted to bur

  • Making more complex dvds in iDVDOctober 11

    I have a lot of short animations that I want to use to create a dvd for the students who made them. They are on different topics (some are stop motion projects, some are Flash animations, some are Monty Python-style animations, etc.) so I want to cre

  • IDVD burning software missing from my applicationsNovember 30

    Help! How can I get IDVD reinstalled on my G4 Quicksilver 933 MHZ with a super drive? I had a repair done to it and the tech erased the hard disk and started over and somehow lost IDVD. I had updated it to OS X.3.9, but now I want to burn a DVD and I

  • IDVD 5 unexpectely quits!!November 30

    Since I upgraded to IDVD 5 and also updated to last Apple update, I face many problems using Idvd. When I try to use Idvd through imovie the idvd quits! when I try to use the new feature of doing a dvd movie direcly from my camera it quits again! wha

  • IDVD 5 won't burnNovember 30

    I have iDVD 5 (current with updates) on my iBook G4 and use a LaCie external CD/DVD burner. I followed Ken's steps in creating a slideshow, but when I get to the "burn" step, it won't do anything. The burn icon shows up, then closes and the prog

  • What software can I use on OS X Mavericks to burn my photos on a DVD? iDVD is too slow and crashes.November 30

    I am using a late 2009 13" macbook pro with Mavericks. I want to backup my photos on multiple DVDs. I tried using the iDVD software that came with Leopard. iDVD keeps crashing and is too slow. Is there any good software that any of you has used?What

  • IDVD won't let me drop quicktime to burnNovember 30

    I have used iDVD several times to make DVDs for clients, etc. It won't let me drop any quicktime videos in the content portion. When I choose to add media content, it puts an exclamation point next to time and says unlinked file. Any help is greatly

  • How to upgrade idvdNovember 30

    after doing a clean erase of my hard drive i installed the application bundle from the original cd's that came with the computer. the newest idvd update available will not work with the old 6.0.3 version. do i need to do each succesive available upgr

  • HT2476 new Mac mini, outdated iDVD and iMovie HD with OSX 10.8.2; fix ?November 30

    I have a brand new Mac mini and during set up I imported settings from a Macbook running 10.5.8; now the iDVD and iMovie HD apps are outdated and the settings do not allow updates to the current version compatible with OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.2; How d

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