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  • After migrating to iCloud, iChat username has changedNovember 30

    I downloaded and installed iOS5 to all my portable devices last week. Now, everytime I log in to iChat on any of my Macs, the username is now my wife's name. I can't figure out where it got that, nor how to change it back. I'd really like it to show

  • IChat username is spelled wrongNovember 30

    When setting up my iChat account I accidentally spelled my username wrong. I cannot figure out how to change it. I even tried deleting iChat all together and it will not let me. It comes up with a box to type in my password, but nothing about updatin

  • IChat usernameNovember 30

    I use iChat to IM with my colleagues at work, and have just discovered a strange issue. I log-in to iChat using my families MobileMe account. This is the account we use for generic e-mails, online family calendar (although I sync my work schedule usi

  • IChat AV .Mac trial a/cNovember 30

    We want to be able to use iChat AV (audio only) with my partner's parents. If they get a .Mac trial account, in order to get an iChat username, will iChat AV still be available when the trial account has expired (they've no other need for a .Mac acco

  • Im going to kill my self. (The signature was invalid)November 30

    "The binary you uploaded was invalid. The signature was invalid, or it was not signed with an Apple submission certificate." It´s like a week im trynig diffrent tutorial, forums. NOTHING. The only option I have now is ScreenSharing via iChat. Pl

  • Need a little information about SMS stuffNovember 30

    Hey. I'm a cell phone novice. What is the SMS stuff? The plan comes with 200 SMS messages. Is that 200 that I send, or a combination of what I send AND receive? And, is that like iChat on an iPhone? If so, how do people reach me to SMS: do they use m

  • Using OSX lion and I created an aim account but ichat will not let me login and says my password or username is incorrect!?November 30

    I have created an AIM account on my computer. When I go to sign into Ichat it does not let me sign in. It says my username/password is incorrect. Any help would be appreciated.Hi, Whenever I have created a Name at AIM then I have received an email to

  • Can anyone help me? I cannot sign in my iChat. I've been using same username and password. But, I cannot sign in my iChat.November 30

    Can anyone help me? I cannot sign in my iChat. I've been using iChat with same username and password with my Gmail account. Now, I cannot sign in my iChat, but I can still sign in my Gmail with the same username and password. Can someone advise me wh

  • IChat claims I have the wrong username/password, but I don't?November 30

    I've been trying to log into AIM but it's not letting me, there isn't even a "forgotten password" link. It used to work on my old Mac before it was stolen... And yes, it's still the same username/password because I've checked my mail.HI, If this

  • Unable to start video chat, "'Username' did not respond"October 11

    I'm currently in Dubai, UAE, and trying to use iChat to video chat. I'm in a hotel, so no access to their router (wired or wireless) to open ports. I'm running iChat 4.0.8 (619), and 10.5.7, and have tried both an AIM and MobileMe account, and with p

  • Cannot login to .me or .mac accounts on ichatOctober 11

    Hi, I am using OS X mountain lion 10.7.5. When I recently updated my software, it asked me to install ichat (which I did). My problem is that I cannot login to either .me or .mac accounts to see my contacts. I use the same username and password as th

  • I created an Apple ID using my ISP Email when I registered at the Store/Apple Support Communities/iTunes/Face Time and it does not work in iChat. Why Not ?October 11

    Question:- I created an Apple ID using my ISP Email when I registered at the Store/Apple Support Communities/iTunes/Face Time or other portal and it does not work in iChat. Why Not ? Answer:- For a Name to work in iChat it has to be an Valid AIM scre

  • Please help:  iChat is crashing since upgrading to leopardOctober 11

    Since installing leopard, I have been unable to use iChat. I can boot up the application, and see my buddy list as normal. But when I double click on a buddy's icon to start a text chat, I get a completely blank chat box. (i.e. I don't see the buddy'

  • How do I add a googlemail user onto my buddy list on my ichat?October 11

    I bought my macbook a few weeks ago and, while I adore it to bits so far, I seem to have a bit of a problem with ichat (version 4.0.6). I tried to add my friend who uses a googlemail account (with jabber) onto my buddy list in ichat but, according to

  • I want to delete my ichat account and make a new oneOctober 11

    i just got my mac and made a ichat account. i think i messed uo because i had used two different emails. i tried to add my friend but everytime it said waiting for authorization and it keep saying i was offline. i was wondering if there was any was i

  • When using iChat, what could be causing the person I am chatting with to see my daughter's name instead of my name?October 11

    I had a regular chat buddy tell me that I was showing up in his chat window as Rosie (Last Name) instead of Michael (Last Name). I had noticed once or twice before when I had gone to Apple support to sign up for an Express Support call (where they ca

  • IChat No Longer Works With Expired MobileMe Trial Accounts?October 11

    In the past, you could use an expired .Mac (now MobileMe) trial account's username, to log into and use iChat. But I believe now that this no longer works. Apple must've changed the rules. Can anyone else confirm this? I haven't been able to use iCha

  • IChat no longer connecting to Jabber server after Leopard upgradeOctober 11

    Just upgraded to Leopard yesterday, and the only significant glitch I notice so far is that iChat is now getting stuck in the "Connecting..." step when I try to get onto our Jabber server (which was working fine before the upgrade). Am now getti

  • Problem with ichat 3.1.9 and os 10.4.11 and aim logon for a/v chatsOctober 11

    Hello all. Please help. I have been trying to help a family member with their mac laptop, os tiger 10.4.11 and ichat 3.0. When trying to logon to start an a/v chat with anyone the program keeps defaulting to AIM. We have repeatedly deleted the "com.a

  • How do I build a new account on old version of iChat?October 11

    If there's a tutorial for this somewhere, just point me. Otherwise ... We have Macs at worrk (Mac OS X 10.4.11) and I have Windows XP at home (long story). My editor wants us to be able to talk to iChat ()version 3.1.9 (v446) instant messenger framew

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