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  • ICal error - can't see the calendars on opening...October 11

    iCal error - can't see the calendars on opening... unless i change the view - but then still the portlet in the top left hand corner remains blank. Re-installed the whole OSx system from original disks and still the same problem. cleared out the cach

  • Ical error -14October 11

    I think this is a client side problem with iCal 4.0.1 in OS 10.6.2, because I'm able to use my exchange calendar via iCal on other machines. The broken machine is stuck in an error loop: +The account "Exchange" currently can't be modified. To di

  • Just started MobileMe.  Struggled with the setup of iCal but eventually got everything working fine for about a day.  Then I started receiving an iCal error message stating that the URL was wrong.  Of course, sync no longer works.  What is correct URL?October 11

    Just signed up for MobileMe.  Had a little difficulty setting up iCal but eventually got everything working.  Whether posting to iCal on my Mac Book or iPhone, sync seemed to be working fine for about a day.  Then suddenly when I opened iCal on my Ma

  • HT1338 ical error pop up, "The server responded with an error". Cannot get it to go away and cant use my ical because of itOctober 11

    ical error pop up, "The server responded with an error". Cannot get it to go away and cant use my ical because of itHow are you syncing your contacts? Contacts Troubleshooting Contacts - Troubleshooting iCloud ContactsRead other 6 answers

  • Mac os x ical error messageNovember 30

    Ical error message "The server responded with an error".  Can't access iCalical won't load over here... no clue as to why. it'll bounce and give up. i've not been able to find any solution, but i'm prowling! also, just letting you know you're no

  • After upgrade Server 3.1.1 : ical:error = "CANNOT_LOAD_BUNDLE_ERR"November 30

    All services were working fine until last night upgrade to Server version 3.1.1 Calendar and AddressBook now broken Any idea how to fix ? The details are as follows : serveradmin status ical ical:error = "CANNOT_LOAD_BUNDLE_ERR" serveradmin stat

  • ICal errors constantly pop upNovember 30

    Help, I use iCal on my MacBook Pro, but my calendar is really full. And therefore messages are constantly poping up, invitee error, cannot connect, etc. Is there anything I can do, as I have a ton of reminders and a ton of meetings. Since iCal errors

  • Weird message in iCal "Error Locating Account Information"October 11

    Hi, I've a problem syncing iCal with Google calendar. It works in the beginning very well, but sometimes I receive the message: Error Locating Account Information Request encountered an unexpected error (domain CalDAV No Calendar Home Error / code 1)

  • ICal Error: "No virtual host found for iCal Service" - Help!October 11

    Trying to set up iCal on OS X Server 10.5.6 Server is up and running and successfully providing web services on its FQDN. Server is not currently used to support network users / services, but as and when it does it will be the Master Opendirectory se

  • ICal error 403 about access to event in calendar in iCloud not permittedOctober 11

    When I downloaded our school calendar to ical I now receive error messages.. Go offline or revert to server. I choose go offline it does but when I open iCal the same messages appear.  If I choose revert to server I get the error again with another e

  • ICal error message, Server.October 11

    Every time I open iCal (version 4,0,4) I get this error message: "The server responded with an error.  The server did not recognise your user name or password for account "[email protected]"  Make sure you enter them correctly." Where

  • ICal Error Message 403 (iCloud)October 11

    Hi Apple Users! After giving my girlfriend access to my calenders via iCloud I get the Error Message 403. (I also got now acces to her calender.) "The Access to the account "iCloud" is not allowed Answer of the servers: "403" to p

  • Ical errorOctober 11

    my calendar wont open and when i go to system preferences i cant open icloud or the mail/contacts?? I actively use my calendar and its on my iphone without an issue so unsure what next to do? My computer is up to date. Below is some of the error that

  • Ical error 403October 11

    Hello all.  I am running an imac with 10.9.1.  I started having problems with my email account not sending--just lagging in the drafts pile.  I did some things, like resetting the pram and finally got it to work.  A little later I noticed that ical w

  • ICal error "400" the request for account fail!!October 11

    iCal on my Macbook keeps on popping up with the following: The server responded with an error. The request for account "myemail (at) yahoo.com" failed. The server responded with "400" to operation CalDAVCalendarSplitDualTypeCalendarQue

  • ICal error 500 with calDavOctober 11

    Hi all, sorry if this thread doesn't comply with the board's rules or anything like that, but its my first one so please bare with me I am working in a company who use google apps accounts for mail and calendars. When I go into google calendar (web b

  • Ical error, as well not able to invite people to ical eventsOctober 11

    Hi everybody I have been having issues with my Ical and I don't really know what to do anymore. I have tried the Genius, I have tried the apple care, and seems that no one can help me with this problem. I'm using Mountain Lion, and the latest updates

  • ICal error  "server did not recognize your user name"November 30

    I recently was added to the MobileMe calendar beta, and now my iCal calendar doesn't sync with MobileMe. iPhone works fine. Error message when I launch iCal says "server did not recognize your user name" Any thoughts, suggestions would be apprec

  • MobileMe/iCal Error: "The server has not specified a calendar home for the account at..."November 30

    Hi everyone, I get a problem when trying to add my MobileMe account in iCal. The error message I receive after trying to add ("+") my MobileMe account to iCal is: "The account information was not found. The server has not specified a calend

  • ICal error 403 and 500 delegation error access not permittedNovember 30

    Hi, I have a problem with an iCal service on the clients. Every time the users open iCal, they get an error: “HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error” to operation CalDAVRefreshDelegateListQueueableOperation. Every time the users create an event in iCal,

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