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i want to buy lenovo s210

  • Licence windows 7 or 8 Lenovo s210November 30

    Hi all. Can someone explaine, I want to buy Windows 7 or 8 licence for my lenovo s210. But there is no place under bottom for licence sticker. I know that is another way by the bios, what is right in this situation?Hi toly084, Welcome to Lenovo Forum

  • Wish to buy Lenovo G550 - 29584PM or G550 - 29584NM - please recommendNovember 30

    Hi Guys, I wish to buy Lenovo G550 - 29584PM or G550 - 29584NM. May I know the user reviews? How do they perform? Or should I go for any other models? Thanks. Raj Solved! Go to Solution.As for the look the G555 is the same. Price is around the same t

  • Where can I buy lenovo S860 with 2gb ram e 4000 mah batteryNovember 30

    please where can I buy lenovo S860 with 2gb ram e 4000 mah battery? thanx for allHi Currently Lenovo dosen't officially sell phones in Italy. In questo momento Lenovo non vende (ufficialmente) telefoni in Italia. Saluti Did someone help you today? Pr

  • Покупка лицензии Windows 7 lenovo s210November 30

    Всем доброго времени суток. Хочу купить лицензионный windows для своего lenovo s210. Но нету места для лицензионной наклейки. Знаю что можна вшить лицензию в биос, как это возможно?I'm not sure exactly where it is but there supposed to be a settings

  • Why buy lenovo android?November 30

    I have a 14 month old S2109A-F. Besides not being able to update the operating system I now need a new battery pack. The hardware maintenance manual, which is fairly good by the way, list it as FRU # 31054090. No one online retail, etc. has them. Des

  • Lenovo S210 (59-381060)November 30

    Hello, I'd like to ask for information on this specific model no. It's a Lenovo S210 non touch version with a celeron 1037u Processor, 2GB ram and 500GB HDD. It comes with DOS. The shops had displays with this specific name but contrary to the online

  • Its a headache...! Please do not buy LENOVO from AUS!! Service is Hilariously Ridiculous :(October 11

    Myself a Lenovo user from India, recently moved to Aus for Job purposes. Thought of buying the Lenovo, (I do think its a good pick among the top guys and had an excellent service from India (I miss my country!!) ). bought a B590. Had an issue with ba

  • To buy or not to buy LENOVO 3000 N200November 30

    Hello! At first I am from slovenia that's because mi english is not so good   I am buying a laptop for school (photoshop, programming, movies ) and i found the lenovo N200 in our store http://www.bof.si/sl/product.cp2?guid=6F2B85B9-3CEA-CE25-1DA7-3D0

  • Now I know not to buy lenovo productsNovember 30

    I have decided to boycott Lenovo I bought a Lenovo y510P back in October 2013 because I wanted a gaming loptop. I never got to enjoy it because (1) I am coming from the console space. So I never really tried to game on it except from trying a few ste


    Hi, My base cover has broken at the hinge and therefore the power isnt being delivered to the PC and the PC isn't turning on when I plug the darn thing in. I need to replace the base cover, top and botton, all base cover, except for the keyboard bit.

  • UNE HONTE !!! NEVER BUY LENOVO !!!November 30

    I put a message they are 2 months ago about a problem with my D20 4155 !! I bought a Xeon and 12 Go memory lenovo in add !!! I'm professionnal musician and i bought this machine to put in our studio two month ago. Any sound card a put, any format (PC

  • Lenovo S 850 phone is not working properly(Please do not buy Lenovo phones)October 11

    I bought the phone on date 16/08/2014 from The Mobile Store,Delhi.After 2-3 weeks I was facing problem with the touchpad and was given in the service center(Service No-SRIN2411410070001(Abhishek Technologies, Ahmedabad)). I got the phone from service

  • I don't think I'm buying anther Lenovo product againOctober 11

    Let me preface this message by stating that I'm a bit agitated since I just got off the phone with a Lenovo customer service representative in Atlanta Georgia that basically called me a liar. I am a IT MSP for a number of small companies in my area.

  • ACPI\VPC2004 Unknown Device - Lenovo g560 windows 7 pro. x64 installedOctober 11

    I just bought Lenovo g560. And installed windows 7 pro. x64 and installed drivers from driver cd shipped with laptop (windows 7 drivers). After installed all drivers still I had one device unknown ; device id = Acpi\Vpc2004. In the Windows 7 solution

  • Tired to locate info about lenovo notebook modelOctober 11

    I like to buy lenovo notebook , found lenovo  3000 n 200  in Egypt , but when searching about exactly specification model  i could not get any information (on lenovo site or searching on the internet as a whole ) !! is the dealer can change any model

  • Help Lenovo Y50-70 Win 8.1 clean installOctober 11

    I'm new to Lenovo, Win 8 and to this forum. I'm considering buying Lenovo Y50-70 Notebook model 59441814 - Intel Core i7 4270HQ, 8GB DDR3L, 256GB SSD, NVIDIA GTX 860M 4GB, 15.6" Touchscreen, 4K UHD, USB 3.0, no DVD drive and Win 8.1 pre-installed. I

  • Dear Lenovo! I am tired of you!October 11

    Dear Lenovo, (The entire episode below has happened in India:-) ) I am tired of you. I have been using your laptops over the past many years and they were real wonderful and have even recommended many of my friends to buy only your systems. The possi

  • Lenovo B6000 Bootscreen freeze, solutions ? (Windows 8)October 11

    I bought a Lenovo B6000 Yoga 8 less than a year ago from Amazon.de.  Mainly for trips and mainly for the big battery otherwise I still am kicking myself now for choosing the Lenovo over the Nexus 7. Anyway, too late for that now. My first problem was

  • There is any possibility to switch FN and CTRL on Lenovo USB keyboaord?October 11

    Hi, im think about buying Lenovo usb keyboard, eg. http://www.ger-pol.nazwa.pl/pliki/zd/klawiatury/lenovo_lxh-ekb-10ya/2.jpg and im woder if it is possible to switch FN and CTRL keys or map FN on CTRL or maybe turn off FN key - without physical remov

  • Lenovo E73z Downgrade option from Windows 8 Professional 64 Bit to Windows 7 Professional 32 BitNovember 30

    Hi, I'm planning to buy Lenovo E73z Non-touch i7-4770s All in One desktop, Is there an option to downgrade Windows 8 prof 64 bit to Windows 7 prof 32 bit because our software only runs or compatible in Windows 7 32 bit. As a general option for Micros

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