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hp w2072a monitor going to sleep

  • Hp w2072a monitor out of range problemOctober 11

    Hey reader, I'm using a hp w2072a monitor and hooked it up to my ps3 from a hdmi to dvi cable but when output to 1080 p resolution onto the w2072a it said out of range change setting to 1600 x 900 - 60Hz and tried changing it but couldn't find it thr

  • Will my W2072a monitor sound work with VGA to VGA connection?October 11

    HP guy said I need DVI to get sound.  I used HDMI from PC to DVI on Monitor and still no sound  No where in documentation does itr say VGA to VGA won't work for sound!  Tried most everything in forums  Sound vard ok as external speakers work fine.  H

  • Hp W2072a MonitorNovember 30

    Everytime i scroll up or down my screen makes multiple mini images of whats on my desktop. all horizonal to one another. How can i fix this? it also have blurry black bars inbetween the images. everytime i scoll up or down when browing the net this p

  • Monitor w2072aNovember 30

    So my nephew and my son asked to play a game on my computer last night while my sister and I were talking.  I have been told that my nephew is a whiz at computers so I felt comfortable allowing this.  I am not sure what happened.  He said that my com

  • Since update download monitor shows "No Signal" and "Monitor Going to Sleep" over and overOctober 11

    I have an HP w2072a Monitor and a Pavillion p7-1436s computer.  I run Windows 8.  Since downloading an update yesterday, I cannot get my monitor to work.  I have unplugged it, plugged it in, tried another monitor, tried another cable, turned the comp

  • Connecting two monitors to my HP Pavilion p7-1415 destopOctober 11

    I just got this new p7-1415 and I decided to use my old HP w1858 monitor and  a new HP w2072a monitor. The computer has two DVI ports so  I tried to connect the second monitor with a VGA to DVI adapter like i did the first one but it didn't work. So

  • Two monitor HookupNovember 22

    I have an HP Pavilion Elite HPE 410f desktop computer and have purchased two HP W2072a monitors.  Now I just need to know how to hook them up!  The monitors came with VGA cables but the only "VGA" hookup I seem to have is with an adaptor to conv

  • HP W2072aNovember 30

    I use the HP w2072a monitors for a dual screen setup.  I ended up buying the monitors at differnt times and they ended up having differnt Firmware virsions.  One monitor has STM121 and the other has CTM111.  When I connect the two monitors to the sam

  • Bootcamp monitor issueNovember 30

    Hello, I recently installed Windows 7 using Bootcamp on my MBP (mid 2012). I have HP W2072a monitor that I have been using with my MBP without any issues. After I installed Windows, the monitor has been flickering at the top 1/5 every 3-10 seconds. I

  • 2nd monitor W2072a suddenly has no signalOctober 11

    2nd monitor W2072a suddenly has no signal, tried switching cables & rebooting but box comes up states Scanning then No Signal.  I desperately need help since the only way I can use a computer is with 2 monitors due to a disabilityHi ToniClark, Welcom

  • Computer Monitor HP W2072aNovember 30

    Computer Monitor HP W2072a el cheapo made in china.  Bought it 3/28/14, it wen south a few days ago with green moss color and vertical broad lines.  Tried it on another computer, same thing.  Called store where I bought (no service plan) and of cours

  • Duel MonitorOctober 11

    I need to setup two VGA monitors but not sure if what i have in mind will work so just need a little advise..This PC is new out of the box Pavilion 500-205T CTO desktop  with the nvida card, it has the standard DVI and HDMI ports, connecting one moni

  • Monitor picture upside down.November 30

    I brushed off my keyboard and when I looked at the monitor the picture was upside down. I've tried shutdown, shutoff, pulling power cord, etc.  When I restore power the picture is still upside down. I have a W2072a hp Monitor but I suspect I managed

  • Monitor is staying asleepNovember 30

    I restart my computer and my monitor goes right to sleepHello @crayonu8463, I understand that you are having an issue where when you restart your computer your HP W2072a 20-inch Diagonal LED Backlit LCD Monitor goes to sleep. I am providing you with

  • Monitor not powering onNovember 30

    I have a w2072a hp monitor which Is now not powering on and the led too doesnt work .recently I changed an option on the osd,the connectivity option from vga to dvi now its not powering on plss help meApple Support had me reset the SMC and after doin

  • W2072a power adapterNovember 30

    I have 2 - W2072a (20') Monitors. At first only the one had a problem with the power adapter. I tried other adapters and they all were very "Fusy". Once I get the light to come one, it stays on, unless I have to move the monitor. Then I have to

  • Hp w2072a with hdmi satelite receiverNovember 30

    I have a HP W2072a led monitor, itry to use my monitor with hdmi receiver (CVS DN 8530) with hdmi to dvi connector. I tried plug monitor to receiver, monitor wrote "monitor going to sleep". I tried different definition but unfortunetly result sa

  • Issues with using 3 monitors on 2 external gpuOctober 11

    Hi, I have some issues with configuring Xorg to use 3 monitors. I have 2 external graphic cards (same model, no SLI). Monitors connected to the first gpu are recognized ok but I can't configure my 3rd monitor conencted to the second gpu via HDMI nor

  • Often lose wireless connection when using HDTV as monitorOctober 11

    I have an unusual wireless networking problem when using my Samsung HDTV in my living room as a monitor for my MacBook (when watching Internet TV shows, for example). Frequently when I switch URLs, networking freezes, even though the connection appea

  • TV Apple TV MacBook Air:How to connect my computer's monitor and TV as multiple monitors (NOT mirroring)October 11

    I have an insignia TV, an apple TV I just bought less than a month ago, and a Macbook Air (mountain Lion) and a MacBook pro (mountain lion). I am able to connectboth of my computers with the TV to mirror my screen/monitor, but I have not been able to

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