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hp pavilion 15 n209tx capslock blinking

  • Booting problem with HP Pavilion DV5, Got 2 blinking lights.November 30

    Hi, When I switch my laptop (Pavilion dv5) on , it doesn't boot up. Instead I am getting  two lights (Caps lock, num loc) blinking. These lights blinnk twice a second. Can anyone suggest me the solution. following are the actions I have already done

  • CQ56 - 120em capslock blink !November 30

    Hello, my notebook wont start, and only thing that I get is that capslock is blinking ( one blink, then pause ). In the manual this is an indication of a cpu failure. I replaced the cpu with another one, a the problem remained. My question is : is ti

  • Any Expert idea how to repair BIOS on Envy DV7-7223CL having continuous CapsLock Blinking?October 11

    I have a Envy DV7-7223CL laptop (Product no. C2N67UA with AMD A8-4500M cpu and 8GB RAM) running Win8 which was working fine, The day windows was updating the system while the battery was out and it was conected to charger only, Then the power got dis

  • Windows 8.1 Recovery fail HP Pavilion 15-n209txOctober 11

    Hello sir! I have a problem since i bought my lap HP Pavilion 15 n-209TX before a month ago. Atfirst, I had a recovery problem and i ordered the recovery dvds from the hp contact. Well, at my first acknowledgement, they sent me wrong set of dvds with

  • Display problem in my hp pavilion -15e015tx the screen blinks and get freeze for a secondOctober 11

    i am using hp pavilion 15-e015tx running window 8 i had complained on 18 oct 2014 regarding the display problem. my case id is 4739018980. till now the issuse is not solved. the engineer came , checked the laptop and said quotation will be send withi

  • MSATA ssd - pavilion 15-n209tx - worth it?November 30

    I have hp pavilion 15 notebook (model no.f6c49pa) with 1tb hdd, Intel 4200u chip, upgraded ram to 8gb ddr3l 1600. Could anyone kindly try to advice me regarding the 24gb mSATA ssd upgradation that is indicated possible in the user manual for my produ

  • HP Pavilion g6 Caps Lock Blinking 3 TimesNovember 30

    Hello, I have a HP Pavilion g6 running Windows 7. Recently, the screen went blank with the caps lock flashing 3 times. Discovering this is a memory module issue, I reseated the memory modules, which solved the problem. A few hours later, the problem

  • Unable to boot from CD - Windows 8.1 - HP Pavilion 15-n209TX Notebook PCOctober 11

    Hi I burned two ISO files(Memtest86+ & latest DBAN 2.2.8 CD bootable ISO software ) onto two different blank CD-Rs on two different ocassions by using the in-built Windows burner in my system, also used Cyberlink ISO file burner/Mount as Virtual driv

  • Problem with a Pavilion dv7 - Not BootingNovember 30

    Hello, I've a problem with a Pavilion dv7 wich is not booting. When I turn on the PC the F12 key (Wireless) is fix and red and Capslock is blinking. After search on the forum, I try several things, turn on PC without its battery, turn on without RAM

  • My laptop won't boot and caps lock blinking continuously (1blink in 4 sec.)November 30

    Sir, Today morning I turned on laptop but laptop won't boot and wireless button glowing continuously and also caps lock blinking continuously as 1 blink per 4 sec.do you mean 1 blink repeating and then a pause and 1 blink repeating again? The diagnos

  • Black screan and caps lock blinking repeatly after 5 secondsNovember 30

    My hp 250 have 1 year old. I was playing a game and my laptop shutdown, when I switch it on capslock blinks repeatly after 5 second and it makes black screan PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!Your PC is not able to perform POST: Power On Self Test can you tell me

  • Black screan and caplock blinking repeatly after 5 secondsNovember 30

    My hp 250 have 1 year old. I was playing a game and my laptop shutdown, when I switch it on capslock blinks repeatly after 5 second and it makes black screan PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!Hello  , Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums and Welcome. To g

  • Dv4-2049us numlock caplock blinks once every 2 seconds continuous​, hard reset no helpNovember 30

    Was running fine power off then tried to power back on 1 hour later no display numlock and capslock blinks continuous once every two seconds, does this indicate a CPU or bad battery?As per Blank Screen LED error code, it indicates CPU or motherboard

  • Presario not workingNovember 30

    i have a "Compaq Presario CQ56-115SO Notebook PC", that fails to start normally, when starting it it fails to show anything on screen and "capsLock" blinking, ive tried a another monitor, but nothing shows up on that either, it started

  • String of bad luck, caps lock is flashing once every few secondsNovember 30

    So lets start off with the beginning of the bad luck, first i was watching a youtube video and deicided to go make a snack b/c i was hungry, when i came back my compuuter had shut itself off, overheating wasnt uncommon so i checked the how hot the co

  • Hp 8560w booting into black screen, seems to be booting without displayOctober 11

    Hi, Ive got this elitebook 8650w from a friend who asked me to help him try to get it to run. First thing noticable that something was wrong with this machine  is when it started shutting down/rebooting randomly,  i suspected overheating since it had

  • FORMAT C DRIVEOctober 11

     I have hp Pavilion 15-n209TX, I already created recovery disk (5 disk), and also there is 1 drive name as recovery disk, i just want to know how to format my C DRIV E ONLY using R-disk or R-drive? and i also want to know how to split DRIVERS ONLY fr

  • Not reading camera at allOctober 11

    I have an Olympus D-395 digital camera. I tried to download photos today. At first it appeared in the finder, but once in iphoto after selecting import; it just starts spinning, Nothing happened. After that one time, the computer no longer detects th

  • Black screen on HP 2000-2133TUNovember 30

    This happened when I tried to install win 8 to my laptop. At the windows install screen I formated the partition which had the earlier OS and when I clicked the next button an error message came stating "Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The

  • Possible to backup files before recovery?November 30

    HP Pavilion dv4-1465dx with blinking cursor on boot. Ordered and received recovery discs. Documentation provided does not mention the option to backup during start of recovery process that can be found at the bottom of this page: http://h10025.www1.h

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