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  • My New HP Envy H8 restarts randomly without an error messageNovember 30

    My Envy desktop has now chosen for the last few months to restart itself whenever it wants... This can happen several times a day, or once in a few days... Its very frustrating...please help... Also tells me all the time that HP Ceement has stopped w

  • Envy X2 Won't Wake From Sleep / Crashes on RestartNovember 30

    HI There, I have an Envy X2 Product number: C8C42PA#ABG. If left to sleep for a few mins, it will not wake and needs to be restarted by holding down the power button for 5 secs and then presseing power once more. Also, when restarting, as it starts t

  • HP Envy 4-1115dx- Keeps restarting after RecoveryNovember 30

    Hello Champs, I have this HP Touchsmart Envy 4-1115dx came with Windows 8 installed. As it came with 500 GB of Hard drive as i needed 1 TB so i replaced the HDD by below steps. 1. Made HP Recovery Media Drive via 32 GB Flash Drive from Windows 8. 2.

  • Need to restart 5660 Envy to make copy after printingNovember 30

    I cannot make a copy after using the printer unless I turn the printer/scanner/copier off and then back on. After making prints from my PC, when I press the "copy" button, the unit makes a sound like the scanner head is getting to copy, but all

  • My hp envy will not restart after updating Bios. Show no boot device foundNovember 30

    I recently updated  my Bios and upon restarting the computer will not restart. It gives an error "no boot device found" (3fo)" I have tied to reset my bios even with a usb drive but once i do that i get an error no boot device found  Back u

  • Blue Screen of Death and USB malfunctions on HP Envy running Windows 7October 11

    Hello. I have an HP Envy 14 notebook PC. It's running Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, version 6.1.7601. When I run it, I eventually starts getting an error message from the right of the desktop toolbar telling me that a USB device I plugged

  • Wireless printing problem with HP Envy all-in-one 110 when running Mac OS 10.7October 11

    I just bought the HP Envy all-in-one 110. I have a Macbook Air running IS 10.7. I managed to install the software correctly and the wirless network light is showing on the printer. I ran a test page from the printer and all the settings say they are

  • Envy 15-j119tx smart hard drive detects imminent failure two separate notebooksOctober 11

    Last week I bought an Envy 15-j119tx from a retailer, and every time I restarted it I would get an error message telling me that the smart hard drive detects an imminent failure. From my google search I found that I pretty much need to replace the ha

  • HP ENVY 100 D410 Printing issues...October 11

    I have an HP ENVY 100 that has recently started having printing issues.  We recently upgraded to Mountain Lion and had no problems in the upgrade nor have we had any other software that we've changed.  The problem seems to be somewhat random and the

  • HP envy D411a wireless Issues.October 11

    Hello! im just having some issues with my hp ENVY D411a I'm using a Windows 7 OS. I can connect my printer and laptop on my wireless router (cisco) but when im about to establish a communication between those two devices i get no luck. here are the t

  • Hp envy 6 1040EW audio volume buttons don't workOctober 11

    hello, i'm new to the forum i have a problem with my HP Envy Ultrabook 1040EW with the volume buttons (f9, f10 and f11 ) they will only work when i have opened the beats audio application or i've clicked on the speaker sign were you can slide the vol

  • HP ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook. I accidentally deleted my audio.October 11

    Product/Model: HP ENVY TouchSmart 4-1115dx 3rd generation Intel Core i5-3317U                  I was cleaning up my laptop by uninstalling things from the control panel, and I accidentally uninstalled my audio drivers and everything that has to do wi

  • Hp envy ultrabook 6-1209 tx beats audio problmeOctober 11

    hi,      i have hp envy ultrabook 6-1209txwith a windows 7 operating system it has beats audio ...and every time i restart the laptop the audio in icon seems to be working fine but in fact there wont be any audio so i would have to uninstall , restar

  • Problem with Audio on HP Envy 6-1130sw (C6F62EA)October 11

    Hello everyone. I have a problem with audio on my ultrabook HP Envy 6. Sometimes when I try to play music there are no low tones and music plays really silent... And then when I restart PC problem dissapears and music plays fine... I thought there is

  • I restarted Windows 8, but now my keyboard and touchpad don't work!October 11

    I have an HP Envy M6-1184ca laptop that I got about 4 weeks ago. It's running Windows 8 64-bit. Today, I downloaded and installed VirtualBox and it disabled my wireless adapter for the installation. So, when it was done, I tried to re-enable it, but

  • Cannot detect any wireless networks on my HP ENVY TouchSmart m7 j120dxOctober 11

    Hello, My laptop won't pick up any wireless networks at all - I'm having what seems like a few different problems: 1.  Because the laptop won't pick up any wireless networks, I can't of course connect to the internet without using my ethernet cable.

  • HP Envy 4502 - "Driver is unavailable"October 11

    I have the HP Envy 4502. Yesterday when I tried to print it kept saying printer offline. I couldn't get anything to work. I uninstalled it and tried to re-install and it will still not work. It lets me download the HP 4500 series driver software (the

  • HP Envy 17-1181NR, Startup Repair / Recovery Manager / etc. not workingOctober 11

    Okay, I've read some other similar threads made recently ("HP DV7 Recovery Issues", "HP Envy 17-2100ex") but feel I need to ask for help for my specific circumstances. Model: HP Envy 17-1181NR Product No.: YL747UA#ABA SN: CNF0414VRL

  • HP Envy 4500 all in one wont scan or copyOctober 11

    Hi all. I have a 4 month old Envy 4500 all in one printer & it has stopped scanning &/or copying.  It wil print from any of the laptops on the network but will not scan a document or copy either from the desktop icon or directly from the panel on

  • HP Envy 4500 will not scan to MacOctober 11

    HP Envy 4500 will not scan to MAC.  Printing works just fine but when I try to scan the printer says scanning but never completes the scan, there is no error message.  I tried uninstall and reinstall of the software, upgraded to Mac OS Yosemite and t

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