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hp dx5100mt upgrade ram to 2gb

  • Upgrading RAM to 2GB causes application problemsNovember 30

    Hi all, I just upgraded my 2Ghz MBP from 1Gb RAM to 2Gb. I went into Westworld on Broadway and got them to do the install (Kensington). On reboot, we checked the System Profiler, and lo and behold, both DIMMs read OK, same speed, size, etc. Well, sin

  • Upgrading RAM from 2GB to 4GB on newer iMac - No Dice..?November 30

    Hello, I have an aluminum 2.4 Core Duo iMac (7,1), with 2GBs of RAM and want to upgrade it to 4GBs. Bought (2) 2GB sticks from Apple and they popped in fine. Then, I got a black screen when I restarted, would not boot. So I swapped out one of the new

  • Upgrading RAM and hardisk DV6265usNovember 30

    Hi in my laptop dv6265us I want to upgrade RAM from 2GB to 4GB and hardisk from 160 GB to 500GB. pleaae note the purpose of the same is to load SAP FICO practice version ...is't advisable and the other hardware will support the enhancement?Hello nilp

  • Can macbook mb466 upgrade a ddr1333 4GB ram + ddr1066 2GB ramNovember 30

    I wanna upgrade my mac,but it`s said mb466 maxium 4G ram.Now I am using 3GB ddr1066 samsung ram(1GB+2GB).Hello, Your answer to MinhP is surprising.  I have two R61e and one has four gb and one has two.  They are both dual booted with XP and Ubuntu. 

  • IMac 24" running very hot (just upgraded ram)November 30

    Hi I just upgraded my RAM from 2gb to 4gb. While doing so I noticed a lot of dust where the RAM sticks go. I might be a bit paranoid but it seems like my iMac (late 2008) is, all of a sudden, running pretty hot, hotter than what I'm comfortable with.

  • Has anyone had issues upgrading RAM?November 30

    I have a mid 2010 Macbook Pro 13" It has had its operating system updated around 3 months ago. Today I tried putting 2 kingston 4GB RAM cards in and it refused to accept them. It would think at start up and then freeze. The computer shop guy said he

  • Upgrading Ram on macbook pro 13" late 2011November 30

    Just wandering do I have to match the RAM size in each slot when I upgrade or can I just upgrade one from 2gb to 8bg ? I've heard that crucial are probably the best to buy from. I'd appreciate any advice.RAM need not be installed in matched pairs, al

  • Want to upgrade RAM on HP Pavilion dv6000November 30

    Computer currently has 2GB RAM. Runs Vista 32-bit Looking upgrading RAM. Had a couple of questions: Is it a matter of adding or replacing? Is there a max? Is it a farily easy DYI porject? Thanks, SidHi: I have attached the link to your service manual

  • Upgrading ram - White 2.4ghz Macbook - Bought September 2008November 30

    Hey guys, If i update the ram from 2gb (2x1gb) to 4gb (2x2gb), will I get the full 4gb? I've heard something about Intel chips and not getting the full 4gb? I bought it just before the new ones came out, in mid september 2008. Thanks! MarkThat unit s

  • Upgrade RAM MacBook 13inch Mid2010: Where?November 30

    Hello everyone! I want to upgrade my current ram memory (2GB) to de maximum possible (I think 4GB)... I need to know where can I do that? Every Apple Store in NYC does this job? And how can I do it? I mean do I have to schedule an apointment? Can I h

  • Upgraded RAM and now Fan is not working.November 30

    I have upgraded my RAM to 2GB. (using video guide) Everything appeared OK, but the mac mini was overheating and shutting down after 10 - 15 minutes. It appears that the cooling fan is not working, as far as I can tell. I have checked and cannot find

  • Have a mbp late 2011 2.2Ghz original config with 4G of ram 1333mhz , have upgraded ram to 8G of 1600mhz than upgraded with 16G of 1333mhz and find it much slower, should i return to previous config ?November 30

    Cheers everybody, new here... I know, despite the specs published 8Gmax and 1333mhz, for the macbook pro late 2011 2.2G i7 processor We can read here that its possible to go 16G ram, and also to 1600mhz. 1-have a mbp late 2011 2.2Ghz i7 (original con

  • X61 upgrading RAM for Win7November 30

    Greetings,  pretty straight forward question - on X61 notebook I want to upgrade RAM from 2 GB to 4GB, my CPU is core 2 due T7300  @ 2GHz My question is; can my system take advantage of 4GB of RAM or just 3GB max, I know I can put 4GB in but will it

  • Fan noise after upgrade ram and OSNovember 30

    hello there i have a problem with the fan noise. it's extremely high. i'm running a MacBook Pro 15" and i had OS Tiger. i bought an iphone4S so i upgraded the OS to snow leopard. all running fine! then two weeks ago i decided to upgrade ram to have a

  • No Deference after upgrading RAMNovember 30

    Hello I Upgraded my RAM From 2Gb To 8Gb 1066MHz Using Corsair RAM but the problem is i dont feel the deference between 2gb and 8gb Boot Time Still Slow When Opening Itunes still slow it's like i didn't upgraded my Macbook Is That Normal Or Should i r

  • Upgrade Ram for my compaq presario cq 42-368tu laptopNovember 30

    Hi..i am in struggle.i nead a Ram upgrade urgently. My laptop is currently having elpida 2gb ram of 10600 pc3 1333mhz latency with 9 and i need to buy one ram of 2gb. Which comoany ram i need to buy? Did i need to buy elpida ram or can i buy fron oth

  • Can I upgrade Ram on my 1G iMac?November 30

    I have an iMac running OS X 10.6.8 with a 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 1 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM...and now have both an iTouch and an iPad2 using iCloud...would like to use iCloud with my desktop machine also but understand I need to upgrade to Lion.

  • Should I upgrade RAM or HDD to SSD on my Mac mini mid 2010?November 30

    Hello, I have a mid 2010 Mac mini with 2GB of RAM. My apps like E-Mail, Safari, Google Chrome and others are starting slow and sometimes running slow. Should I upgrade RAM to 4GB or 8GB or replace my 320GB HDD to SSD? Thank you yor help, DZetkoYou ar

  • Upgrade Ram for Vaio Model VPCEH25ENNovember 30

    Hello, I need to upgrade RAM of my Sony Vaio Laptop Model : E Series - VPCEH25EN. Currently its having 2 GB of RAM and I like to add another 2 GB in 2nd slot. My model specification is here: http://www.sony.co.in/product/vpceh25en Questions are as be

  • Upgrading RAM and SSD on MacBook Pro 15" mid 2009October 11

    Hey, I want to upgrade RAM and SSD on my macbook pro, identifier 5,3, and I want to make sure the parts I picked will be compatible with my Macbook. I'm specifically not sure about its support of 512GB. I thought about RAM: http://www.amazon.com/Cruc

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