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hp 6735S blink codes Green On Power Jack

  • What do the power light blinking codes mean on cinema display?November 30

    I have a cinema display on my G4, and about a year ago or so I had to replace a backlight due to a failure. Tonight I see that the power light is blinking again in a repeatable sequence, and I am wondering where I learn what the sequence is telling m

  • Start up problem - blink code?November 30

    Hello, I'm new here so apologies if I have not found an already answered topic. I have a HP dv7 Laptop (17.3'' 2009 model), and when fired up the screen is blank (not even lit), the num lock & caps lock flash simultaneously and continuously at an int

  • 1252 status blinks red,green,blueNovember 30

    Hi, I'we connected a Cisco 1252 accesspoint to a 802.3af switch, 15.4w. And it blinks red, green, blue on the status. The accesspoint is autonomous using latest c1250-k9w7-tar.124-21a.JA1. 5Ghz radio is off/disabled. but im still getting this in the

  • Mag Safe LED Blinks From Green to AmberNovember 30

    I have a MBP bought in March 2007. I recently have been having a problem with the Mag Safe adapter. When the battery is about fully charged the LED on the Mag Safe connector starts to blink from green to amber. The blinking is rather constant, about

  • Hp mini 1035nr dc power jack issueOctober 11

    HP Mini 1035NR DC power jack is no longer making a connection to the power tip. Voltage is consistent on the tip itself. Did not help that my wife has been using this for some time by wiggling the power plug into the DC jack on the side of the netboo

  • DC Power Jack part number Satellite M105-S3041October 11

    Greetings, My Toshiba laptop (M105-S3041) seems to be having a lot of problems with the power. My OEM Power adapter broke and i bought a replacement (non OEM) from ebay. That has been working fine till about a month ago I started having problems char

  • Blink Code after System UpdateOctober 11

    Hi, after Updating my Z10 to the latest Software Release the device doesn´t boot any more. After turning on the device, the LED just have a blink code 1101111 - nothing more! I have already unplugged the accu. Any Ideas?I'm having the same problem to

  • Thinkpad E420s power jack issueNovember 30

    I am having an issue with DC power jack in my thinkpad E420s.  when I plug-in charger, charging light detect the charger but when I roll over my mouce to bettery symbo, it says 'pluged in, not charging). Also, I tried to lookuop the part number for p

  • My t61 - no power after changing the power jackNovember 30

    Hello guys, So the long story short , the power jack on my t61 wasn't working.I bought the new one , changed it today , I am pluging it -no power at all.I dont think its the charger as up until the end it was working , its here to say i havent starte

  • Can anyone tell me how to correct error code 108 in power pointNovember 30

    Can anyone tell me how to correct error code 108 in power point? It appears that a PP presentation has completely disappeared, giving only the error that the file has been deleted or moved (which it hadn't). Is there a way to retrieve it. It is visib

  • Need help fixing my power jackNovember 30

    My hp hstnnc18c power jack is pushed in and I need to fix itHave you tried measuring the voltages of the PSU? http://macosx.com/forums/hardware-peripherals/298426-how-test-g5-power-supply.ht ml http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/lofiversion/index.php/t

  • Replacing the DC Power jack board. HELPNovember 30

    So my computer has gone kaput after a trusty 2+ years in the family (we bought it used). Based on posts I've read and my record for devouring power adapters, I'm hoping and praying the Power Jack has come loose. I bought the part...everywhere I go I

  • ThinkPad W530 Power Jack ReplacementNovember 30

    Hi, I'm trying to replace the power jack in my W530 and I've run into a little problem-- I can't actually get the power jack out of the housing. I've disassembled the laptop to the point where I can replace it, but I can't actually get the jack itsel

  • MSI GT680 DC Power Jack burnt outNovember 30

    soooo basically i was havin problem with the laptop struggling to recognize when the charger was plugged in and i had to adjust it into position and make sure it didnt move for it to charge...then a few weeks back i smelt something burning and smoke

  • Lenovo G550 Power Jack BrokenNovember 30

    Over the last week my G550's power jack has become less and less reliable and  eventually stopped charging the laptop at all. I've seen several discussions about this being a problem but no actual instructions or pictures on how to get access to the

  • What is blinking code 88 on GPIB-ENET/​100 mean?November 30

    Hi, This is a continuation of the post "What is EDVR error 0xE1060077?" from a few days ago, which is still unresolved. I have recently noticed that the GPIB-ENET/100 was blinking code 88. Thinking that it might be code 89, I updgraded its firmw

  • Creative Juke box Zen xtra 60gb - power jack failNovember 30

    Hi guys, I wonder if there is anyone out there that could help me I got a Creative Jukexo zen xtra 60gb, and the power jack is now stuck the power supply. You know the bit of metal that sticks upright and is dead centre. in the Power jack housing on

  • HP mini 311 power jack problemNovember 30

    When I have to recharge my HPMini311, I have a terrible time keeping the power jack charging, and the small light will more often than not disappear until I find another position, usually standing my open tablet up on its side. Any solution other tha

  • HDX16 - power jack failure - possible to get quickdock connector?November 30

    Bjorn < After a bit more than two years, my HDX16 has gotten a problem with the ordinary power jack. At first I thought it might be the jack itself - bought a new one and replaced the old one (compared to other HP laptops - it sure was a lot of step

  • Lenovo G580 DC board / power jack plugNovember 30

    Hi does anyone know where I could buy the board which the power jack is soldered to as my is damaged and can not be repaired looked all over online but unable to find one thanksHi croisy, Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums! Can you try checking the p

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