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hp 655 bios f.10

  • Downgrade HP 655 BIOS from F.29 TO F.27November 30

    I would like to know if it is possible to downgrade the BIOS on my HP 655 laptop from the most recent update (F.29) to the most recent previous revision (F.27).  I am experiencing a lack of sound on my laptop despite having uninstalled/reinstalled/re

  • Help to recover BIOS on my HP 655.November 30

    How to recover BIOS on my HP 655 (B6N22EA), after unsuccessful flashing? Section HP_TOOLS on HDD removed.Yes, I have changed under warranty. Thank you for your help.Read other 7 answers

  • New bios 655 maxNovember 30

    http://www.msi.com.tw/program/support/bios/bos/spt_bos_detail.php?UID=403&NAME=MS-6730 1.1  Update date  2003-2-11   Update Description -Update SATA bootROM -Add AGP Fast Write in the BIOS setup  What video card are you using?  If it's an ATI, instal

  • 6730 (655 Max-FISR) RAID BIOS menu - how to enter?November 30

    Hey all, according to http://www.msi.com.tw/program/products/mainboard/mbd/pro_mbd_detail.php?UID=424, this model (6730) should have RAID 0 or 1 support. But I can't quite figure out anything in the BIOS menu of it that has to do with this. So I inst

  • Cannot restart using 4 RAM Modules on 655 Max HT Ready (MS-6730)October 11

    When I use four 512MB RAM modules, my computer starts up and works fine. The only problem is, that I can't restart the it (D-LED boot-error: Memory Failure). To make it run again i have to turn it off and unplug the power cable. When there are only t

  • Enabling 8x AGP on 655-LSNovember 30

    I just purchased a geforce ti4200 w/128mb of ram and 8x agp.  The problem is that I can not get AGP 8x enabled, the agp utility that came with my 655-LS mobo says that my mainboard and video card capabilities are only 4x.  Both my bios and SiS driver

  • No Sound HP 655 Windows 7 Pro 64-bitNovember 30

    I have no sound but I have stumbled across a slow unsatisfactory workaround. I need help getting this fixed correctly. OS: Windows 7 Pro 64 6.1.7601 SP 1 build 7601 Prod Name: HP 655 Notebook PC PN: (prod number) : C1B96UT#ABA Whenever I power-up the

  • 655 Max-LS + Geforce FX 5600November 30

    I'm having problems with the MSI 655 MAX-LS motherboard and MSI 5600 FX Cards, tried both the 128mb and 256mb version. It works fine until a driver is installed, then I just get a blank screen when it boots into win. Doesn't matter which driver you u

  • Msi 655 max fisr ht ready: does it have fsb800 support?November 30

    i own msi 655 max fisr mobo, that supports ddr333 and fsb 533 as msi says. but it can handle also ddr 400 through overclocking and the bios has an option for fsb selection up to 250 mhz. according to me, this meens that one can use a cpu at fsb 800 b

  • MSI 655 FISR HTNovember 30

    Is anyone else having trouble with the sis 655 chipset?, I have tried and tried to get support from MSI but to no avail.  I belive that there is a flaw in the AGP ports on these boards, I have tested a Radeon 8500 le, a Geforce 4 ti 4600, a Ti200, an


    Ok.. I never thought there could be ghosts in a machine until now.   I have a 655 MAX HT MB. The only Drive I have is a Seagate Baracuta 120  Serial ATA. At work when I plug in the computer everything works fine.. The Promise SATA controller finds th

  • 655 Max support for HTNovember 30

    May I know if my 655 Max w/o HT mainboard will have a BIOS upgrade to support HT CPU?When it comes to motherboard manufacturers, nothing would surprise me. The way I understand it, the Gigabyte board with the A0 chipset wasn't supposed to make it to

  • HP 655November 30

    After updated the bios on my Hp 655 during reboot my laptop freezed and won't start up. when i press the power button screen is black and wifi button on with caps lock led blinking every 4 seconds. tryied bios recovery using the exe file from hp site

  • Bios reset passwordNovember 30

    I am looking to factory reset my laptop, but cannot remember the BIOS password. Model:    F2P34UT#ABA Serial:    [Personal Information Removed] Any help would be appreciated. This question was solved. View Solution.Bee. There are no master password g

  • 655 FSIR (no HT) 8X AGP Support!November 30

    Hi there... I have a MSI 655 FSIR mainboard (no HT) with a Hercules ATI Radeon 9700 Pro card (8x, fastwrite). I have Corsair XMS DDR400Mhz memorysticks and a P4 2,4Ghz (533Mhz fsb) I have used the Liveupdate to get the latest BIOS (1.1) and all the o

  • 655 MAX-FISR SATA RAID-0 ?November 30

     ?( I am running into a small problem while upgrading a high end workstation at work and wondered if anyone was having the same problem, or could provide some advice.  Here are the main specs. -MSI 655 MAX-FISR (MS-6730)  (No HT) -Antec 400W power su

  • MSI 655 Won't boot.November 30

    I have a problem with my comuputer. It started with the computer freezing after a while. It had nothing to do with Windows, since it froze in Windows-installer or when booting from floppy too. Now the computer won't boot at all, the POST-message neve

  • 655 MAX-FISR SATA RAID PORTNovember 30

    (wonkanoby, can you use the force to help me on this one?) Configuration: MSI 655 Max FISR 6730 (non HT) MoBo Antec True 400W (2)Western Digital (10,000 rpm) Raptors Intel P4 2.66ghz MSI TI4800 8XAGP Plextor 48/40/48 burner MSI 52X CDROM Problem: The

  • Help with 655 Max and Possible Memory Problems...November 30

    Just recieved my 655 Max and have put my system together, but when I turn it on it makes a constant beeping sound. I tried taking out both memory sticks, lol, and turning it on and the sound stops, I tried putting in one memory stick and the sound st

  • 655 max 6730 crashing specialist compNovember 30

    i have a 655 max msi 8xtreme 6730 version 1.0 mother board with a 2.4 northwood p4 512 ram i have tried the basic config with nothing more than the board and a video card ranging from radeon 7000 gefrce 4 and now geforce fx 5200 and othe hard ware li

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