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hp 6530b numlock and capslock flashing

  • EliteBook 8740w Numlock and Capslock led flashing 5 timesNovember 30

    My Elitebook 8740w Mobile Workstation 17inch ATI Fire pro 1gb Ram 4gb Hard disk 320gb 7200rpm When I turn it on, the machine hangs up at startup showing HP logo, and I can listen to fan noise as well, and after 15-20 seconds capslock and numlock leds

  • Dv3z black screen with caps lock and numlock led lights flashingNovember 30

    dv3z boot with black screen and (screen) flashes every few seconds, cap and num lock led lights flashes every 2 seonds as well.  It boots eventually but takes forever.Hi, I your notebook still under warranty?  If it is, you will need to contact HP an

  • RegisterHotKey for Capslock doesn't work in laptop's keyboardNovember 30

    this is kinda strange for me. I made a dummy c# program in my house a while ago (PC) and it worked 100%, I mean the hotkeys. Numlock and Capslock worked perfectly fine. Now, I'm continuing my program here in my laptop, and apparently the RegisterHotK

  • Dv4-2049us numlock caplock blinks once every 2 seconds continuous​, hard reset no helpNovember 30

    Was running fine power off then tried to power back on 1 hour later no display numlock and capslock blinks continuous once every two seconds, does this indicate a CPU or bad battery?As per Blank Screen LED error code, it indicates CPU or motherboard

  • Could sum1 please help or at least tell me it partsBlack screen led's flashing twiceNovember 30

    I've been at this for over a month now  my head hurts :-( HP Pavilion DV7 3112sa Product WA147EA Windows 7 x64 I turned it on and have a black screen plus NumLock and CapLocks flashing twice.Bios Corrupt. I've spent over a 1000 minutes on here postin

  • MacBook Pro A1260 will not turn on! Found some similar posts, got mine too.October 11

    Ok. It looks like does not matter what model is but anyway here is my specs: Macbook Pro 15' Model: A1260, 2.5 Ghz Core2Duo/2Gb/512 Mb Vram/250 GB 540RPM I would like you review the following posts: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=

  • Upgrading ram and computer not booting dv7 tx laptopNovember 30

    I have an HP DV7 2018tx laptop running windows 7 64 bit, which supports up to 8gb of ram. i have updated my bios as per HP websites advice, and still find that when i put the ram in, when i turn on the laptop i just get beeping, and the numlock and c

  • T61 Startup without any activityNovember 30

    Hi forum, This is a bit confusing because it seems to turn on, but doesn't really. I don't know what the cause of it is. It's happened about twice before and I just left if overnight, then it turned on again. I recently went away on holiday, and now

  • Immportand. Problems with MB. Please help.November 30

    Hello Im having a problem with my PC in the moust unpleasent moment as I can’t do my college work and I cant afford new PC in the next 4 months, so any help with my problem will be grealty appriciated. OK. Here is my problem. When I work and that’s u

  • LIVING WITH A W-540October 11

    Lenovo W-540 Review Note:  This review was originally written for the W-540 sales page, but it was way too long to be accepted.  I am posting it here, hoping it will provide something of a guide for those interested in this computer.  The intention i

  • [BIOS Update Failure] HP ENVY TouchSmart 15-j021tx stuck at black screen on startupOctober 11

    Hello So I decided to update the BIOS on my laptop because it was on the recommended list of driver updates. It started off smooth at first, but then the screen turned black and just stayed like that for like an hour. Having read from other posts tha

  • Keyboard dies when waking from sleepOctober 11

    On my MacBook Pro 15" SR, when I wake from sleep sometimes they keyboard isn't working. The trackpad works, but the keyboard seems completely dead. Not even the NumLock or capslock keys light up. This is sometimes rectified by putting the computer to

  • HP G72 - BIOS bricked - USB restore problemsNovember 30

    Hello! I disabled "Virtualization" in my BIOS of my HP G72-a05SG. But after saving, it rebooted and the NUMLOCK and CAPSLOCK lights are blinking 2 times, so, according to this site, the BIOS is corrupt. And my HP_TOOLS partition doesn't exist on

  • Suspend + Resume crashesNovember 30

    I moved from Ubuntu to Arch today on my main computer in an effort to curb a problem I have been having: On Ubuntu, every once in a while when I would suspend + resume, the computer would freeze upon resume. Now, with Arch it has yet to suspend and n

  • Enabling back/forward mouse buttons in DolphinNovember 30

    Hi, I am new to Arch and am not completely sure yet on how to go about providing a solution that I found. I've searched the Wiki and the Forums for this issue and wasn't able to find a solution through any Arch site. I was, however, able to find a so

  • Live Monitor doesn't detects my updatesNovember 30

    Hello all  Been browsing arround the forums, but could't realy find this issue  Question #1 I have installed a brand new windows, and the first thing I installed was LiveMonitor ver 3. I leted LM (LiveMonitor) detect what drivers needing updates, DL:

  • Random crashes at startupNovember 30

    Hi there, I recently had a problem of the computer "forgetting" the time which could be fixed by changing the BIOS battery. Unfortunately, I get random crashes at startup now. The probability is about 20% and the variance is very high, meaning t

  • Hp Pavilion dv6 1315ei not bootingNovember 30

    Hi All! I really hope someone can help me. I have a HP Pavilion - model: dv6 1315ei When I press the power button the lights and fan go on but the screen remains black. Also the Numlock and Capslock lights keep flickering non stop. I have taken out m

  • My dv6-1211ax sometimes don't start.November 30

    Sir, My hp dv6 1211ax doesn't start. The numlock and capslock light keeps blinking. My fan is also working.  But when i keep it in the same condition(on with blinking lights) for 30 mints approx and again forcely power it off and restart the notebook

  • Remove Caps lock/Num lock indicator?November 30

    I have a Lenovo B590 laptop with Windows 8. When Caps lock or Num lock is turned on an indicator is shown in the lower right screen and it does not disappear until its turned off. I want to either remove it or turn it off. It looks like this:  I have

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