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hp 630 power led blinking white

  • Hp 630 power led blinking 3 timesNovember 30

    Hello Brothers, My HP 630 notebook is not powering on by battery neither by power adapter connected. If I press power button when its connected the L.E.D besides the power plug blinks 3 times. This happens till the battery is charged; if the battery

  • Power LED Blinking Orange/White..Hardware problem?November 30

    Power LED Blinking Orange/White. i am using a compaq cg56-102tu laptop. i wont turn on and nothing happens when i press the power button and theres a blinking orange and white light at the power indicator LED when the battery or ac adapter is connect

  • U205 s5022 Power LED BlinkingNovember 30

    U205 s5022 Power LED Blinks amber color as follows: Blinks 3x pauses Blinks 3x pauses blinks 2x pauses and repeats cycle. Power Adapter checks OK at 19 Volts DC and have installed new battery. Computer still won't start. What could be probable cause

  • WRT54GL - Power Led blinking after unsuccessful flash-attemptNovember 30

    Hi there, I wanted to flash my wrt54gl with some other version of dd-wrt firmware. There was another dd-wrt image on it before the flash, but when I chose to "upgrade" the firmware, the router hung with power led blinking and the SES button acti

  • WRT54GP2 not working - Power LED blinking fast.November 10

    My WRT54gp2 has been working without issues for 2 years. All of a sudden from yesterday, the power LED is blinking fast. I am not able to connect to the web interface. My computer says limited or no connectivity. The internet and WAN LED are steadily

  • E2500 Power LED BlinkingNovember 30

    I'm using an E2500 and the Power LED started blinking this week. From the manual, this means   "Flashes slowly during bootup, during firmware upgrades, and druing a Wi-Fi-Protected Setup Connection." We have a wireless printer (wireless disabled

  • WRVS4400N Diag/Power LEDs blinkingNovember 30

    Hey, Recently tried to update firmware on our WRVS4400N (v1) router (from WRVS4400N_V1.0_V1.1_Firmware.zip), and ended up with router alternatively blinking the red Diag and the Power LEDs... Googled the whole thing...and tried resetting the router (

  • Why is that power LED blinking?November 30

    the power LED on the MSI k7n2g blinks a lot on my computer.  It's supposed to be a message LED, but what is the message it's sending!?!?!?  Is it morse code?  IT would have been a REALLY good idea it put a key to the code inthe manual! Anybody know?

  • Power led blinkingNovember 30

    I have a hp 5175ea, some days I can not turn on the computer by pressing the power button as it flashes without stopping. There is no sound, the fan is operating normally and the hard drive LED flashesnormally. The screen does not light up, and you c

  • Neo4 does not POST (Power cuts + 3 second Power LED Blinking)November 30

    Hi, This is my first build and I have already been plagued with 2 problems.  First, I finished the build and ran for one night and then the PSU went bad and needed to be replaced (replaced with same model).  Now, after running fine for about two week

  • HP 6735s won't boot, power LED blinks 7 timesNovember 30

    The HP 6735s laptop stopped working.  Only sign of life, power LED flashes 7 times after on/off switch is pressed.  What's wrong, experts?Try a hard reset. Sometimes it works and is always the first step to take. remove the battery and the ac adapter

  • HP Envy 15t J000 Won't Boot;No power led blinkingNovember 30

    I have an Hp Envy 15T J000 laptop.It was up and running perfectly but then suddenly shutdown with making a small clicking noise.Now when plugged in with power, the power led won't light up.The laptop won't boot. No fan spinning, nothing.I've tried pe

  • Smart camera 1764 Status & power led blinkingNovember 30

    I am using NI smart camera 1764. when i am giving 24 V DC supply to the camera then Power & Status LED is blinking at high rate in RED colour. on the other hand pass & fail LED also blinking in RED & GREEN colour alternatively. i am not able t

  • Pap2t - power led blinkingNovember 30

    Hello, Suddenly my pap2t stoped. The red led is blinking, and the internet led is light on green. I have tried to restart it (with and without phone, internet link) - nothink happend. I can :  ping it. I cann't :  access through http  hear the menu a

  • Wrt54g v6 power LED blinkingNovember 30

    I did everything in the faq including new firmware router still blinks every minute or so and disconnects all wired and wireless connections.Try this link and check if it make any difference..If not then,it's a time to change the router.Read other 3

  • WRT54G v6 power LED endless blinkOctober 11

    I just bought a used WRT54G v6, and when I power it on, the power LED blinks green, WLAN and DMZ are off, and the rest are solid green. Plugging right into it shows in XP as unplugged, no different than if the ethernet cord was just floating. I've tr

  • Error message a.2 beep/power LED codesOctober 11

    have a new 8200 elite convertible mini tower that has beep/power LED codes of 4 beeps - power LED blinks red 4 times @ 1hz - probable causse power failure - power supply overloaded - check storage devices expanion cards and/or system board (CPU power

  • PPC MacMini shuts down immediately after boot, LED blinksNovember 30

    A client gave me his PowerPC MacMini which boots up but then shuts down after a few seconds. Unfortunately, there's not enough time to open the system preferences between booting and automatic shutdown. I've tried to boot the computer from a system D

  • Satellite A200-1ZF wont start - flashing power ledNovember 30

    Hi, today my Satellite A200-1ZF laptop wouldn't start, instead my power led blinks orange-orange-blue-orange-orange -blue and so on and so on. The HDD led turns blues when I turn the computer on and seems to work fine (I can hear the normal running s

  • PORTEGE T3600CT: Blinking power LEDOctober 11

    Hi everyone (forgive me by my english). I have a trouble whit my PORTEGE T3600CT (yes, a little bit oldie... but I love her) when its connected to the AC power supply. It looks like an overheat of the microprocessor or something else: after a few min

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