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Hp 6200 pro microtower psu wiring

  • I Have Compaq 6200 Pro Microtower Pc..THE SCREEN TURNS WHITE & FREEZES after 8 -Minutes of usageNovember 30

    I have an HP Compaq 6200 Pro Microtower PC. I cant use in recent times, about two weeks now. The screen turns white and freezes after about 8-10 minutes of been in use. when this happens, the FAN spins at extraordinary fast speed and this will contin

  • Lockup on context menu on Compaq 6200 Pro SFFNovember 30

    I have a Compaq 6200 Pro SFF that we have re-installed Windows XP on it.  The only thing weird about the configuration is that it has 2 monitors.  Now when I first heard of this problem I thought the user was crazy but when you right click in Windows

  • I have a compaq 6200 pro i can not find the driver for SM bus controller.November 30

    I down graded the 6200 pro with the i3 chip  to winXP and now I can not find the driver for the SM bus controller does this system have a sm bus controller?Hi: Please click on the device in the device manager. Then click on the details tab. Post the

  • MAC Pro 2006 PSU testNovember 30

    I'm hoping sombody can help... My MAC Pro 2006 model just died... completly dead I believe it to be teh PSU but need to test if with a multi meter. Does anybody know which pinouts need to be jumpered first from teh J1, J2, J3 and J4 plugs? As all wir

  • Problem connecting my macbook pro to a wired internet connection via ethernet cable adapterOctober 11

    I am having a problem connecting my macbook to a wired internet connection in an area in my workplace where there is no wifi.  The macbook works fine on the same internet connection via wifi in other parts but when I add it as a wired connection it d

  • HP Officejet Pro 8500 A909a wired network to 2Wire i38HG- Scanner not found, Printer fineOctober 11

    Hello everyone, I've seen multiple posts & good support regarding this error, however most seem to be in response to wireless & I am using mine wired to the 2Wire i38HG modem/router (supplied by AT&T Uverse Internet) on the 2nd port. Perhaps t

  • Officejet Pro 8600 Plus - wired w/static IP address, stops working & need to reboot the computerOctober 11

    This happened a few times before and I went through it with tech and the guy told me that this setting had to be changed because the static IP.  The printer is setup for DHCP but the static IP is better however the printer looks to renew the DHCP and

  • Any way to power on macbook pro with external wired keyboard without opening the lid?November 30

    i mainly use macbook pro with external display and i want to keep lid closed. is there any way i can power on/off the macbook without opening the lid, i know i can power off but powering on? Thanks in advanceThese Apple tech notes may help: How to us

  • PCI Errors - Compaq 6200 Pro Small Form FactorNovember 30

    I had a major OP system crash, new harddrive, fresh install of Win 7 Ultimate...everything is working fine, except PCI Serial Port & PCI Simple Communication Controller in the Device Manager...showing error  I've gone to the download drivers page and

  • Mac Pro PSU fan not spinning...November 30

    System: Mac Pro (early 2009) After a while the system shuts itself down, and then repeatedly does so while trying to boot back up. After letting it sit a couple of hours, it boots back up, but again starts shutting itself down. I opened it up and not

  • Mac Pro does not stay consistently connected to internetOctober 11

    Okay, I will try to be as detailed as possible... I recently moved and had a new internet connection set up. The company replaced the modem and router I previously had (against my will) with their modem/wireless router combo. My Mac Pro has a wired c

  • RAID harddrives for Mac Pro 2009October 11

    Hello, I'm planning to build a software RAID for a MacPro4.1 that offers me a quiet solution with reasonable performance. I would like to create a RAID 10 with four 2 or 3 TB drives. I found the Western Digital Cavier Green 2 TB drives WD20EARS very

  • Failed to install Officejet Pro 8610 over Ethernet on Windows 8.1 64-bitOctober 11

    When attempting to run the installation of Officejet Pro 8610 using wired Ethernet connection the setup quickly lists the printer with correct IP and MAC address but when this is selected takes ages in the "installing" state and eventually displ

  • Late 2013 retina macbook pro drops thunderbolt ethernet cyclicallyOctober 11

    My new (late 2013) retina macbook pro drops the wired ethernet connection many times a day. Each time killing off all VPN and ssh sessions. This is using the apple thunderbolt to gigE adapter. This is the second thunderbolt adapter I've received from

  • File Sharing MacBook with Mac ProOctober 11

    Have been researching how to set up the ability to see my Mac Pro's HD from my Mac Book. Have 4 HD's installed in Mac Pro and would like to access my photos on my Mac Pro from Mac Book. Have Photoshop CS3 Extended on both machines (need to de-activat

  • Apple TV works wired but doesn't work with AirportOctober 11

    Hello everybody I have the following: o Mac Book Pro 13 o Apple TV o D-Link WiFi Access Point ( o Ethernet Network (also o DHCP Server Initially I connected to Apple TV via Ethernet. As long as my Mac Book is wired to t

  • Time Machine backup wired ethernet - why so slow?November 30

    I have a new (Unibody/2008) Macbook Pro connected via wired ethernet to a new Time Capsule. As both are gigabit ethernet, I would have expected fairly quick backup speed but I'm only get about 10MB/s at most. Surely this should be quicker - can anyon

  • New Mac Pro vs iMac for 3D/Gaming/DevelopmentNovember 30

    I have a dilema I have been eagerly waiting to find out the specs of the New Mac Pro in order to purchase one for an all in one development machine but I can't quite make up my mind. I am a 3D Artist and a Programmer and a game player.   For 3D I use

  • Wired vs Wireless InterfaceNovember 30

    If your MacBook Pro is attached wired, and you have Wireless turned on, which interface will it use? Dan Message was edited by: justdan0227In my case, the machine will used the wired ethernet first. When I unplug the cable, it will immediately switch

  • Wired memory counts up to 100%, how to find unknown process leaking memoryNovember 30

    Hi, On my Macbook Pro 2011, 8GB wired memory counts up to 100% over a period of 4-5 regular usage days. The more I use the macbook, the more wired memory grows until I have to restart again, otherwise the machine becomes slow because it uses the hard

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