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How to use 0FI_AR_30

  • Errors occurred during the extraction - 0FI_AR_30November 30

    Hi guys, I have just activated some datasources  0FI_AR_30, 0FI_AR_20 and 0FI_AR_50 and when I tried to check the extractors in RSA3 am getting a (Errors occurred during the extraction).  Any clues?  Thanks, ReccaHi Gaurav, I have no any other error

  • Difference between 0FI_AR_4 and 0FI_AR_30November 30

    Dear all, What is the difference between these two DataSources? How come that 0FI_AR_30 is hardly documented? Thanks in advance, GerritHi, Please refere Note 1266262 which mentions that 0FI_AR_30 fails to bring deltas. And hence the solution given is

  • DSO for 0FIAR_C30November 30

    Hi Guru's I want to implement EHP3 reporting: 1)Does is working well if anybody has implemented same. 2) what is solution for  DSO , between 0FIAR_C30 and 0FI_AR_30 and others. Efforts would be definatly appreciated. thanks MickyCheck this link for d

  • Issue populating Enhaced Virtual Cube FieldsNovember 30

    Hi Gurus, Please help me with the below Issue. I tried a lot on SDN before writing this Post. Architecture: I have a Standard Multi-provider - "0FIAR_M30". It has got a Standard Cube: 0FIAR_C30 & a virtual Cube: 0FIAR_R30. Cube: 0FIAR_C30 is

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