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how to uninstall MacKeeper 1.8.1

  • How do I uninstall mackeeper from my macbook pro?October 11

    How do i uninstall mackeeper from my Macbook Pro?You may have installed a variant of the "VSearch" ad-injection malware. Follow Apple Support's instructions to remove it. If you have trouble following those instructions, see below. Malware is al

  • Need to locate the Finder's cog wheel (action menu).  It's not there! Would someone please help me?  Trying to uninstall MacKeeper.  Thanks.November 30

    Need to find the Finder's cog wheel (action menu).  It's not there!   Would someone please help me?  Trying to uninstall MacKeeper.  Thanks.anne296 wrote: Need to find the Finder's cog wheel (action menu).  It's not there!   Would someone please help

  • Problem uninstalling MackeeperNovember 30

    G'day there, I'm trying to uninstall Mackeeper 2012, but need to make it clear I'm a real Mac amateur and not at all good on following the technical stuff. I've been to this link      http://help.mackeeper.zeobit.com/Manual/GettingStarted/Uninstallin

  • How to uninstall mackeeperNovember 30

    how to uninstall mackeeper?I accessed the website you listed. The mackeeper I want to uninstall is in my 'administrator' section, not in my 'applications' section. I followed the steps by draging the icon from the 'administrator' section into the tra

  • How to uninstall mackeeper applicationNovember 30

    Need help on 'how to' uninstall mackeeper application. It was accidently downloaded and is not in the 'applications' folder, but in the 'administrator' folder. Please walk me through this process step by step, please. Thank you!Please carefully read:

  • Can't uninstall mackeeperNovember 30

    I've got the "new version of Mackeeper is available" on the top right hand corner of my screen and just get the spinner when I mouse over it. Wanting to get rid of this I did two things: tried to uninstall and tried to upgrade the software to th

  • Does anybody know how to uninstall MacKeeper?November 30

    I've recently installed MacKeeper. I haven't used it yet but before doing it, I've read it is a malware. I've been trying to uninstall it with no success. My computer is starting to go wrong and slower. Does anybody know how to uninstall it?"MacKeepe

  • How do I uninstall Mackeeper, I haven't did the install, but I want to get it out of applications and my dock.  Please advise how.November 30

    How do I uninstall MacKeeper, after reading some comments I see it isn't a good thing.  I have it in my applications and dock, but have not did the install process.  How do I delete it out of my doc and applications?Uninstalling Software: The Basics

  • Problems uninstalling MackeeperNovember 30

    I have been trying to uninstall Mackeeper from my computer since getting pop ups saying to upgrade it.  I only used it once on the free offer to scan and fix some issues on my computer several months back, but on advice from a friend decided not to p

  • How do you safely uninstall mackeeper?November 30

    My husband loaded mackeeper last night and my home screen is changed, access to programs have changed, etc.  I need to know how to safely uninstall this program.  Thanks.I doubt that MacKeeper is doing all that, but see below. Remove "MacKeeper"

  • Used AppZapper to uninstall MacKeeper - then used MK's own uninstaller when prompted - please helpNovember 30

    HI Whilst away on holiday recenlty, a relative has installed MacKeeper on his 2009 iMac (he's using Lion).  He thought it would be good to use before upgrading to Mountain Lion. He has asked me to look at the machine as it's now running slow. Thankfu

  • Uninstalling mackeeper helperNovember 30

    I have tried uninstalling mackeeper helper on my computer but it has not been removed. The mackeeper icon is on my tool bar at top of computer as well as still in applications. Please help!!Drag MacKeeper from Applications to the Trash. After that, f

  • Does Uninstalling MacKeeper completely removes all it harms and bugs it has on the mac???November 30

    Hello all, I just got my mac for a week and I downloaded the Mackeeper out of worries that my mac will get infected by virus.. I read about Mackeeper over and over again.. Sounds bad to me.. So I just wanna confirm that after uninstalling this progra

  • How do I uninstall Mackeeper?  I have dragged it into trash, but it still showing in systems information and causing problems!November 30

    How do I uninstall Mackeeper?  I have dragged it into trash, but it still showing in systems information and causing problems! Please adviseHow to uninstall MacKeeper - updated How to Remove MacKeeper Uninstalling Software: The Basics Most OS X appli

  • How do i make space on my old macbook and how do i uninstall mackeeper?November 30

    i dont understand-post a messagebrother167 wrote: how do i uninstall mackeeper? Do not install MacKeeper (and how to uninstall it if you have): https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-6221 by Klaus1 (Please note that references to the original develop

  • How to uninstall MacKeeper, once and for all!October 11

    I installed MacKeeper, by accident, like an idiot.  I have followed, what I thought to be everything, to uninstall it for my desktop to no success.  I am so frustrated, whenever i go to a new site it pops up again.  Please help.There is no need to do

  • Does anyone know how to uninstall MacKeeper? Im pretty sure it is Maleware!November 30

    I have installed this program on my computer. I clicked on a pop which suggested they were selling a MAC cleaning software. It did not suggest I had a virus but that it would help keep my desktop clean. When I checked the website it clearly had a bun

  • I just uninstall mackeeper from my mac, but i don't know if i have to do more stuff after it???November 30

    hey, I am very new on computers stuff and i thought mackeeper was safe, so I installed a free version first and before i buy it, my boyfriend did some research and we read i should have not installed it, it is not safe, i uninstalled it but i do not

  • After I uninstalled Mackeeper my computer has pop upsNovember 30

    I have OSX Yosemite and I recently downloaded Mackeeper and went thru the uninstall process, but now my computer has weird pop-up adds and anytime I go to a website it brings me to a different add-like website. I am in another country studying, so th

  • Safari won't open after uninstalling MackeeperNovember 30

    I restarted my computer in safemode so that I could removed Mackeeper. I moved Mackeeper to the trash and emptied the trash. Now when I try to open Safari, I get a problem report saying that Safari quit unexpectedly. Help, please!!Launch the Console

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