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how to switch off data in nokia n96

  • Nokia N96 roaming data connectionNovember 30

    How can I disable all data connection when my nokia N96 roams to another provider?That feature only exists on the application level on Nseries phones. For example, you can set e-mail or MMS auto-retrieval for your home network only. There is no globa

  • Help - Nokia N96 ProblemsNovember 30

    I hope someone can help me out here. I have had the Nokia N96 as part of an 18 month contract on O2 UK since April and ever since i've had the phone, I've had nothing but problems with it and i'm really am up to the point where I'm so fed up with it,

  • Nokia n96 lighting upNovember 30

    whilst my nokia n96 is not in use, and all aplications are closed. the light inside the square button on the front is lighting up every 2-3 seconds, is this normal?It's most likely not the reason for fast battery drain as it uses less energy than the

  • Nokia n96 not startNovember 30

    hey hi guy'z i hope u guy'z mst b sloved my problem ......my nokia n96 not start .....when i trying to start it only mid button light on and screen totally balck and bit vibrate .... i use all tips to start phone mean's (*) (3) and then switch button

  • Nokia n96 lock code problemNovember 30

    I forget my master reset code so can't reset my nokia n96 & also can't use any mamory card.Whn i put in any mamory card thn phone asking for  lock code but i 4get tht...I updte my firmware but still its not fixed...So plz some1 help me...ThnxIf you h

  • Nokia N96 Active Desktop Calendar EntriesNovember 30

    Hi Guys, Does anyone if/how I can change my Nokia N96 active desktop from showing every calendar entry to just showing the current dates calendar entries? I only want to view the entries from the current day and not throughout the month. Any help wou

  • Black screen on my nokia n96? please please help?November 30

    I have a 16GB Nokia n96, and it was working completely fine till a couple weeks back the screen went blank, so i assumed it had switched itself off. I took the battery out and tried switching it back on, but the screen didn't come on. The phone vibra

  • Nokia N96 internet, GPRS, iraq kurdistanNovember 30

    Nokia N96 internet, GPRS, iraq kurdistan help Access points name . internet.korek.com http://img211.imageshack.us/img211/9646/screenshot0008ma9.jpgRustik, Hi, I'm also in Chad and also have a brand new Nokia N96, and getting the same error "Packet da

  • Nokia n96 update softwareNovember 30

    Please help! I am trying to update firmware of my nokia n96 from 10... to 11... version. It is so strange but everything starts just fine then it stops at 9.2 mb of 124 mb to download. It says the connection is lost, busy. Can anybody help me out wit

  • Nokia n96 software update not complete, and now my...November 30

    after trying to update my nokia n96 firmware , via nokia suite, my phone goes idiot and when i power on my phone , it slow down so much,and screen freezes ! i've tested it, if i flip my phone and take it away to go to stand by screen, then flip on sc

  • Mercedes SAP V2 Cradle And The Nokia N96November 30

    Dear All, I appreciate this topic is discussed quite a lot but I've never really had a good answer! I have attached the above mentioned cradle to my brand new 2008 SLK 280 (COMAND APS) but am failing to get it to work with my phone. I have a Nokia N9

  • Problem nokia n96November 30

    My nokia n96 often restarts that makes me feel so embarrased. what to do?The hard reset effectively returns the phone to its out of the box state. If it is a software fault then this should sort it out. The biggest risk is losing your data, so make s

  • Nokia N96 Internet (GPRS) problem!November 30

    Hi everybody, Im in Northern Iraq right now.. and Im using Korek Tel and Asiacell at the moment... when Im using GPRS and open Web, I always get Packet Data Unavailable whilst all settings are ok.. I got a sms from my Network provider I'll write it d

  • Maps on Nokia N96 ?November 30

    hey i bought a Nokia n96-3 North America version recently . i tried using the Maps but seems like it cant find me and keep saying that " trying to get GPS connection. GPS status is visualized by the indicator next to the satellite symbol." Plz h

  • Nokia N96 new firmware 30.101November 30

    Hi. Why firmware 30.101 is only for 4 product codes??????? Nokia why??????????  I waiting very long time for this firmware for ALL PRODUCT CODES!!! FOR ALL LANGUAGE !!!!  And why i waiting for this firmware???? As this firmware 30.101 is more fast an

  • Nokia N96 30.033 firmware Problems And Errors....November 30

    Hi guys, I have updated my N96 software to 30.033. I have noticed some problems which are 1) GPS is not working? 2) Ringtone quality is not good ( Overall Speaker Quality is not good after update) 3) There is No facebook. 4) Phone gets switch off aut

  • My Nokia N96 is dead, the screen blanked out-more...November 30

    Hello, I have a nokia N96 for atleast 2 years and 4 months and it has worked fine with me since i took great care of it. my  nokia N96 has blanked out instatly( that is it kept glowing black, since i turned away and looked back, it was glowing black,

  • Nokia N96 - A long review!October 11

    The Nokia N96 Long Review by Jupstejuho v. 1 (Please notice that this is the first published version so I will be making this much longer a bit later if you just want me to do so) In this case I have only reviewed the phone's main software things, no

  • How to get all data from nokia to i5sOctober 11

    how to get all data from nokia E71 to i5s???if you can put those data in your computer then add it in iTunes. your iPhone 5s should get it thru syncing.Read other 2 answers

  • Moving event with mouse in iCal gives me problems on Nokia N96October 11

    When I move an item (event) with mouse in iCal, and then iSync to my Nokia N96, I get multiple events in the Nokia Calendar. As if I copy-pasted the item too many times. The multiple events are on the hours, on which I have dragged around the event.

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