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how to setup push to talk on nokia 6500

  • Setting up yahoo email on Nokia 6500 Slide??November 30

    Hi Guys Well after going into various shops and looking at forums and being told you cant set up yahoo email on phone unless you buy the yahoo premium package i was overjoyed i found the settings at http://europe.nokia.com/A4144889 I get my yahoo ema

  • Where is Micro SD Memory Card? Nokia 6500 slideNovember 30

    Hi guys, I need some help please. I bought Nokia 6500 slide today and on the box says that it contains: Nokia 6500 slide Nokia Battery BP-5M Nokia Charger AC-4 Nokia Wired Stereo Headset HS-47 Nokia 256 MB Micro SD Memory Card MU-27 Nokia Mirco USB C

  • What is new in Nokia 6500s update firmware ver. 6....October 11

    What is new in Nokia 6500s update firmware ver. 6.6? Nokia N73. V 4.0812.4.0.1 Code: 0529786 Nokia 6500 Slide V6.6 code: 0556234After updating mine yesterday...da screen refreshes or so flickers every say 5 seconds...plz any help i have reinstalled i

  • Urgent help please NOKIA 6500 SLIDEOctober 11

    for some stupid reason , i was told my memory was full and to delete some data or whatever, stupidly i did and now i have no tones, pictures, and lots of sentimental messages etc. !i have just got the stupid phone , its a nokia 6500 slide and is now

  • How to send .jar files via bluetooth in Nokia 6500...October 11

    I am not able to send and see the option of sending jar files vai bluetooth . I want to know how to send it. Kindly reply ASAP. Thanks AbhishekIts something like , I already have it on my mobile and wanna transfer that file to my another same mobile.

  • Nokia 6500 slide - SMS writing language (chinese) ...October 11

    Hi, Seek helps from all experts, I have recently updated my Nokia 6500 Slide firmware to 8.4. but unfortunately it cause some changes to my phone as the SMS writing language for Chinese characters has disappeared. Anyone could advise me on how to ins

  • Unlock my Nokia 6500 slideOctober 11

    good evening, I bought a mobile (Nokia 6500 slide) with SFR in France. I missed six months and I wanted to unblock it but the code to disable the restriction, is not good and he told me that this is a problem that needs to be addressed at Nokia. So I

  • Flip/slide tone nokia 6500 slideOctober 11

    hy, i need some help :-p, is it possible when i slide open/close my nokia 6500 slide to have a tone??? (ps: i tried with "Carbide.ui Theme Edition 3.4" to edit some themes to add different sound, but nothing )(and i have eanble other sound :-( )

  • Nokia 6500 Classic\Slide Firmware version 8.30October 11

    I've recently installed firmware version 8.30 on my Nokia 6500 Slide, can anyone tell me what the changes are in this recent firmware version? Can't find anywhere what has changed in this firmware update, also not with Google.I have noticed a couple

  • Nokia 6500S Software Updater - PROBLEMOctober 11

    Hi, Everyone! I was hoping that someone could give some assistance with a problem that I encountered with my brand-new Nokia 6500s (slider). I purchased the item about 3 days ago. It's a beautiful phone with great functionality. But, I noticed that I

  • Nokia 6500 classic & BMWOctober 11

    I have just received a nokia 6500 classic from Father Xmas! I specifically asked for this phone as I have an 07 reg BMW 3 series and the 6500 was recommended by them as a good phone to bluetooth with the car - also they supply a charging/USB cradle f

  • Nokia 6500 classic is being an Pain!October 11

    I've had a Nokia 6500 classic for a few months now and the main charger wont charge the phone. But on top of this the USB charger only charges the phone to about half way and then stops. Any ideas on how to get this phone charged, the only options I

  • Getting music from my itunes to my my Nokia 6500October 11

    Is it possible to get music from my i tunes to my nokia 6500. The 6500 apparently isn't compatible with the nokia media manager, and pc suite software doesn't work on macs. Is there a way around this??Not sure about OSX but can you just drag and drop

  • Nokia 6500 bluetooth headsetNovember 30

    hi..can anyone tell me what is the best bluetooth headset for the nokia 6500 classic for when my old headset disconnects when my phone locks... your help would be most appreciated..........skyhook77Thanks PsychomaniaRead other 4 answers

  • Synchronizing Contacts with Nokia 6500November 30

    Hello I replaced my old Nokia 6230i with the Nokia 6500. The first time I got it, I immediatly synced my contacts to my new Nokia phone through Isync. Went pretty well, only 3 contacts gave problems. Now after a month on Holiday I tried to update (sy

  • Nokia 6500s Default Alarm ToneNovember 30

    Hi, would like to know the name of nokia 6500s standard alarm ringtone. other pple were using it as their message tone but duno wat model of nokia phone they were using. tot of using it as a sms tone as well. anybody who noe of the tone name pls let

  • Nokia 6500 Classic Help Needed!November 30

    Helo i have a Nokia 6500 Classic and i want to do a hard reset, it's also called factory settings. I'm not sure if the code to reset the phone to the factory settings has been edited. But i have tried 12345 and the phone says the code is wrong. So an

  • Nokia 6500 slide..Bugs and problems..November 30

    Just read some posts regarding the nokia 6500 and it seems i too am not alone with the problems on this model.. I have had nothing but problems with this phone and keeps freezing, cuts out whilst in the middle of a call and generally is the most prob

  • Nokia 6500 Slide SMS retrivalNovember 30

    I have a Nokia 6500 Slide that is unusable at the moment. There are a lot of very important sms stored in the phone that I would like to retrieve. I brought it to the Nokia care centre in Singapore but they were unable to help as they no longer have

  • Nokia 6500 slide receiving photosNovember 30

    hi im new to this site can anyone maybe help me. i have a nokia 6500 slide and cant receive any photo messages. i dont know if my setting are wrong and am stuck. i receive a text saying photo pending but never get it, i click on retrieve but nothing

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