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how to record cassette to computer

  • Record Cassettes to computer?November 30

    I have macbook pro. and I want to record my old cassettes to my computer. I know I can use my headphone port with a mini jack but I dont know what wires connect to what between the casstte deck and my computer. Can anyone help with REALLY easy instru

  • Audigy2ZS PlatiumPro Recording Cassette tape to CD orOctober 11

    Dose anyone know what else I need and how to burn/record cassette tape voice lectures to CD or DVD to archi've. Have so far: Pentium 4, .8 CDRW DVDRW Audigy 2ZS PlatiumPro boomBox w/ audio in & out CertainnetHere's a stupid question for you guys who

  • I can record and hear me recording through the computer's built in mic, but can't get the external mic and headphones to work., The preferences are set for the external mic and headphones...November 30

    I can record and hear me recording through the computer's built in mic, but can't get the external mic and headphones to work., The preferences are set for the external mic and headphones...What operating system are you using? Is it on a Mac or a PC?

  • Can I transfer files from my ICD-BX132 recorder to my computer?November 30

    Can I transfer files from my ICD-BX132 recorder to my computer and if so how? Solved! Go to Solution.Please follow the steps below on how to transfer a recording from an Integrated Chip (IC) recorder with no USB port to the computer: Using a mini plu

  • Record/Rip old vinyl/turn table records, cassette tapes, etc.?November 30

    Hello. How easy, cheap, and quick is it to record/rip old vinyl/turn table records, cassette tapes, etc. to iTunes, iPods, and iPhones on a MacBook Pro (2008's Mac OS X 10.5.8 and 2012's Mac OS X 10.8.4)? Does it need special audio adapters, cables,

  • Recording sound from computer?October 11

    Ok so I have a file that is .vrf (Ventrilo sound) and Sb doesn't open it. But if i play the sound can Sb record it off the computer (via Stereo Mix)? I know Audacity will record sounds off my computer, but i was wondering if Sb would. and if so how?

  • I have an earlier generation of Apple TV, one with a hard drive.  I just recently purchased a movie thru iTunes.  When syncing the atv with iTunes the movie is not recording on my computer drive.  Also, just noticed that my recently recorded tv shows areOctober 11

    Old aptv is no longer syncing purchased movies and tv shows with my computer.  well it syncs, but does not record the movie/tv on the computer hd.  Is this a matter of obselesence of is there something I can do to restore the backup?I disabled all my

  • Recording tape to computer?October 11

    Need help in trying to record old cassette tapes into my laptop - macbook pro circa 2011. There is no input port other than USB! Question . . . is there an audiocable (3.5mm) to USB? Does it need an audio interface? Then . . . if they exist . . . how

  • Recording tv into computer somehow....?October 11

    hello. This may be a rediculous, amateur question, but is it possible to record tv into a computer? Not necessarily live, but even a feed from a VCR while playing a pre-recorded tape. Basically, what I'm trying to do, is be able to watch a previously

  • Recording Narration With Computer Mic?October 11

    Hey, I am trying to record a narration. I bring up the window, but it does not seem to register my computer mic, although my computer mic is working. Do you have to attach another mic to the computer to record? The screen just doesn't light up. I can

  • I am recording from my computer screen with an elgato game capture card.  Why is the video blurry when I import it to Premiere elements?October 11

    I am recording my computer screen with an elgato game capture card.  When I play the unedited footage on my own computer, it is clear and crisp.  When I import the footage into premiere elements, it becomes blurry.  It becomes even blurrier when I sa

  • Recording cassette tape to iMacOctober 11

    Hi there! I am trying to convert a cassette player into digital form through QuickTime.  Whenever recording it sounds great except for an annoying echo.  Any tips on how to alleviate this?? Thanks!Right now I am plugging a cassette tape player into m

  • Record cassette tape toOctober 11

    I see a post for this for the Audigy 2ZS PlatinumPro. Is it possible to copy cassette tape to my PC with just plain old Soundblaster Audigy 2ZS ? Thanks in advanceYoung88, Just run the tape line-out into the line-in jack on the Audigy 2 ZS and select

  • Recording Cassette Tape - Dolby B & C  QuestionNovember 30

    Hi, I am recording speaking voice from a cassette tape that was recorded without Dolby. I have experimented using Dolby B & C on my tape deck, as I play the cassette, recording it into a Soundtrack Pro project. This reduces the tape hiss quite nicely

  • Recording video from ComputerNovember 30

    This might not be the correct forum but maybe someone out there knows how i can record video from my computer. I need good quality videos like you would see on www.lynda.com. Would anyone know how this can be done?I will suggest you contact the moder

  • Recording on another computerNovember 30

    I need to record some screen shots from a computer other than my own. Mine has Captivate, the other does not. Is there some way to get just the recorder onto the other machine? I have another recording program that I could use, but would like to see

  • Audio Recording-iPhone to ComputerNovember 30

    I am a musician and I have many apps that create music. I am wondering, what is the best way to connect my iPhone to my computer to record audio coming from these apps? I have used a 3.5mm/ 1/4 audio cord to connect to my audio interface....but there

  • How can i get the history that was deleted or not recorded on the computerNovember 30

    I want to know how to recover deleted history or activity that had the computer set to never remember the history.You can't. If you had a backup of the places.sqlite file from before deleting the browsing history, you could restore that file. As far

  • Can I record from one computer directly to another?November 30

    New to GB and want to play music on a laptop, then record it in GB on the iMac. Can I connect a cable from the laptop's 'out' to the iMac's 'in' port?My daughter plays YouTube soundtracks of her favourite shows, records them into GB, tweaks them, the

  • Record directly to computerNovember 30

           The program is not recognizing my camera so I can recordt directly to my computer.  I have a Canon HF20 camcorder. any help on this?Welcome to the forum. If you mean recording directly to the computer's HDD, rather than tape, or flash memory,

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