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how to reboot a ex2.02 nokia

  • Nokia E90 and Linux... how compatible are they?October 11

    I am hoping to soon upgrade my current mobile phone (Nokia 6822) and separate PDA (a Palm Tungsten T3) to a Nokia E90. However, I have reservations... Does anyone have any knowledge or experience about how the Nokia E90 syncs with Linux Ubuntu? I kno

  • Bug in copy and past in nokia n97 fw 21.0.045 prod...October 11

    bug in copy and past in nokia n97 fw 21.0.045 product code: 0575743 the bug iam make phone number in notes then copy the number when go to contact and then past it the number not past ? copy number from notes to contact not work !Copy and Paste from

  • Nokia updater 1.8.10 can't recognize my N82November 30

    Hi I've a N82 @ Fw31, I tried all the solutions possible, including hard format the phone, switched off take out batteries and pressed power too, completely uninstall PC suite and Updater and runned Nokia cleaner, reboot system and intalled nokia upd

  • Nokia 5530 messaging update issueNovember 30

    not sure if it was mentioned before bu ive experienced a new issue (new to me). i updated my firmware to v20 and then got an update of nokia messaging (to version 10.1). after the update was applied, when i reply to any text message i have to wait ab

  • Nokia Ovi Suite sync outlook 2003 brokenNovember 30

    A new version of OVI = a new host of problems. When are you going to get it right Nokia! Pathetic! I cannot believe how much time I have had to waste to get this fixed. Ok, enough of the rant. Now for my solution: Uninstall Nokia Ovi Suite +

  • Nokia 5530 XM, phone software issues/headachesNovember 30

    Hello, I got my 5530 XM around 2 months ago. It was my first Nokia (been a Sony Eric fan for over 5 years). Anyway i liked its touch interface and all. But then i noticed the phone would restart (reddish/grayish horizontal lines leading to a white sc

  • Nokia c2-01 Times are changed during synchronizati...November 30

    Using Nokia Suite to synchronize C2-01 with Win7 machine appointments calender subtracts 2 hours in one direction and adds 2 hours when synching in the other direction. Any ideas?  Hi masonicdevil, Welcome to the Nokia forum. The uncontrolable connec

  • N96 Continually RebootingNovember 30

    Hi - had my N96 for two days now and am finding that it will operate fine for a few hours. However...sooner or later it will apparently lose network signal (judging by the signal strength icon) and reboot itself. After rebooting it freezes at the 'de

  • Lumia 920 stuck in reboot cycle.November 30

    Hi, got my lumia 920 a week ago at the most. First day, wouldnt turn on after initial setup. Hard reset, this went on for a couple of days, thought an update might fix it, got around to it and now the phone is stuck in a reboot cycle, goes from Nokia

  • Prblm with nokia 500November 30

    I am tried to cnct net on pc using my new nokia 500 , using nokia suite. I am clicked on cnct to internet option. Then a message displays, your tata indicom cnctd to internet. Then the timer also starting. Bt, when i opem browser, aftr some times app

  • Push notifications not working for Facebook and Tw...October 11

    Normally if I'm using an app, or doing something else with the phone, and a pop-up notification of an SMS, email or IM appears, I simply click it an it takes me to the app/conversation. However, this is not the case for my Facebook and Twitter notifi

  • Google calender and google contacts won't sync AGA...October 11

    I am getting very tired of Nokia now! Actually I've had it with Nokia! One last Change, My wife and I have now received Nokia phones number 4 and 5 from the care center. I now have a E7-00 with a poorly responsive touchscreen, my wife now has a N8, w

  • Black Update for Lumia 625October 11

    Could someone help me? I have a Lumia 625 and I wanted to update it to Lumia Black. I always look at this website (http://www.nokia.com/global/support/software-update/wp8-software-update/wp8-availability-in-asia-pac... to check tha availability of th

  • The update (Nokia5800 V5) keeps downlaoding !October 11

    Hello I have problem with Nokia ovi suite when I do update device software , it says you have to download 135mb . But it keeps downloading .... some pictures of the problem Attachments: wrong !.jpg ‏47 KB wrong ! 3.jpg ‏48 KBWhat you should do then i

  • 5800 image editor not workingOctober 11

    I recently updated my 5800 to V30.0.011. The image editer is not opening. Any advise pl.I had another issue related to memory chip as well. Normally my phone reboot for no reason silently. Since it returns back to previous staate automatically I didn

  • E6 Belle & Wireless NNovember 30

    Hello, all. Has anyone else esperienced having trouble connecting to a Wireless N router? I usually connect to my roommate's Netgear router on the Thinkpad that I'm using (and connected to) now, is shows this router as having two access points - one

  • N97 Firmware V20 THINK TWICE BEFORE UPDATENovember 30

    I just upgraded successfully on my N97-3 NAM. After the update my N97 rebooted and it showed Nokia logo and 10 seconds later it came to the startup ringtone (connecting 2 people logo). It was slow but it still managed to the Home screen. Later, becau

  • ISync bricked my Nokia6280November 30

    While running the first sync run on my Nokia 6280 over bluetooth the Nokia suddenly "bluescreened" and is now unable to start. In the nokia startup sequence when it is trying to access the adressbook/calendar it unexpectedly reboots. So the noki

  • Just how bad is this phone ? (E70 revisited)November 30

    I have actually forgotten how frustrating Nokia phones can be as I had confirmed by (then) new E70 to the bottom drawer because with the firrmware on it, it wouldn't work in my bluetooth enabled BMer. What joy when I learned of the new version. Could

  • My N73 not working with ovi or pcsuite after i upd...November 30

    My N73 not connecting with my windows vista after an updated my old software with the nokia software update. i have tried resetting mu phone and unistalling the pc suite and ovi and installing them back but no use... i hav no idea what to do. the mas

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