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how to put reject call on nokia asha 503

  • ISync to nokia asha 503: is there a plug-in to enable this?October 11

        I have recently bought a new Nokia Asha 503 phone, and when I got it home, tried to sync it to my Mac.  iSync tells me "this device is not supported".  Is there a plug-in I can install, or should I carry on entering contacts onto the phone b

  • Nokia Asha 503 Whatsapp problemOctober 11

    I have been frequently asked to upgrade with a message given below - Expired This copy of WhatsApp has expired. Please click upgrade to start the upgrade process. Upgrade  |   Exit When I did the last few times all the whatsapp data is gone nothing c

  • Marathi/Hindi font in Nokia Asha 503November 30

    Hello Yesterday I bought Nokia Asha 503 and updated phone to latest software update by Nokia. It doesn't support Marathi/Hindi font. Can somebody please help me here? Thanks in advance. AbhijeetHi jabhijeet, Welcome to the Nokia Support Discussions! 

  • Nokia asha 503 how to conect yahoo messenger ?November 30

     Hi everyone ,how i can to conect yahoo mes from nokia asha 503 ? Thanks!Hi cristimar, Welcome to the forum!  Depending on your region, you can try checking the Store if Yahoo Messenger is available for download on your Asha 503. There are also other

  • Twitter for Nokia Asha 503November 30

    Please send me a Screenshots of Twitter for Nokia Asha 503 Please!!Hi Nhlaka, Are you referring to this: http://www.nokia.com/global/products/phone/asha503​-dual-sim/specifications/? Are you asking if the Twitter application is available to the Asha

  • Viber for Nokia asha 503November 30

    can you make support for Viber on nokia asha 503?Hi, Viber is not currently supported on your platform. For a full list of supported devices and platforms, please follow the link: http://bit.ly/1ei3EM1 We apologize for the inconvenience. Viber Media

  • Need Advices for Nokia Asha 503November 30

    Dear SIr, Please give me advices for two major things for Nokia Asha 503 purchase. 1- Good Benifets 2- Bad Benifets Your prompt reply/partispation will be appriciated. Arshad Mahmood Lahore Pakistanlook at gsm arena for advice and reviews good and ba

  • Nokia asha 503 mms problems.November 30

    Hi, I've recently bought a nokia asha 503 but I can't send/recieve pictures. I have phoned my provider numerous times but they don't know how to activate it or get it working. All the usual things have been tried, I even got a new replacement phone b

  • Nokia Asha 503 front Screen Broken.November 30

    Dear Sir, My nokia asha 503 front screen glass has broken due to set dropped but my set working fine. please confirm is it possible to replace this glass or screen & also confirm me it is touch screen or only simple glass? will i replace only set cas

  • Nokia Asha 503 playerNovember 30

    can nokia asha 305 play youtube videos online?Sijin wrote: Youtube streaming is not supported in this device... Is there any way to watch youtube? I think YouTube Downloader should work. Just use 240p resolution, since it matches the display and is l

  • Certificate for whatsapp nokia asha 503November 30

    i cant get the certificate for whatsapp on my nokia asha 503Hi, johny11. Can we have the exact certificate error you're getting? Is the app from the Nokia Store? Can you set your phone's date & time settings to 1 year ago & download the app? To cu

  • Flash on Nokia Asha 503November 30

    what is a flash on asha 503 i mean what does it do for being there? Moderator's Note: The title was edited as a new topic was made.Is this related? If yes, I recommend to subscribe to that thread (top, left-hand side) because when the situation chang

  • Nokia Asha 503 Language packOctober 11

    I bought this phone for my mom and would need to set it to Hungarian. Unfortunately as it was purchased in the UK it's missing from the list. Someone on an online forum stated that Nokia would be able to install/flash (whatever) a different language

  • Nokia Asha 503 Mass storage ProblemNovember 30

    Mass storage isn't works.... Restarting this phone, it works then..... So, I have to restart this phone Several times?Sourav55555 wrote: Mass storage isn't works.... Restarting this phone, it works then..... Remove the memory card and use a card read

  • Nokia Asha 503 keeps loosing networkNovember 30

    I have a problem with my nokia 503.. It keeps on loosing network daily. Any help?? Moderator's note: We amended the title of this post as we moved it to the most appropriate board.Hi, Ajmy. Welcome to the forum. When did it start? In addition to @Abi

  • Nokia ASHA 503..ERROR IN CERTIFICATESNovember 30

    whenever i try to download an app from store it wont hapoen and there is a message staring that the certificate is untrusted please check with your app provider....pls helpDoes this help?Read other 2 answers

  • Nokia asha 503 - manual email inbox update?November 30

    I would like to have my email inbox update manually. I have the account set to 'manual' for inbox update. How do you receive emails when the update is set to manual? There is no 'receive' option. When I open the account nothing happens. If I set the

  • Import gmail contacts on nokia asha platform 14.0....November 30

    Hello Yesterday I bought Nokia Asha 503 and updated phone to latest software update by Nokia. I would like to know how should I import google contacts into my phone. Thanks in advance. AbhijeetHi jabhijeet, Welcome to the Nokia Support Discussions! 

  • Nokia Asha 501 - Some apps are not supportedNovember 30

    i have see some applications are not supported why? Moderator's Note: The title of this post has been edited as it is created as a new topic. Nokia Store wrote: English: You need to update your phone software before you can download this app German:

  • Planning to buy an Asha 503. Any feedback?November 30

    if was planning to buy 503.is it good Moderator's Note: We have moved your post and changed the title into a subject-related title. This is to keep the forum organized and let other forum users easily see and respond to this post.The Nokia Asha 503 i

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