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how to make trash garage band

  • Trash garage bandNovember 30

    I don't do much if anything with music. I mostly do word processing and powerpoint, etc. I do some work with photos and some home video. Is there any reason to keep Garage Band on the MAC (as to freeing up some HD space)? If I gave my MAC to someone

  • Inadvertently delete seIveral application including AppStore, Iphoto, Garage band, ect, chess etc. I send all of them to Trash and emptied it. Some peopled said that I cannot delete Appl. Store, but no way to recovered.  Finally I re-load the System diskNovember 30

    Inadvertently delete seIveral application including AppStore, Iphoto, Garage band, ect, chess etc. I send all of them to Trash and emptied it. Some peopled said that I cannot delete Appl. Store, but no way to recovered.  Finally I re-load the System

  • Options greyed out in the main Garage Band toolbar tabOctober 11

    I hadn't noticed that earlier but when I clicked it I saw this!!! (look at the pic) I have had a serious issue with Garage Band recently: it opens with a considerable delay (up to several minutes) and isn't showing up in Mission Control regardless of

  • Uninstall Delete World Book and Garage Band without problems i.e IphotoOctober 11

    With only 30GB, I want to free up space. I am concerned that by just dragging these two files to the trash, I will have problems (as mentioned in other discussions). Can someone tell me "definitively" how to accomplish this without problems. Acc

  • How to make garage band updated after re-imaging your Mac Book ProOctober 11


  • Can you disable Audio Units plugins in Garage BandNovember 30

    Hi: Installed the Waves V8 installer, and am only using Renaissance Compressor, and the Channel plugins. When I open Garage Band, I get an error message asking me to authorize other plugins in the Waves bundle that I haven't purchased. Honestly, I on

  • Garage Band = ever since update, CRASH when I select SNOWFLAKE mic! Ideas?November 30

    I have done a repair permissions (nothing wrong)... But ever since installing the iLife update, when I start garage band with mic connected, it says SYSTEM SETTINGS for AUDIO IN and OUT, if I choose Snowflake, I get the spinning ball, then crash, no

  • Configure motu 896 w/ garage band?November 30

    I have an 896 HD interface and I have it configured for my power book and use garage band. My question is more of how to best configure the mic pre's in the 896 to get an optimal signal. I am recording with my electric guitar, but I'm not getting a s

  • Are there any ill effects from removing Garage Band?November 30

    Can I uninstall Garage Band with no ill effects to my operating system?  I don't want it--but if I'm going to mess something up by removing it, I'll leave it.No problem at all. Drag the Garageband icon from the Applications folder to the trash, then

  • Need to rescue Garage Band Files with Data Rescue II - what kind of files?November 30

    Hi all - After a particularly gruesome computer crash, I am trying to reconstruct my lost files using Data Rescue II..... This program goes into the damaged hard drive and downloads all intact files it can find, but it is NOT able to label everything

  • Garage band keeps crashing please helpNovember 30

    every time i open garageband it crashes and i get this message can anyone help Process:         GarageBand [294] Path:            /Applications/GarageBand.app/Contents/MacOS/GarageBand Identifier:      com.apple.garageband Version:         6.0.4 (427

  • Garage Band mute permanently on!November 30

    Im just using the recording in Garage Band and the little red mute button is automatically turning on every time i go to record! i cant hear what im recording when i play back...HELP PLEASE!Always the first things to do: trash the preferences, repair

  • Garage band 1.1.0 issuesNovember 30

    HI, i have garage band 1.1.0 and have recently updated to tiger, i am now running 10.4.3. I have tried to start up garage band and i get an unexpected error message 192 and the app. fails to start. Can anyone help?error message 192 I've never seen a

  • Flip Mino-Garage Band-iMovie Syncing IssuesNovember 30

    I'm recording video on a flip video while simultaneously recording audio with a lapel mic through garage band. I am then uploading the video to iMovie and attempting to match up the audio from garageband to the video. Somewhere along the way they are

  • How do I de-install Garage Band?November 30

    I have recently installed iLife05, but I have no interest in using Garage Band. How do i de-install it, so that I can reclaim the space?Hello again Stephen, Once you have identified the files using spotlight, drag them to the trash using the mouse an

  • HT4463 Recent MBP Pro Retina purchase, Garage Band "registry error".  Uninstall and reinstall help.November 30

    Got an MBP Pro Retina recently, Garage Band is not working and is stating a potential "registry error".  I'd like uninstall and reinstall. However, I am unable to redownload the dmg. Help?It's ok I've done this numerous times. Drag the iLife app

  • Lost garage band fileNovember 30

    i've been working on a song for days on garage band. Yesterday when I went to sit down to work on the song, the file was completely gone. I tried searching it and spotlighting it but no luck. It isn't in recent documents or anything. The trash was em

  • Contenu de contenu de garage bandNovember 30

    je voudrais savoir si dans le téléchargement de contenu de garage band V10.3.0 (4,49 €) sur l'App Store, il y a les deux accordéons (polka et tango) en effet j'ai acheté la version (la nouvelle) à 4, 49 et dans le même temps j'ai acheté Main Stage 3

  • Garage band 2.02November 30

    I don't use garage band often as i have logic pro. I am running logic 7.2.3 and os 10.4.8. THe other day i went to open garage band and got a message saying " could not initiate plug in..component incompatable or unavailable". Can someone help p

  • Uninstall garage band to save memoryNovember 30

    How do I uninstall large apps like garage band on my MacBook air?Hello there vivifrance, It sounds like you want to remove some applications from your computer. In general you can uninstall applications using the following article: OS X Mavericks: In

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