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how to made ipad1 discoverable to pc ?

  • Open Pages from Discoverer ReportOctober 11

    Hi, Is there a way to invoke a webpage or even better, an oracle function (that links to forms or self-service) from a discoverer report row ? for example, I want a report for employees where the person looking at the report will click on the employe

  • Discoverer ReportOctober 11

    Dear Sir, Can i access the report from cyber cafe(Web Enabled) that is generated with oracle 9i Discoverer. If YES then How ? If NO then Why OR any other version from which we can access the report from cyber cafe that created with discovererIs it Co

  • Discoverer Report Row TotalOctober 11

    We are running Oracle BI Discoverer Viewer version When we upgraded to this version we lost some functionality. In the previous version the report displayed the number of rows the query returned. Now the row totals display only under cert

  • Discoverer report not working on R12 !October 11

    We have just migrated to R12 from 11i and some of the discoverer query is not working, but the same is working fine when we ran thru SQL Developer or TOAD. Is there any context (mo_global.set_policy_context) needs to be set in Discoverer report to ge

  • Discoverer Report parameter based on subqueryOctober 11

    Hi Guys, I have following query which i need to convert into discoverer report select hpah.EMPLOYEE_NUMBER,hpah.FIRST_NAME,hpah.LAST_NAME,hpah.PERSON_NAME, --hpah.JOB_NAME,hpah.ASSIGNMENT_ORGANIZATION_NAME, hpah.ASSIGNMENT_TYPE,hpah.USER_ASSIGNMENT_S

  • Discoverer Report SlowOctober 11

    Hi All, I have a problem wherein some specific users are saying that the report is slow at their end. The exact issue is...we have Discoverer Report present at the US server. Now we have 2 sites CANADA and US from where this report is run. Both sites

  • Discoverer report linkOctober 11

    Hi guys, I have created a link to Discoverer report in applications that works beautifully but there is one downside in it. When we invoike the report to launch in Discoverer Viewer it opens in the same browser window. Does anyone know how to make it

  • Discoverer Report  returning ' no data  found 'October 11

    Hi  ... i  have an issue with one discoverer  report  . Discoverer report  name : EDI Price Exception Report. when i ran the report  in Discoverer  Desktop edition  It is returning 'No Data Found ' But  i am taken the  Query from admin edition  and t

  • Discoverer report with PO_RELEASES in R12October 11

    Hi all, I'm migrating a Discoverer report from 11i to R12. The query of the folder uses the po_releases and this join condition "and rcv_transactions.po_release_id = po_releases.po_release_id(+)". When I run the report I get the error "inva

  • Discoverer Report showing Null VS Show SQL query showing results !!!October 11

    I created a simple Cross Tab Discoverer report from a custom SQL which has a calculation for balances. The output is giving all null values even though there are balances. The output doesn't seem right. So I copied the query from Tools-->Show SQL and

  • Discoverer  report does not sum up the columnOctober 11

    Hi All, I am running the discoverer report from discoverer desktop and was trying to use the sum function to sum the total amount of the report. The sum function does not work and it only display Cell Sum: (blank) with no actual data. When i checked

  • Discoverer report showing null instead blankOctober 11

    hi, I am running report from discoverer and it is showing null instead blank, do I need to check some thing in pref.txt file in oracle 9i regards kumarhi, I am running report from discoverer and it is showing null instead blank, do I need to check so

  • Discoverer Report NamesOctober 11

    Discoverer Report Naming Our service Provider has created lot many reports for us and now theres a need for a generic naming to be followed for the Discoverer reports. Could someone tell me how difficult it would be to rename all the reports? As I co

  • Discoverer Report: How to find Business Area name from Report Name.October 11

    Hi I opened a report in Disco Desktop 4 -> Resonsibiolity --> Report Name. So I know Report name but don't know which Business Area it belongs to. How to find Business Area Name from Report Name? Cheers VijayHi, There is no relationship between repo

  • Discoverer report taking too long time to open.October 11

    HI, Discovere reports are taking too long time to open. Please help to resolve this. Regards, BhatiaWhat is the Dicoverer and the Application release? Please refer to the following links (For both Discoverer 4i and 10g). Please note that some Discove

  • Discoverer report is taking much time to openOctober 11

    Hi All the discoverer report are taking much time to open,even query in lov is taking 20 -25 min.s.We have restart the services but on result found. Please suggest what can be done ,my application is on 12.0.6. RegardsThis topic was discussed many ti

  • Report Generated from Discoverer Migrated BA into OBIEEOctober 11

    We have started to populate some of our OBI content with reports that were based on Discoverer Business Areas. But, when the reports are run from a Link, they do not include the options to Print to PDF or Download, similar to what is available for da

  • Discoverer report returns no data from a certain timeOctober 11

    Using Discoverer 10g,a discoverer report which returned data normally last month gets to return no data now. We have four same environments, and two of them has this problem, two is OK. And the SQL of the discoverer of the four environments are the s

  • Discoverer report - Output from Discoverer plus is not the same as Discoverer desktopOctober 11

    As a part of Upgrade project we are migrating the discoverer reports from 11i ( to R12 (12.1.3) .After migrating to R12, for a custom discoverer report the output given by discoverer desktop is correct (24 rows for a scenario). But the repo

  • Discoverer Report opened from Portal does not show correct dataOctober 11

    Hi, When I try to open a Discoverer report from a portal that I created, it shows stale data but when I click on "Analyze", it shows all the data correctly. Does anyone know what the reason could be for this? Thank you, SantoshiI assume you used

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