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how to know our puk code

  • How do I use my PUK code on my Xperia Z3?October 11

    I bought my Xperia Z3 from the network's store directly under pay as you go (it was cheaper than buying it unlocked from Amazon and Sony directly). However, I want to use a different network providers SIM. Luckily the network I bought the device from

  • How to I sign up on here to get my PUK code if my phone has been blocked?October 11

    the new iOS 9 has given us a sim lock function but due to it being only in beta the password was rather tempermental and when i set it up and tried to unlock it again it wouldnt open and blocked by PUK code of which i need but to sign up on here to g

  • How do i obtain a PUK code for my Ipad (and yes that is what my Ipad is asking for)October 11

    I own 64bit Ipad.  One day I turned it on and it said "Enter a PUK code".  I don't have any idea what this means, I just know my Ipad has been inoperable since. There is no carrier, it's not a phone.  Just Wi-Fi.  I have wasted SO much time tryi

  • I reset my ipad to factory specs and now it is asking for a puk code.October 11

    I need help locating a puk code to get back into my ipad. I reset it due to it glitching on me and not opening up any apps. Can anyone help?You need to set up A Appleid & password if you're sure you have never done this Before your Apple ID has to be

  • How can I get the PUK code for my SIM card?October 11

    I had to do a factory reset this morning on my DROID RAZR. As I was going through this afternoon setting everything up again, I saw that I could set a password for my SIM card. I thought it was asking me to create a password, not enter a default one.

  • Where can i get my PUK code?October 11

    where can i get my PUK code?Hi You need to contact your network service provider For your PUK CODE. Cheers BrianRead other 3 answers

  • What is a PUK code and where do you find yours for your phoneOctober 11

    What is a PUK code and where do you find yoursLog on to Verizon wireless and under your account after logging in, look at the device in question and it shows there. It stands for Phone Unlock Code Good Luck Message was edited by: ElectorRead other 2

  • Lock my iPad asking for PUk code I have no idea what is thatNovember 30

    Need help locked my iPad asking for PUK code to unlock and I have no ideaI don't think you can, you could try to email apple about the problem or depending on what you mean by "info" if it is just apps you can re download them again once you res


    My phone is asking for a puk code over and over?If you have another Device to which you can call on you might try and see if Verizon Customer Service is still open the Tech. Dept. have them help you with Getting your Puck Code.! Here is the Number 1-

  • Locked SIM and *** is PUK code...November 30

    Locked my SIM by being nosey, it says I need a PUK code? Can anyone shed some light on this please?Cwood10 wrote: Locked my SIM by being nosey, it says I need a PUK code? Can anyone shed some light on this please? PUK = Pin Unlock Key. Your cellular

  • How to use puk-codeNovember 30

    how to use puk-code to startSorry, same situation. If you want to use the iphone as an iPod, you'll have to have a supported SIM. If you have, follow this article: Using an iPhone without a wireless service plan - Apple SupportRead other 5 answers

  • HT201210 how can i unlock my iphone when not remembering puk codeNovember 30

    Forgot my Iphone pincode, tried many times until the iphone asked for puk-code that I dont have. 'What to do now?Call your carrier.Read other 2 answers

  • Where can I input the puk code in iPhone 5SNovember 30

    I have forgot my Pin code Now I will trie with the PUK code Where can I give the code in iPhone 5? pathaYou can look at this support document, however it seems you need to contact the carrier. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1316Read other 2 answers

  • How do I get a PUK code if my cell phone carrier and iPad carrier are 2 different carriers?November 30

    My iPad says it's an AT&T carrier but my cell phone is a verizon carrier. So, how am I supposta get a PUK code for my iPad?My iPad says it's an AT&T carrier but my cell phone is a verizon carrier. Why does that matter? AT&T iPads are not locke

  • The PUK code doesn't unlock my phone, why?November 30

    For some reason my Huawei 330 decided to lock itself today so I typed in the PUK code and I was asked to type in another pin number to unlick the sim which I've done 6 times now but it still doesn't want to unlock. Any ideas? (It's a **bleep** phone

  • Nokia 6230i (PUK code)November 30

    I have pressed the wrong button and have been asked to enter my PUK code. Unfortunately this has not been kept. Nokia support suggests enquirers contact service providers or operators for such codes. My phone was purchased at a Carphonewarehouse and

  • What is a PUK code?November 30

    what is a PUK code?A personal unblocking code (PUC), also known as a PIN unlock key (PUK), is used in 3GPP mobile phones to reset a personal identification number (PIN) that has been lost or forgotten. Most mobile telephones offer the feature of PIN

  • HT1349 what is a PUK code?November 30

    Somehow got myself into needing a PUK code to access my normal login. Now The phone is needing a PUK code - - what the...? Help needed. Thanks KathyThat one came with your sim card. You'll need to go to your provider to retrieve it if you no longer h

  • What is the PUK code?November 30

    I want to enable a sim card lock but now need the puk code. Anyone know what that might be? Thanks!Contact at&t and they can reset it for you. http://www.wireless.att.com/answer-center/main.jsp?t=solutionTab&solutionId=KB33 662Read other 4 answers

  • Old phone and need the PUK codeNovember 30

    I have found an old phone in the bottom of a draw, that I though was lost, it has a sim card in it,I think it must be an old pay as you go phone but not sure, it is asking for a PUK code and I don't have any details of the provider or even the phone

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