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how to input signal in PFI of 6368

  • I am trying to log data from 4 voltage input signal using labview, but when i use DAQ assistant i am able to log data from one signal at a time only.October 11

    I am trying to log data from 4 voltage input signal using labview, but when i use DAQ assiatant i am able to log data from one signal at a time only.I am trying to get all 4 input data to logged in a single file againt time. I am new to Labview, I ne

  • Would like to know the meaning of the Input Signal Channel Indicators on Denon 2311CIOctober 11

    The manual has no information on the meaning of these indicators on the display. For example, why is it that when I have a DVD or Apple TV as the source, the Input Signal Channel Indicators on the left side of the display show only LF and RF (left fr

  • No input signal after creating a new track in logic 9October 11

    i am working on a song and have 14 audio track used and 5 midi . i try to create a new audio track but i have no input signal ,only the output is working.i did a upgrade recently but i am not sure if that is the problem.can someone help? ps: i have n

  • Input signal out of range with HDMI to VGA adapter LE1901wOctober 11

    Hi! Recently I acquired an LE1901w monitor to use as second screen. I'm trying to connect it to my Toshiba u925 using an HDMI to VGA adapter (because neither the monitor has a HDMI port nor the notebook has a VGA output). I'm getting the message "inp

  • Monitor "no input signal"October 11

    When I turn on the computer and the monitor, the monitor does not recognize a signal from the computer.  I have tried restarting the monitor and the computer, unplugging all cables including the power cables and reconnecting, I re-seated the graphics

  • I would like to tare (rezero) the input signal from a forceplate (glorifiedOctober 11

    I would like to tare (rezero) the input signal from a forceplate (glorified scale) so that the base signal is set to zero, e.g.: a button on the front panel that resets the signal to zero prior to getting a measurement from a subject. We calibrate th

  • How to create 2 output signal locked in phase from a one input signalOctober 11

    Hi all, I have a case in which I want read in a signal analog input (voltage) from a photodiode, I want to create a 2 sinewave signal locked in with same phase as the input signal and output them as analog output to my 2 laser diode. the frequency of

  • Input signals out of range change settings to 1440x900 - 60HzOctober 11

    I bought a new HP ENVY, I am now trying to re set up my former HP pavilion ..but I keep getting this message on my monitor"Input Signals out if range. Change settings to 1440x900 - 60Hz". I can not get past this! Help!What is the exact model of

  • Acquiring two input signals simultaneouslyOctober 11

    Hi, I have an LVDT and a force sensor (both attached to a motor) plugged into my SC board and I am trying to read out & save the output data from both sensors simultaneously while the motor is in motion. The SC-2350 board is connected to the laptop v

  • No VGA or DVI input signalNovember 30

    I recently found my old HP Pavilion a6228x after 2 months of not using it, and hooked it up to my  w1907 monitor with a vga cable.  It says that there is no VGA or DVI input signal, with the black arrow pointing at DVI. I can't switch from DVI to VGA

  • Adusting video input signal while capturing???November 30

    Hello I'm running Final Cut HD and am having trouble adjusting my video input signal. Under "Clip Settings" in the Capture Tool there appear to be controls, but they are disabled and my scopes do not appear to be reading either. Any thoughts on

  • Why is it that when I saved the waveform of my acquired signal into a wav file, the output waveform of my saved file turn out to be different from my input signal?November 30

    Hi all, I am currently doing a heart sound analyzer project. I acquired signal using NI USB 6008 continuosly. My program is able to saved the acquired signal into a wave file. But when I browse open the saved file, the output waveform did not look th

  • Is it save to use digital output as a digital input signal for another channelNovember 30

    Hi all, I know this is a stupid question, but I do not have other signal generator by hand. So what I want to know is, can I use the digital output signal of my USB-6001 as an input signal for the same device but on other digital port? I did not try

  • Error 42201 the input signal is emptyNovember 30

    hi all can you help fixing this error please ? error 42201 the input signal is empty .( i am having this error while connecting the build array function to the detrend function .  Bill DavidBill David, I can see several possibilities for an empty arr

  • How to seperate two input signalsNovember 30

    Hi people, currently i have one input voltage signal, i would like to add another input signal which display the temp from my Arduino IDE wirelessly via serial visa configure. After doing that, i would like seperate these two signals by using data bi

  • Why am I not getting any input signal into logic X or GarageBand from my audio interface?November 30

    Hello all, I'm completely new to all this so I will try my best here to give all the details needed. So, I am using a Mac mini (2013 model: i7 overclocked at 2.6, 16 gbram) and a focusrite saffire pro 24DSP. Overall both are in perfect working order.

  • No input signal (relates to Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5)November 30

    Hi I have scoured the net and this forum for solutions to this bizarre problem, but found nothing that solved my problem. Alos posted this question on the Native Instruments forum, but have had no replies). Tech details: I have a MAC Mini 10.8.3. My

  • Generating an input signalNovember 30

    I have completed the FPGA Module tutorial and I am attempting to generate an input signal, but i really don't understand exactly what is going on in the tutorial.  I have two FPGA I/O nodes in the FPGA VI that are labeled "ADC 0 PORT A_I" and a

  • Input Signal settingNovember 30

    Hi, What's the Input signal/level for recording?? 0db,-3db,-6db....what's yours?? RayMultitrack recording on an internal HD is risky. Internal 2,5" drives are not fast enough to read multiple tracks, write operatingsystem things and write your overdu

  • Input signal not in range w1907November 30

    Input signal not in range hp w1907Hello @daboxman, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Po

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