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how to import .amr file in cubase

  • Can't import .amr files into iTunesNovember 30

    I am a nursing student and rely on my iPod to listen to lectures I have recorded with my Livescribe pen. I did not have my pen one day and used my HTC Evo to record lecture. It records audio as .amr files. iTunes will not import that type of file. Ho

  • How do I import .amr audio files into PP CC 2014.2November 30

    In this support document it seems to suggest that this version of PP supports importing amr files: Installed codecs in Adobe Media EncoderHowever it doesn't work on my copy of PP. Is there some setting I need to change, or do I need to convert all my

  • I'm trying to import .amr or QuickTime audio files into an imovie 11 projectNovember 30

    My only option under Edit>import is movie, so, when I choose "movie" and locate the file on my desktop, it is not available (grayed out). How can I convert the original file [downloaded from my cell phone (.amr)] to to some form that I can us

  • Logic Pro 7 song files to Cubase (PC)November 30

    I just got Logic Pro 7. I had been recording with Garageband 3. Since I've purchased Logic Pro though, I've been importing all the files into Logic. Now here's my problem - I need to send the tracks to an engineer in Las Vegas (I'm in St. Louis) so t

  • Importing audio files into LE9 and no soundNovember 30

    So I'm now making the conversion from PC to MAC and with that said... I have exported audio recording WAV files(mono-24bit) from CuBase and attempted to import them into LE9. The file pops up within the track but no waveform is visible and of course

  • Tempo change in imported OMF fileNovember 30

    Hello folks, I was able import a project (OMF) that I did with Cubase SX (Windows) into LP8. All audio tracks imported successfully. Project was done at 145 BPM. All audio was recorded at that tempo. Now in Logic Pro 8 tempo is 120 and if i try to ch

  • Error while importing PAR file from local system.October 11

    Hi Experts, While importing PAR file into my NWDS, I am encountered by some strange error. Please refer below screenshot for your reference. After clicking on "OK" button of the above error popup, another popup emerge with different error, pleas

  • How to Import XML file into SAP B1October 11

    Dear All, I have a scenario like, I am receiving a XML file from a 3rd party application for the daily Creation,Update of Item Master,BP Master, Marketing Documents. I want to import this file into SAP B1 through its approp objects. I understand DTW

  • How to include preset in RTF import option while importing RTF files?October 11

    Dear all, I created a script which will place text from rtf files present in a folder to an active document on different page based on match. I am using a preset name "myRTF" which i will use when i import rtf files without script. Is there a wa

  • Problem Importing CR2 Files in Aperture 1.5.6October 11

    I recently shot a number of pictures at my sister's wedding using my Canon Digital Rebel XTi. I am now trying to import the RAW files into Aperture (ver. 1.5.6). Aperture will recognize the compact flash card and display the files on the card. When I

  • Tempo problems with imported wav filesOctober 11

    Hey everyone, sorry if there's a quick fix for this in the forums that I couldn't find, but I've been having some tempo problems with imported .wav files. Long story short, my system couldn't handle playing all the tracks for a song while recording d

  • How to import excel file in oracle 10g suitOctober 11

    Respected all, i am working d2k6i now i am going to 10g suit and i want to import excel file so anybody help me how to do it? Thanks in advance.Hi, This forum is dedicated to Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler, so it is possible to get an answer here,

  • After I import a movie file from the camera memory card, Imovie 10.0.1 acts as if the memory card is empty though I know it isn't.... I can't import that file to iMovie again.. is that the way it worksnow?  Thank you, FilippoOctober 11

    On IMac 10.9  After I import a movie file from the camera memory card to Imovie 10.0.1 it acts as if the memory card is empty though I know it isn't.... I can't import that file to iMovie again.. is that the way it works now?  Anyone know?  Thanks, F

  • When importing a file from a folderOctober 11

    when importing a file from a folder it appears in the organizer as a exclamation mark but no photo. can anyone help i use elements 9Hi there, Digging up an old thread slightly, but is this still definitely the case? Last week double-clicking a folder

  • Error: An error occurred importing the file. Detail: File does not exist orOctober 11

    Hi, I am getting the error the below error while importing the file in FDM. I have read and write access to the folder. I tried loading text and excel files, I am getting the same error. An error occurred importing the file. Detail: File does not exi

  • I get an error when trying to import MP3 files in iTunes?October 11

    When I try to import mp3 files into iTunes (version 6), I get an error message of: The file "song file name" can not be imported An unknown error has occurred (-50). I have already imported these files into iTnes on my old computer, but run into

  • Uploading Importing text file & crosstab displayOctober 11

    <p> I want to upload a text tab delimited file into our db, currently we are uploading it to a temp table in the db, do some validation checks and write to a table when done. I have two questions:</P> <p> 1) Is there a more efficient way

  • Error Importing text file (FDM Error 53)October 11

    When Importing a file, I receive the error "Unable to locate file" with the error logged as below. I am not using any custom import scripts and the adapter has been registered correctly. Any thoughts? ** Begin FDM Runtime Error Log Entry [2011-0

  • Regarding Importing Text fileOctober 11

    Hi All, I want to import the Text file which contains the " tab" as Deliminator. I am not able to import this file as I can not put " Tab" in check box provided on Import manager screen while importing the file. Kindly advise on the sa

  • Importing text file (delimited, fixed width) with MDM Import Manager?October 11

    Hello all, According to the overview section of the import manager reference guide, it is possible to import from delimited text files (e.g. CSV). But when it comes to the details, text files are not mentioned anymore. I also found no option in the I

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