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how to get back default radio on ipad

  • How do I turn off the default radio in my music app.  I cannot play my playlist until it first defaults to radio and then I have to start all over. this is very tedious!!!November 30

    how do I turn off the default radio in my music app.  I cannot play my playlist until it first defaults to radio and then I have to start all over. this is very tedious!!!This got me curious when I first saw it... It does indeed seem very Un-Apple-li

  • How to Retrieve YouTube default icon from iPad?October 11

    Hello iPad users.. would you like to lend some help on how you can retrieve the YouTube default icon from iPad? I no longer see it in my homescreen which I was wondering why... I would like to retrieve it. I did go to the App store to find it but the

  • Default radio option (for Rating selection) from HAP_MAIN_DOCUMENTNovember 30

    We have a requirement to remove 'select a value' default radio option (for Rating selection) from HAP_MAIN_DOCUMENT. Can you please let me know is there any BADIs available to acheive this requirement ?The normal way to do this is to set the option t

  • Default image viewer iPadNovember 30

    Weird.  My third gen iPad using iOS 6 just started showing a different default image viewer when looking at pictures in emails.  In the past, I've not had any trouble with downloading images that were in emails. However just recently, I've noticed th

  • How to activate internet radio on iPad/iphone 4sNovember 30

    How to activate internet radio on iPad. it seems that icon should aper on music icon is open but it doesn't apear on my iPad. iPad is updated to latest software. I have same issue on iPhone 4s. Can you please advise. thank you AndyI'm not sure which

  • How to get default radio button in IE11 as it is in IE8 ?November 30

    The default radio buttion in IE8 is blue in colour with 3D look and feel. But, the default radio button in IE11 is black and look and feel is different. How can i get the same radio button in IE11 as it is in IE8 ? What changes i need to do in css to

  • What is the default passcode of ipad 2, what is the default passcode of ipad 2November 30

    what is the default passcode of ipad 2? I need to reset all the setting.There is No Default Passcode... If you cannot remember the passcode, you will need to Restore your device.. Connect the Device to the iTunes library you Usually Sync with, open i

  • Is there a way to change the default colors for iPad apps?October 11

    I noticed one of my friends iPad 2 had a different color scheme for apps and I would like to change my iPad 2's default ( which is currently grey). To elaborate, the default color for the borders and tabs in Safari are grey on my iPad, my friends are

  • Default Radio button when form opensNovember 30

    Is there a way to make a radio button when form opens? for e.g. when we open key flexfield value sets form, key flexfield radio button is default. i want to do when i open the form value set button is defaultly checked. thanking you in advance.User p

  • Default Radio buttonNovember 30

    Hi Guru's I have a standard selection screen. (PNP logical db) It has around 6 radio buttons I need to keep one of them as default. How can i do this? Maximum points will be awarded.. RegardsHi, SELECT-OPTIONS : s_bukrs FOR ekko-bukrs OBLIGATORY MODI

  • Default.png on iPad/AIRNovember 30

    Hi I would like to see a splash screen come up while my iPad app loads... it currently shows a black screen. I'm developing the app with AIR for iOS in Flash Pro CS5.5 In the docs I see you need to include a Default.png file which would appear while

  • How to set a default dictionary on iPadNovember 30

    This is weird - it certainly stumped my local Apple Store bunch. I have a number of keyboards active on my iPad - English UK, Swedish, Icelandic, Russian, Greek, Emoji and Japanese Romaji/Kana. However, should I ever wish to define a word I've typed,

  • Default radio setup for PM maintenaceNovember 30

    Hi Gurus When you run PM order by using transaction IW38 enter or PM1 AND period as 31.10.9999 it will show you change PM orders: list orders when double click order ie 50035549 it will open another screen change schedule maintenance . you can see va

  • Is ipad 3 have itunes radio, is ipad 3 have itunes radio, is ipad 3 have itunes radioNovember 30

    is ipad 3 have itune radioYes. iTunes Radio is available in iOS 7 for all devices that support iOS 7 . However, currently iTunes Radio is only available in the US.  If you are not in the US and your Apple ID does not have an American address associat

  • Reset defaulted Id on ipadNovember 30

    Reset defaulted Id on ipadWhat do you mean by 'reset defaulted id' ? You can log out of the currently logged in account by tapping on it in Settings > iTunes & App Stores and you can then log in with a different account. But any content that was do

  • How to keep default radio button ?November 30

    Hello, I am having created 2 radiobuttons in my screen where i have went to edit in the menu bar and Radiobuttons define. But when i am saving the radiobutton text it is saving only when i click the radiobutton even defaultly present radiobutton also

  • AirPlay stuttering while streaming radio from iPadNovember 30

    I have a 1st gen iPad and 2nd gen Apple TV. I can stream videos, YouTube, etc from the iPad to Apple TV with no problems, but if I stream radio stations they will drop out intermittently. Some days are worse than others, but rarely does it stream any

  • Set default radio group valueNovember 30

    Hi, I want to clarify the following: Is it true that if I assign a radio group to a base table field then I can assign a default value to it? If it is not a non-base table field, I can still assign a radio group to it, but I cannot set a default valu

  • Disable iTunes Radio on iPadNovember 30

    Any one know how to disable iTunes on iPad Mini? My Kids stream movies and read iBooks from their iPads. But iTunes Radio, although it is filtered for explcit lyrics, is still not appropriate for my kids. I caught my daughter listening to Miley Cyrus

  • HR-ABAP: Defaulting Radio Button on Selection Screen of PNP LDBOctober 11

    Hi all, I am using PNP LDB (Logical Database) for program which is used for Payroll Results. Now I have a requirement wherein it is necessary to select 'Up to today' as default on the selection screen. We are having 4.7C version of SAP. I tried follo

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