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how to fond cost of mat consumed

  • Component Price Change before CK11N for Std Cost Estimate-Mat(ppc1)November 30

    Hello CO Gurus , When I am running std. costing (ck11n) for a fert material it is giving price by exploding its bom( adding component prices). I want to take one of its component price by taking 125% .( i.e. in the master (account view )of component

  • How many materail consumption cost Element accounts i have to createNovember 30

    how many materail Cost elements are using in controllingHi Raw materials consumed 1 Raw materials scrapped Consumpt.-ext. mat. in quality control w/cost elem Raw materials consumed 2 Raw mat.consumed/trading goods without cost elemnt Raw material 1 p

  • PCA: Product wise costing.November 30

    Dear Guru`s, I need to understand that how can we get product wise profitability using PCA module. If we create Fg wise and Sfg wise profit center and assigned the profit center to material masters can the sales and cost at product level be derived??

  • Yesterday I downloaded Lion. It looked really nice. I then noticed several of my programs that worked flawlessly in Snow Leopard STOPPED working. One of them was my SilverFast scanning software.A new version would cost $450.00. I am going back to Snow LeOctober 11

    I downloaded Lion yesterday. What a nightmare. Before even using it, I noticed several of my programs would not work with Lion. My Appleworks 6 program was dead as well as some other programs that I had been using for yrs. I have a dual core iMac. If

  • Confuguarable Material Cost EstimateOctober 11

    Hi All., It is an urgent requirement....... My client having both configuarable & non configuarable materials..... with regarding to the configuarable material cost estimate i don't have good grip on this. Can anybody please share some guidlines for

  • Standard Cost Analysis Report  (MCI3)October 11

    Hi, On SAP standard Cost Analsys report, i have been unable to dig out the reason of not populating values in following few columns. - Int. wage costs - Int. Mat. Costs - Ext. Wage Costs - Extenal Mat Costs - Services Costs Can anybody guide me in po

  • Reg. Process cost and raw material cost addedOctober 11

    Dear Friends Please consider our below scenario PO is created and stock is maintained in unrestricted (Raw material) and then Production order is created for Cut pcs and Raw material is issued to production order through 261 mvt type next Cut pcs is

  • Reg.Calculate Raw material cost(Fabric)+Process cost(semifinished -cutting)October 11

    Dear Friends Please consider our below scenario In AFS, PO is created and stock is maintained in unrestricted (Raw material) and then Production order is created for Cut pcs and Raw material is issued to production order through 261 mvt type next Cut

  • Display process order material wise planned costNovember 30

    Hi When I display process order CO03 and select variant Cost Trend for cost analysis. System show total figure of raw material. My requirement is to check material number wise pland qty and value for a process order. Planned Activity Qty and Actual Q

  • 3rd party- SD cost in billing not carrying the price for vendorNovember 30

    Hi all, in SD billing VF01(to customer),the cost for buying the material form vendor is prompted. The cost will take the price in the PO for vendor. Example there is 2 item. A -price 1, B - price 2. Both of the materials are being GR PO on the same d

  • Cost of materials Issued to be captured against a process orderNovember 30

    Dear Gurus, I Issue Some consumables for cleaning purpose before the start of an order. This consumables are Issued against manual reservations raised by production department. But We want the cost of these consumables to be billed to the process ord

  • CK40N - Cost estimates with errors - Error message roll-upNovember 30

    Good morning, i need to roll-up error messages from components to top-level codes. Now if a component is costed with errors (status KF) it happens that its top-level code is costed without errors (status KA). We lose time using CS15 to check componen

  • SD cost condition updation in copaNovember 30

    Dear Friends, Please help me to understand sd cost condition link with COPA . My clients has given Following cost condition: Variable Manufacturing Cost V01     Direct Materials standard cost V04     Standard Import Duty cost V05     Standard Scrap C

  • Cost Settlement + SubcontractingNovember 30

    Sir, I want to know actual cost for my fert material, which is getting ready at supplier's end, please guide me how can i get it scenario is as follow: Vendor A : Raw material SUpplier Vendor B : Finish Goods supplier Material (Fert) : "1" is my

  • CO: Statistical reposting from NWA to Cost CenterNovember 30

    Hi Gurus, My client expecting the travel expenses statistically post to Cost Center which would not affect the true posting to NWA. Is there any transaction allow us to achieve that. I've tried with the Manually reposting of cost, not sure the repost

  • Issue of material to Cost CentreNovember 30

    Dear Experts, I have a scenario where in I procure a 10 qtys of  gascylinder against My cost centre say COS101 of Mechanical Dept. I Received a gascylinder of 10qtys now. But now i will consume only 2nos of gascylinder & rest i will keep 8 in mystore

  • COPA cost estimate from costing for COGSNovember 30

    Hi, we are using sales order costing (variant config), discrete(Prdn Order) and repitative (Cost collectors) in production costing. Need to update COGS under COPA based on cost component structure using mat cost estimate. All mat uses mat type as ZIN

  • Subcontracting scrap, component consumption and service cost booked to vendorNovember 30

    Hi, Our client is issuing 100 pieces of component "A" to subcontracting vendor to manufacture finished product "B". In MIGO, we are receiving finished product B and consumption is booked for 100 pieces of component A . Invoice is paid

  • Costing of a non-stocked item in a BOMNovember 30

    Hi Guru's We are on ECC 5.0. I am having issues when costing assemblies that consume materials created with Item category 'N - Non-stocked items' in BOM. As an example, Material A is an assembly that consumes a raw material B that is purchased from a

  • Related to production order costingNovember 30

    Hello guys,   Will you guys help me in understanding the following query?        Suppose i am creating the production order for finished material of qty 20, and for which i require 20 semifinished material which i have mentioned in Bom of finished ma

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