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how to dusabke obiee web service

  • Problem with OBIEE Web Service getHTMLForReport() MethodNovember 30

    Hello, I´m trying to develop an example using the OBIEE Web Services and I have a problem with the method "getHTMLForReport(String pageID,String pageReportID,String sessionID)" (http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E12103_01/books/AnyWebServ/AnyWe

  • Applying report filter when using OBIEE web servicesNovember 30

    Hi Would like to know if it's possible apply report filter when using the web serivce ? Read from Oracle doc that there's this applyReportParams() method in ReportEditingService that could do the job. Can anyone confirm this ? Currently we've tried t

  • Handling Searching Images in OBIEE Web ServicesNovember 30

    We have a set of OBIEE web services (12 total) that are being presented on a SharePoint portal in embedded iFrames. Our business client has requested that we hide the searching.gif image (and related text) to avoid the mess that is produced with many

  • Enabling OBIEE web Services for Metadata managerNovember 30

    Hi All, We are trying to connect from Informatica metadata manager to OBIEE, and one of the pre requisite says we have to enable OBIEE web services. Please help on how I can enable the web services. Thanks for your time and help.You will have to incl

  • Obiee web services into xcelsiusNovember 30

    Hi all Have anyone tried consuming obiee through Xcelsius webservice Thanks Reddi Edited by: user12194578 on Nov 12, 2009 3:24 PMReddi, I have connected Xcelsius to OBIEE web services. It's the best of two worlds: superior obiee admin and web service

  • OBIEE Web Services into APEXNovember 30

    I am trying to get an OBIEE web service to be presented on an APEX report. The first step is to create the Web Service reference and can be done using an Apex wizard. However, when I use the address http://xxx/analytics/saw.dll?wsdl I get an error sa

  • OBIEE web services: Handling saved filtersNovember 30

    I was trying to call obiee web services to get report data. And I used ReportParams to pass the prompt values. But this was not working in case of saved filters in the report. Plz advice .....searching.gif is referred through CSS files, thus replace

  • OBIEE & Web servicesNovember 30

    Hi All Experts, I am new requirement, where 1. I want to create a report in OBIEE which has few set of records... 2. I want to send those set of records ( as in step 1) to different web based applications. Is that can be possible to send the records

  • OBIEE Web Services executeSQLQuery()November 30

    Hello, Documentation and example usage of web services is extremely poor - does anyone have an example of sample logical SQL that works in the XmlViewService's executeSQLQuery() method? It doesn't seem to accept any query I give it, leading me to que

  • OBIEE Web Services - ReportParams StructureNovember 30

    I have successfully integrated with OBIEE's Web Services to pull back HTML for specific reports. I am now moving on to filtering the reports using the ReportParams structure. I have found virtually no documentation on how to do this. I would essentia

  • OBIEE web services: unable to get an html working reportOctober 11

    Hi all, I am trying to get an html report using the OBIEE webservices and I am facing some problems when I try display the report. I have browsed a lot of websites and my conlusion is thah I might have missed the setBridge method even if I haven't re

  • OBIEE Web Services + HtmlViewService returns an iframe?November 30

    It looks like the when using the HTMLViewService methods, they are just returning an iframe. When I write the HTML to a file and load the page, I am getting an Access is Denied error from the JavaScript. Probably something to do with cross-site scrip

  • OBIEE Web service Html View ServiceNovember 30

    Please help us with the solution I am facing the problem of displaying the report to the page ; the page is empty and when view source the html is encodedHaving Exactly the same issue. I return the output of this htmlClient.getHtmlForReport(pageID, r

  • OBIEE webservices (XMLViewService Web Service or  QueryResults Structure)November 30

    Hi All OBIEE experts, I have an requirement, where to get the resultset from an OBIEE answers request from external java program using the OBIEE web services. I have spent some time to look into the web services and later found about the 'XMLViewServ

  • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition web servicesNovember 30

    How can I consuming OBIEE web services? I need an example. Kind RegardsI would start with the BI forums http://forums.oracle.com/forums/category.jspa?categoryID=145 If no answer in a reasonable time, I would post an update in the question indicating

  • Filter Expression in Web servicesNovember 30

    Several OBIEE web services use the ReportParameters structure. Does anybody know what is the format of the filter expressions in the Report Parameters structure?Finally we get the code run, below is the 2 sample for equal and in operation: String fil

  • Oracle BI Web Services to extract Presentation VariablesNovember 30

    Hi Folks, I have a complex requirement and was unable to find the right solution on web. My general question is, What is the C# code which uses Oracle BI Web Services to extract Presentation Variables information and write it to XML files? We are una

  • How to embed user credentials in Secured Web Service from OBIEE 11gFMW?October 11

    I am trying to invoke a webservice that I successfully exposed as a WSDL Web Service using EBS Integrated SOA Gateway. I am using OBIEE 11g Action Framework which uses WebLogic. Here are the steps I completed: - I exposed a WSDL web service in EBS R1

  • Deliver data to external web service possible in OBIEE 11g?October 11

    Hi all, I'm looking into the possibility of "pushing" data from OBIEE and out to an external web service, e.g. through executing a scheduled report that instead of delivering the result on screen, it would call an external web service that would

  • Running a Report in OBIEE using Web ServicesOctober 11

    Hi , I had a requirement , where I wanted to schedule a run of all reports ,for a particular user using Webservices. I am trying to use JDeveloper 11 ,and trying to call the webservices method for logging into the OBIEE server. But I am stuck , with

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