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how to convert a dps folio into apk file

  • Converting AIR file to APK fileNovember 30

    Hi to all... I am new to adobe air ..I am developing a desktop application using adobe flex builder 3....I exoprt my project as .air file and execute it in adobe air 2.7 and its work fine in my system .... Now my questions are.. 1. whether may i conv

  • Folio into an apk fileNovember 30

    Is there any way to convert a folio file into an apk file (for Android) for free? Sorry for my english.Good things dont come free.. You can still publish to android using Adobe DPS pro/Ent licence. Also just to add you can use adobe content viewer to

  • How to hyperlink a pdf or embed a pdf in DPS Folio?October 11

    I want to have an option where i want to connect a pdf to a button in DPS folio. I cannot upload the pdf on the any server and link it. So is there a way to connect or embed a pdf in the dps folio?"The PDF image format now works on Android and Deskto

  • Best practice for exporting a dps folio so a third party can work on it?October 11

    Hi All, Keen for some thoughts on the best practice for exporting a dps folio, indd files, links and all, so a third party can carry on the work. Is their a better alternative to packaging each individual indd file and sharing the folio through adobe

  • Thumbnail View in DPS Folio Producer: EditorOctober 11

    Hi, When will the thumbnail view for PDF folios become available in the DPS Folio Producer: Editor? This feature is waiting since a very long time to be implemented. Or switch at least the behavior so the list view opens by default. Or remove the thu

  • Viewing DPS folio on Content Viewer on PCOctober 11

    I am developing a DPS folio on a Mac for publication on iOS devices. I have a co-worker who needs to review my content on a PC. He is not using Adobe apps but has downloaded the Content Viewer on his PC. I have shared my folio with him and he can rea

  • Viewing Folios with DPS Folio Producer and Adobe Content Viewer on IPad?October 11

    What is the path to viewing a folio, on an IPad, that has been published with the DPS Folio Producer.  Opening Adobe Content Viewer on IPad has no obvious path to the folio in the Producer. There is no obvious path to the library in Adobe Content Vie

  • Converting an AIR application developed using Adobe Flash Builder 4 to an .apk file for AndroidNovember 30

    Hi, Is there anyone would could provide me a link or a simple guide on how to convert an AIR application I developed for the desktop  to an .apk file so I could test it on an Android device? Without using Adobe Flash Builder Burrito...Thx.Hi nerostea

  • DPS Folio producer / Organizer: library filtersNovember 30

    Hello, It would be great to be able to fill the "library filter" with several items in Folio Producer. Thanks.Thank you for your replies. It does list all of the articles, yes. Just no thumbnails. We didn't export anything to PDF - they are all

  • Export or package a DPS folio file to a html formatNovember 30

    Can you export or package a DPS folio file to a html format, packed with all of the images? Thank you for letting me knowThank you for letting me know Neil. Is it possible to export the DPS Folio File to any other format than .folio, which could be a


    I have create an andoid app in the dps builder. I am done ok with the certificates and all the procedures , and i want to dowload the apk fie to test it.In my builter there is only one apk file named android installer .apk. As i have seen in all tuto

  • DPS Folio Producer ToolsNovember 30

    How do I properly install DPS Folio Producer Tools? I keep getting an error messageI am working in Adobe InDesign CC 9.2 Mac OS X 10.7.5 When I open the Folio Builder Panel in InDesign this appears: "You do not have a compatible Digital Publishing Pl

  • DPS folios from the UKNovember 30

    Having difficulty buying 10k DPS folios from the UK - anyone have a link or can advise best way to do this? Seems the DPS store/checkout is buggy as hell...  tried emailing Adobe for direct support...  may as well have emailed Lord Lucan! ThanksHad t

  • DPS Folio Producer: EditorNovember 30

    Hi I've just noticed whenever we open a .Folio in the DPS Folio Producer: Organizer we are taken to the editor screen which uses Acrobat.com Workspaces. Will this feature be effected by the retirement of workspaces? If so what will replace it? We cur

  • Pages of Folio have disappeared in DPS Folio Producer: OrganizerNovember 30

    Hi there, We designed our latest magazine issue and by default it was set to version 20. It was showing up fine at this point in the DPS Folio Producer Organizer. When we updated to the latest software we had quite a few issues, so in trying to fix t

  • Ad Hoc distribution with app built from DPS folioNovember 30

    Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to deploy (ad hoc) an app built from the DPS tools.  If it is, what are the implications and the methods?  Currently, the only way that I am able to build iPad applications from DPS folio documents is from the V

  • Deploy an internal DPS folioNovember 30

    Hi all, We actually working arround deploying an internal DPS Folio in our company. We already have a single edition licence included with our Creative Cloud program. I found a ressource on Adobe website on how to deploy an internal viewer (see here)

  • Signed apk file shows only header when run - the rest of the screen is blankNovember 30

    Hi I have built a folio for Android app. published the folio Used DPS app builder to build the app used terminal to build the keystone Use the DPS Tool to sign the app I transferred the apk file to the Android device and installed it - it installs fi

  • Working at a newspaper, I'm having difficulty making a presentation made in Indesign and must be transformed in an application for Ipad / IOs.  That occurs in DPS consgigo generate the file .ipa put it nsao install on Device, getting the message "instalOctober 11

    Working at a newspaper, I'm having difficulty making a presentation made in Indesign and must be transformed in an application for Ipad / IOs. That occurs in DPS consgigo generate the file .ipa put it nsao install on Device, getting the message "inst

  • Testing apk files on the B & N Nook/Amazon Kindle FireNovember 30

    Can someone provide some guidance on how to test on the B & N Nook Device and the Amazon Kindle Fire. I am aware that both devices are Android-based and accept the apk files. However, I would like to test on both devices but I am not sure that these

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