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how to clean printhead hp 6830

  • Problem with HP Officejet Pro 8500 printer: cleans printheads every time it's turned onOctober 11

    Hello everybody, the printer HP Officejet Pro all-in-one 8500 (A909a - product n. CB022A) cleans printheads every time I turn it on. This problem affects any HP Officejet Pro 8500 printer, it isn't a problem only of that one I purchased. It is an ann

  • Re: Problem with HP Officejet Pro 8500 printer: cleans printheads every time it's turned onOctober 11

    I own two of these printers and they both have been cleaning printheads every time it's turned on. My old HP officejet never had  these problems.  The real problem is HP s   credibility . They promoted that these printers used half the ink as any oth

  • Cleaning printheadOctober 11

    I am trying to troubleshoot another problem and cleaning printhead has been on the display for 30 minutes without anything going on in the machine.  If i turn it off and restart, it begins the cleaning printhead all over again.  This all started with

  • Clean printheadsNovember 30

    Color printing is faint and then not uniform.  The ink level is good.  I take it the printhead needs to be cleaned.  But when I click Clean Printheads until the Utility I get an error message "Cleaning could not be Initiated" with the recommenda


    HP OFFICE JET 4620.....   HOW DO I FIND WHERE & HOW TO CLEAN THE PRINT HEADS, DEEP CLEANING, ETC?Hello @Musiclady1, I would like to assist you today with cleaning the Printheads on your HP Officejet 4620 e-All-in-One Printer. Can I please have you fo

  • How do I clean printhead on c309November 30

    All of a sudden my black will not print.  I cannot locate information on cleaning the print headHi, Follow the steps below to clean the printhead: Press the Setup button ( ) on the product control panel. Press the down arrow button ( ) to select Tool

  • HP Officejet Pro 8500A Plus Keeps on cleaning printheadOctober 11

    My Officejet keeps on cleaning its print head, and it keeps on doing it, over and over again. I dont understand what the problem is.After it Finally Cleans the Printhead, it says checking printer and then starts cleaning the printhead again.Why does

  • HP Officejet pro 8500 A909g Can I clean printheads or is it necessary to put in new ones?October 11

    Have been having issues with poor color quality. Also Black ink prints sometimes not always. e.g. On duplex printing balck ink fades to nothing after a couple of pages. I know the issue is in the printheads as even the print cartridge holder is full

  • My colors are not printing out right after I changed the cartridges/cleaned printheadsOctober 11

    I have an officejet pro 7780 all in one and the colors were starting to fade and I had a message my inks were low so I exchanged the old color cartriges with Hp cartridges, cleaned the printheads and ran all diagnostics and I still can' t get the col

  • Officejet 6000 cleaning printheadsNovember 30

    My printer stopped printing in Black with a new ink tank.  I tried printing a test page but it comes out plank except for the few spots of color.  I thought maybe I need to clean my printheads but can't find out how to do itPlease see the document li

  • Clean printheads officejet 8600November 30

    Today I had a paper jam in my HP Officejet Pro 8600 Premuin all-in-one printer. After I cleared the jam all pages print with a vertical row of smudges down the page. I ran the usual diagnostics and printed test pages but nothing cleared up the proble

  • How to manually clean printheads on H711N (6700 all-in-one) Printer?November 30

    Getting message "printheads missing/undetected/incorrectly installed". Just need some guidance on cleaning print heads in my 6700. Great printer, I really dont wont to replace it yet. Windows 7.Hello there, Welcome to the Forums! I hope you enjo

  • My yellow ink just stopped after 20 pages. cleaning printhead didn't help per hp instructions.November 30

    I have a photosmart plus b210e series. My yellow ink started streaking, and then gave out completely within about 2 pages of printing photos. The diagnostic report confirms that yellow doesn't show up. but the printer seems to think everything is fin

  • Printer does not print the blue ink and clean printheads does not show the blue blocksNovember 30

    I cleaned my printheads numerous times and ran the printing test but the blue blocks do not show up.  There are no streak lines in any of the other colors. How do I fix this problem?Hey there @mvelalis! Thank you for posting on the HP Forums! I would

  • #7590-black ink not getting thru to paper.Changed cartridge/cleaned printhead. Colors ok.November 30

    After 2 months of non use, ink not getting thru to paper, sounded as if printhead was working. There was ink build up at cartridge, cleaned them and printhead. No help. Changed cartridges. Colors m/y/c came thru but not black. Any suggestions.The ink

  • Clean printhead psc 1355 using windows 8November 30

    Dear HP Forun I have connect my old psc 1355 Allin one Printer to windows 8.1 one of the print heads seems blocked! The print Director does not provide the option ' set up, Tools, clean Print head, (or check ink levels) etc,. This facility worked ok

  • Cannot print any black at all, have cleaned printhead, and changed cartridge, but still nothing.November 30

    Cannot print black at all. have changed the printhead and still nothingThe document here has troubleshooting steps that may help resolve black not printing on your Officejet 6500a Plus.  Be sure to check the vents.  If the above does not resolve the

  • How to clean print heads on hp 6830 series printerNovember 30

    A message appears on the printer screen saying "the printer heads need to be cleaned". I can't find anything on how to clean it.Welcome to the HP Community , I came across your message about your Officejet 6830 showing "the printhead needs

  • How to clean the printheads on a C209a all in oneNovember 30

    I have just replaced all my ink cartridges, but can't get anything to print. I re-installed the printer, ran the 'clean printhead' command in the 'tools' menu and still nothing.  Can someone please help me with how to clean the actual printheads manu

  • HP Photosmart c410 won't print magenta after I cleaned the printheadNovember 30

    I recently tried printing a document but the black came out faded, even though I had a lot of black ink left. This has happened before so I figured I needed to clean out the printhead to clear up any gunk stuck inside. I rinsed the printhead out and

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