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how to activate vst in condition type

  • Condition type value updation using characteristic value in sales orderOctober 11

    Hi Experts, We are implementing SAP for one of our Spain client. In that one of the Legal requirements is, whenever they are selling the finished products to domestic customers who contain OIL as one of the component then, some additional cost needs

  • How to Activate a Condition Type in the Tax OCde for A/P  -- Very UrgentOctober 11

    Hi  Peers I'm creating a new Tax Code in T.Code FTXP, while creating, One Condition Type is Deactivated, say JM01, How to activate that condition Type. I know how to activate the Condition Type in A/R side but I want to know it in A/P side.  Plz help

  • To write&activate new Requirement for customr discount condition type k007November 30

    Hi Guru's, how to write and activate new Requirement for customer discount condition type K007 in VOFM. could please guide me step by step process or if you have any programming language related to this please provide me that would be helpfull to me.

  • De-activate Condition typeNovember 30

    Hi, I need a deactivate a condition type ,once it reaches the maximum value . I had already written a routine for calculating the maximum value,once it reaches the max value ,I have to deactivate the condition type. Suitable answers will be rewarded.

  • Main Item net value showing as zero by condition type R100.October 11

    Hi Experts, I am configured free goods, maintained condition record for exclusive free goods. but in sales order free goods item is not populating and when i see the analysis the requirement 55 not met. I removed the requirement 55 and i saved it. St

  • Condition Type to be excluded whil creating Return sales Order from invoiceOctober 11

    Hi Frnds, I have the following requirement. Sales order order is created and its delivered and invoiced too. This sales order has some freight pricing condition types (RCD1, RCD2...)included since its shipped to customer. When the customer wants to r

  • How to set required for group of condition type in the same condition classOctober 11

    Hello,           we have a group of condition type with the same condition class B, the last one have been set, and all of others will be inactive. but we don't set any required for all the condition types in pricing control, so if user don't set any

  • List of sales condition types for a materialOctober 11

    Hi, I have a material and maintained pricing and discount condition types for that material. I guess VK33 helps to view what condition types maintained for that material. However when I tried VK33 and selected the material from the conditions from th

  • Purchase order condition typeOctober 11

    Hello All, I have one requirement in which i want to show the total of three condition types of taxes section in one condition type in conditions tab. for eg in PO in invoice tab> taxes there are three condition of taxes like jm0p,jiex,jecp and there

  • Adding Condition types to ME11October 11

    hello gurus! My requirement is to add freight condition types to ME11 while creating info records. The users should enter freight conditions unconditionally w/o which the info record should not be saved. I tried validating this before save. I used Ba

  • Wrong calculation for condition type for misc. provision in service POOctober 11

    Hi Gurus, In service PO line item, we have maintained customised condition type for misc provision. this is % based on net price. It has been assigned account key and accrual key. It's manual. Logically, it should calculate the value based on the tot

  • Shipment cost - condition type item levelOctober 11

    hey all , i have in 1 pricing procedure 4 condition types . 3 of them at delivery level and 1 at shipment level . i created a requirement that activate the delivery level condition (3 conditions) OR the shipment condition ( 1 condition ) . the shipme

  • Shipment cost condition types - Insurance and loading/pickingOctober 11

    Hello Experts! I am trying to create a pricing procedure for shipment containing : -One pricing condition for insurance (the insurance is a % of the total value of the transported goods (value of the delivery)). -One pricing condition for loading. Wh

  • PO Change history for Condition typesOctober 11

    Hi All, I need to develop a PO ammendment report, where my client wants to capture all changes in the PO. I have checked and found that for fields like pricing/ tax conditions and texts SAP does not keep any track of change. Say for example my freigh

  • Pricing Condition Type for Break down discount (zbdo)October 11

    Hello Members , Business :  Suppose you create order on 16/07/2010 then the ZBDO = 5%, but after the 18/07/2008 then ZBDO = 10 %, it activate automatically in the pricing procedure. I am doing : Change in the Condition type in *Scale basis = Time per

  • Service tax condition types in Pricing Procedure in SD(Taxinn)October 11

    I need one more advice on Service tax. I am configuring order type for services.In that in pricing I have to add the service tax conditions type for service tax & cess on that.We do not have any standard condition type in our pricing procedure for se


    Hi Guys, In one import P.O I have a condition tyoe for custom duty,when I get in side the details of that condition type there one field "Condition Control" in Condition data tab/folder. In P.O this has been populated automatically and in gray c

  • TAXINN Procedure and excise duty condition type MissingNovember 30

    Hi, We are implementing CIn and found that standard condition based procedure TAXINN and Condition type pertaining to Excise duties (JEXP,JCEP,JECP) and Central sales tax (JCST) are missing.But TAXINJ procedure is available. We need to know whether B

  • How to transfer SRM PO Condition Type and Custom fields to ECC?November 30

    Hi All, I have a scenario to transfer SRM Line item condition types and few custom fields to ECC. I have found the following things but structure  'CI_EKPODB' does not exists in ECC. I am using 'SRM 5.00' and 'SAP ECC 6.0'. NOTE: I have to transfer c

  • Planned Values Tab in Condition TypeNovember 30

    Hi Everybody , As a part of the standard Sales promotion Solution in COPA , the Planned Value tab in the Condition Type for a Sales Deal needs to be available. Tcode VB21 for a Condition type & then click the Magnifier lens...in which the planned val

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