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how rman does not go fractured block

  • What is a Fractured Block ?November 30

    Hi , May anyone let me know what is a Fractured Block, how it comes and what is its impact in the database ? Thanks in advance. DeepFractured Blocks a.k.a split blocks comes while taking non-RMAN online backups. Read the following excerpt to know mor

  • Can a "shutdown abort" cause a fractured block?November 30

    Hey there, simple question: Can a "shutdown abort" cause a fractured block? I'm currently doing some postmortem work on an old DB (EBS R12 OBA) installation and what might lead to a fractured block. It appears that once a fractured block is dete

  • RMAN logical backup containing unused blocksNovember 30

    Dear Experts When i taking logical backup of datafile from RMAN utility i notify that it will also backed up all unused blocks from datafile, so what i need to do, how to avoid that unused block from being backed up while taking logical backup of dat

  • Block corruption problem in alert and rman/dbv no show errorsNovember 30

    Hello, I'm new in Oracle's world. I have one problem with Oracle (RHEL 5.6) x64. Archive redo-log enable In the alert.log, three days ago show (the server have kernel panic & rebooted): Mon Sep 24 18:18:17 2012 Hex dump of (file 17, block 66

  • Corrupted block rmanNovember 30

    Hi As far as I know, if rman finds block corruption, it will terminate the backup session. However, in my scenerio, rman skipped the corrupted block and continue taking backup of remaining datafiles. What is the reason for this? Note that, I didnt us

  • Oracle 11g: Block Corruption in SYSAUX FileOctober 11

    Hello All, I am facing Data corruption issue in the SYSAUX file. We are using Oracle 11G (Microsoft 32 bit) and our system is running in noarchivelog mode. Following are the errors in the alert log. e:\sc\sc15.2\databases\oracleconfig\diag\rdbms\enms

  • Less redo generates at the time of online backup using RMANOctober 11

    Hi, can someone eleborate that why less redo generates at the time of RMAN online backup in comparison of manual hotbackup. ThanksA manual hot backup (aka "OS backup" or "scripted backup") cannot handle fractured blocks. This happens w

  • Resolving block corruption issueNovember 30

    Hi All, In one of our database a block in a datafile gotcorrupted, but I am not getting any object related to the corrupted. [email protected] [home/oracle] $ dbv file=/oradata/ESPSSTOR/data03.dbf blocksize=8192 Page 697507 is influx - most likely me

  • Block Corruption in the SYSAUX tablespaceNovember 30

    Problem Description: Block Corruption in the SYSAUX tablespace : ================================== We are facing block corruption issue in the SYSAUX tablespace during rman backup.. So currently we are using SET MAXCORRUPT FOR DATAFILE 3 TO 2; param

  • SYSTEM TS Corruption - Zero BlocksNovember 30

    One of our production instances use operating system level COPY as backup method. When we tried to implement rman backups, we came to know there are some zero blocks in system tablespace. after doing a DBV on the datafile noted by rman, we found ther

  • User hot and Rman hot backupNovember 30

    During user mode hot backup lots of redo gets generated as the entire block is written when any changes are made to a block which is in hot backup mode.But during Rman hot backup less redo are generated why is this so and whatz the logic invloved? an

  • Is it necessary to take RMAN backup for ASMNovember 30

    Hi all I also know we need RMAN to take backup for ASM . But i also seen its possible to take backup by using dd command itself on ASM . Why we need RMAN rather than this method . What is the specific reason we using RMAN,its possible to take backup

  • Recovery of Frectured blockNovember 30

    Oracle 10g on win 2003 server both(32 bit) Problem: ======= 1. select*from v$log; GROUP# THREAD# SEQUENCE# BYTES MEMBERS ARC STATUS FIRST_CHANGE# FIRST_TIM 1 1 1892 52428800 1 NO INACTIVE 62251690 23-JAN-12 2 1 1893 52428800 1 NO CURRENT 6

  • How RMAN do online backup?November 30

    When doing RMAN online backup, all datafiles are not in backup mode( not like user managed backup). How oracle did that? multifiles backup at same time without redo and undo. Thanks.From Article Note:76736.1 RMAN FAQ: Recovery Manager -- Frequently A

  • ORACLE 8.0.5 on SuSE 5.3 and 6.0 - Corrupt BlockOctober 11

    I do some heavy loading (Designer 2000) and I do get similar errors on 2 different computer with mirrored disks -different systems - on each one. So I'd like to exclude hardware problems. it's experimental - so I do not run archives - Designer on W95

  • How to get the size of the backed up datafile in a backup set with rman?October 11

    Oracle 10gR2 and catalog is in place. Since RMAN only backups the used blocks(does not take backup from NEVER USED blocks), what can be the explanation of some extra space during backups? And also how to trace this space allocation by datafile with v

  • How do we judge RMAN volumetrics?October 11


  • Data Block CorruptionOctober 11

    I'm on 9i R2 Patch 7 on a Microsoft Windows Server 2003. How do you fix data block corruption in a Table? Is the some way to retrieve the data from the Table drop it then recreate and reimport the data? or do you have to succumb with restoring the Da

  • Estimating size of RMAN backsets before taking backupNovember 30

    I have a database version of size 4571.1201 GB ========================================== SQL> select sum(bytes/1024/1024/1024) from dba_data_files; SUM(BYTES/1024/1024/1024) 4571.1201 ========================================== I need to est

  • Oracle10gR2 indexing changes the block ?November 30

    DB: Oracle 10g R2 x864 OS: SUSE Linux x864 DR Product/Tool: Novell Platespin(http://www.novell.com/products/forge/) We are using a block based replication tool(Platespin) to maintain a DR of our customer's Database Server(oracle 10g R2 atop SUSE Linu

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