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how i call bat file form 10g

  • How to generate a PDF output using batch file in 10GOctober 11

    Hello, I am using .bat file to generate a report PDF output. I have done this many times in 6i but for 10G I am unable to do the same. Can someone please look at the syntax below and let me know where I am going wrong. I understand that reports are d

  • Open bat file on client machine using webutilOctober 11

    Hi all. I'm on devsuite 10g. I want to run a bat file on client machine using client_host function of webutil. I have tried first to execute the bat file with mouse double-click in order to check if it is ok, and it works. Now I want to execute this

  • Bat file execute all *.sql files in a folderNovember 30

    Hi all, How to write a *.bat file to execute all *.sql files in a folder? Because have about 20 *.sql file in a folder. There are used to fix data in my database. The number of *.sql file increases day by day. So I want to write a *.bat file to execu

  • Bat file for running scheduled jobsNovember 30

    Hi I am not entirely sure whether this is the correct forum to post this question, so apologies if I have posted this question in the wrong place. Anyhow, I would like to know how to create two automated bat file scripts that will execute a PL/SQL pa

  • Reg: call procedure in bat file.November 30

    Hi Friends    i have created procedure in my oracle database. now i want to call this procedure through Bat file. and my procedure is like PROC_VALIDATION(FILENAME IN VARCHAR2(50)); my procedure passing parameter also. please help.Is this what you ar

  • 11g - how to clear cache by bat fileNovember 30

    hi, experts, in 10g, it is able to clear the cache using bat file. by bat file, I can set a windows schedule to clear the cache for 11g, how to do this?Please look into these two blog posts to create the batch file you need: http://shivabizint.wordpr

  • Selecthome.bat file in oracle10g - BINNovember 30

    I have seen selecthome.bat file in oracle10g ..to select a home of that database Do we have same type of file in Oracle8i ?Didn't use 8i :) But it seems there should be. Please refer below link http://stackoverflow.com/questions/153151/connect-to-an-

  • Running a Bat file from a stored procedureOctober 11

    This is part II of Re: Need to run bat file from application express I thought I would open a new thread I thought I had this fiqured out but it still doesn't work 1) I granted CREATE EXTERNAL JOB to my user 2) startup the OracleJobScheduler Service

  • HELP:: Flash unable to open BAT file or PPT fileOctober 11

    HELP Please.... I am using Flash MX.. my projector exe file doesnt seem to open/call "myppt.bat" file which calls a powerpoint (PPS) file after the animation is over. The bat file runs well when self executed but not from flash... I also install

  • Reading the registry from a .bat fileOctober 11

    I've searched a bit on web before asking and I apologies a head of time but my knowledge of .bat files is a little lacking. Currently I have a working .bat file I created, but was looking to adding something extra to it and just can't seem to find ex

  • Firefox Does Not Open a Link Pointing to a .bat file on a the network drive on local websiteOctober 11

    Make and model of network drive? --HP Priliant DL580 G5 How is you network set up? --Novell Netware 6.5 What router are you using? --Cisco router c3825 What are you trying to do with the batch file? --simple program that launches a batch file that is

  • Using a .bat file to use Values in Registry from another RegistryOctober 11

    I recently starting working in an IT Department and for years my superiors/co-workers have always had a piece of software called "cyt.exe". When ever I logged in someones computer as Admin, this software allowed me to log out with their username

  • How can I use an java based app that starts via an inf or bat file?October 11

    I have java exe application that is started using a .bat file and a java exe application that is started using an inf file. Both the .bat and inf prevent the respective application from kicking off.  Is there a way to convert these file types so that

  • Can anyone help me rewrite a .bat file to work on my iMac?October 11

    I need some help writing these .bat files so i can use them on my mac @echo off @title Dump set CLASSPATH=.;dist\Lithium.jar;dist\mina-core.jar;dist\slf4j-api.jar;dist\slf4j-j dk14.jar;dist\mysql-connector-java-bin.jar java -server -Dnet.sf.odinms.wz

  • How to call a .bat file from java code?October 11

    How to call a .bat file from java code? and how can i pass parameters to that .bat file? Thanks in advancethanks for ur reply but still i am getting the same error. I am trying to run a .bat file of together tool, my code looks like below import java

  • How to call a java class in a bat fileOctober 11

    Hi I need to call a Test.java class in a bat files .It refer .DOM.jar in C:/url; How do i call the java class i need the syntax Thanks lotassuming lanch.bat, Test.class and DOM.jar are in c:\url assuming %JAVA_HOME% is defined (else substitue it with

  • Getting error while running ua.bat file of Oracle Data Integrator 12cR1 ( versionOctober 11

    Hi, I am using windows 7 professional(service pack 1) 64 bit operating system. After installing the odi 12c (enterprise edition) by executing the odi_121200.jar file I am getting the following error while trying to run the ua.bat file. [2013-10-24T16

  • Error when running a bat fileOctober 11

    Can someone tell me what this error means; "ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error" I had Oracle XE on my Windows XP Pro SP3, but I also install the EE of Oracle which I haven't setup yet. Originally when I run this .bat file by double clicking o

  • Trying to run a bat file from oracleOctober 11

    I have followed these steps, see bottom for results, everything is valid but the bat file does not run???? PLease need your help. Doug CREATE OR REPLACE AND COMPILE JAVA SOURCE NAMED "getbatx" AS class getbatx //class pdfopen public static void

  • Execute SSIS Package from JOB which contains Execute Process Task calling a .bat fileOctober 11

    Hi All, I have a EXCEL Macro needs to be called from SSIS. We could not use Script task because of some internal reason. So we have taken an approach to call a .BAT file using Execute Process Task. This .BAT file will call a .VBS file which will exec

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