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  • List Open POs & Qty pop up during PO creationNovember 30

    I have tried using ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST but i suppose using this only message can be given that 2 po are open with this qty.But my requirenment is to show PO no. & qty as pop up also at PO level. Pls guide.Hi, You can use call screen or create a custom

  • Sales order pop up for maximum 5 qty.November 30

    Hi all, In my business scenario pen (Quantity =10) is one item in sales order. As per requirement the system should give popup if order qty. increases more the 5. How we can configure this thing in system. Please elaborate in steps if possible. Regar

  • Report for material with sloc,qty available, and production orderOctober 11

    hi friends, i need advice on getting this report for material with qty and specific sloc with the corresponding Prodn order numbers. in mb51 i could get all these details except the prodn order no. could you advice me please?to make sure you know how

  • To POP up the open sales order quantity in Sales orderOctober 11

    Hi gurus, I hav a requirement that for example,I raised an order for 100 Qty and delivered 80 materials 20 is open,So when i raise an order for the same material for 50 Quantity,I need to get POP up box saying that 20 qTY IS OPEN. in Sales order. I a

  • Delete the entry from dropdown list in the pop up window in ALV reportOctober 11

    Hi All, I have a requirement in the ALV interactive report ZMM_IMPL .If we enter selection screen parameters its displaying the first screen.If we click on 'Goods Issue' tab ,it display the pop up window for Requirement Pick list with Batch number ,S

  • Inspection Lot Type 03 Confirmation Pop-UpOctober 11

    Gurus, Can anyone tell me why I am getting a Pop-Up that has the fields for 'Yield', 'Scrap' and 'Rework Qty' and Radio buttons for Partial Confirmation, Final Confirmation and No Confirmation on an 03 Lot when I complete all results and hit save in

  • How to create a pop up window while creation of the delivery note.October 11

    Hello Experts How to create a pop up window while creation of the delivery note. As soon as we go in to delivery note creation screen in VL01N, immediately a pop up screen should be displayed on the screen containing the following details, For e.g. S

  • Posting of rejected qty thru QMOctober 11

    Hi, I have a issue were i need to post 8 out of 10 qty to unrestricted stock and remaining 2 to be done rework how should i post it and how the rework will be done is not clear. I have a tried to do it by posting 8 in unres and remaining 2 to return

  • Accounting of POP (advertise) materialsOctober 11

    Dear All, We are purchasing advertising materials from outside vendors at manufacturing plant and sending these materials to sales offie and then these material are being delivered to the customers as free of cost.Right now only purchase activity has

  • MIRO should be allowed only for the accepted Qty (QC accepted qty)November 30

    Hi Friends I have one more requirement , MIRO should be allowed only for the accepted Qty (QC accepted qty) or Subcontract MIRO should be allowed only for the quantity accepted by QC with QM control key in material master(QM view) we can block for pa

  • Rounding profile: convert ordered qty to another UoMNovember 30

    Hi all, I would like to convert the ordered qty on the sales order into a different unit of measure. This can be done with rounding profile. However, I don't want it to round if it is not exact. For example: 1 case = 100 EA. If a customer orders 100

  • Commercial Invoice in not Popping up during MIGONovember 30

    Against One Purchase Order I have performed Planned Delivery cost of imported material with T. Code MIRO for 1000 No Qty.  Now first i have done Goods Receipt of only 500 no and while doing this commercial invoice window popped up (which was generate

  • Marketing Document row insert a pop-screenNovember 30

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me whether or not we can create a pop screen (table format) for user to input information to it while entering a Sales Invoice detail. Example: Under the Sales Invoice qty field, after the user enter the qty, I wish to have a

  • QA32/QA11 user decision should pop up LT06 screenNovember 30

    Hi, When we distribute the quality stock from inspection lot to unrestricted and blocked, we want the LT06 popup to distribute the palletized qty. Palletization is already done during CORK and is in Q stock. Because distribution to UR and blocked is

  • Immediate pop up of ATP delivery proposal screenNovember 30

    Hi. I recall in an older environment the ATP delivery proposal screen was immediately called upon pressing ENTER on sales order (subject to no incompleiton message) but I now have to select the order line and click on ATP icon to see the ATP delivery

  • Refered qty vs actual qty in sales orderNovember 30

    My client scenario is : Step 1: Create a Sales order Step 2: Create Billing Request ( Sales document) Step 3: Create an invoice Sales order > Billing Request> Invoice I created a sales order with 1000 qty. when i try to create a billing reqst agains

  • Batch determination- availability qtyNovember 30

    Hi Gurus, i am doing batch determination in process orders. in "batch determination co: batches" pop-up, batch no and available qty is shown which is less than the unrestricted qty in MMBE transaction. is there any way to see how system calculat

  • Confirmed qty is always zero..November 30

    Hi all, I am testing the Consignment Process in SD. I have done the below settings in IMG.  But when I create the Consign Fillup Order, always the "Availability Control Screen" pops with the Confirmed qty showing always ZERO....even though the p

  • GATP check without delivery proposal (pop-up window)November 30

    Hi experts, we have the following requirement. The customer would like to implement a gATP check for several products with a neutral product allocation check (in the current project phase). The specific requirement is, no delivery proposal pop-up win

  • Sales order pop up enhancemnetNovember 30

    During the sales order creation, all the valid contracts and quotations are listed so that users can select relevant contract or quotation to copy price and all other relevant data. The list displays information like Document number, Order qty, Net V

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