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hfm cluster IDispatch error #1553

  • HFM Cluster configuration is failing in distributed environmentNovember 30

    Hi Gurus, I am configuring HFM 11.1.2 on windows 2008 server with sql server 2005.This is a distributed installation. Server 1: Financial Management Server Server 2: Financial Management Web Services Web Application Financial Management Web Services

  • IDispatch error codes 5056, 1590, and 1557 makes hfm Srvr registration failNovember 30

    I have installed EPM and configured everything successfully except for Financial Management. When configuring Financial Management the Server/Cluster registration fails and I can't deploy to the imbeded App Srvr. the hfm-config.log file show

  • HFM DCOM Configuration ErrorNovember 30

    Hi all, I am getting below error while configuring DCOM in HFM. Can you guys help me by giving me some thoughts ? (Fri Nov 12 07:03:44 2010) Successfully set the user to DCOM limits (Fri Nov 12 07:03:44 2010) Successfully set the user to DCOM limits

  • [SOLVED] Can't add a node to the cluster with error (Exchange 2010 SP3 DAG Windows Server 2012)October 11

    Hi there! I have a problem which makes me very angry already :) I have two servers Exchange 2010 SP3 with MB role started on Windows Server 2012. I decided to create a DAG. I have created the prestaged AD object for the cluster called msc-co-exc-01c,

  • SOAP error : IDispatch error #19880October 11

    Hi every one, i am getting this error on executing the crawler. Error in attaching to container node Crawler Start Node to get child documents: IDispatch error #19880 (0x80044fa8): [The SOAP Connection stopped executing method urn:plumtree-com:Contai

  • Native exception: IDispatch error #17460November 30

    Hi all! Have you ever seen error message like this? The request is not yet finished.  The request was waiting for a reply from the host.] (612,PTDispatch.cpp)] com.plumtree.server.marshalers.PTException: Native exception: IDispatch error #17460 (0x80

  • BO 5.1.8 InfoView Automation Exception BOMGR0060 IDispatch error #102November 30

    We have a user who has just set up a Windows 7 PC and is using IE8.  Her access rights for BOv5 have not been changed but she can no longer access reports in the repository when using InfoView.  She gets the following error message when she tries to

  • (Error: BOMGR 0060) IDispatch error # 109 Connection or SQL sentence errorNovember 30

    Hi all members BO version: BO 6.5 My client is facing following error in Infoview all of sudden for last 2 weeks while viewing the published reports in an Infoview. BusinessObjects server process raised an automation exception. (Error: BOMGR 0060) ID

  • Stub out Error Cluster from Error Code.vi?November 30

    When I profile my application, I find that the biggest consumer of CPU time is the Error Cluster from Error Code.vi, called from a number of locked NI libraries.  How can I stub out this .vi, replacing it with basically a pass-through?  I tried creat

  • How to Uninstall SQL instance on active-passive SQL server , which failed during Cluster Setup (Error-Failed at Validate Active Directory Configuration)November 30

    How to Uninstall SQL instance on active-passive SQL server , which failed during Cluster Setup (Error-Failed at Validate Active Directory Configuration) active-passive SQL server cluster setup failed due to some steps missed in initial cluster setup,

  • IDispatch error #19876 - LDAP Authentication Source - User Unique Name AttributeNovember 30

    Hi, we have troubles with the User Unique Name Attribute: As 'cn' and 'dn' may change we want to use the EmployeeID ('workforceID') as unique identifier for our user synchronisation. This attribute exists and is also imported in the profile service.

  • User information on HFM cluster/server configurationNovember 30

    Hi Folks, How to find which HFM Cluster/Server is accessed by the end user (who use workspace or smartview to work). Because there are many end users out of which some them face low performance and for others work fine.We use two application servers

  • What's means IDispatch error #3092November 30

    Hi i use vc++ to develop database program,database is oracle and use ADO style(must use ADO) my code is : sql.Format("INSERT INTO EVAL.LOGTABLE (LOGNAME,LOGINTIME) VALUES('aaa',to_date('2009-01-01 12:12:12','yyyy-MM-dd HH24:mi:ss'));"); m_pConne

  • COM exception: IDispatch error #19808 (0x80044f60): []November 30

    While running a cralwer, I've got below error message from PTSpy. When I look at TCPTrace, I could see running well until getDocumet calling. but after calling getDocument, PTSpy shows me below com exception message. =================================

  • IDispatch error 31816November 30

    Post Author: rossg CA Forum: General When attempting to run a Crystal report through GoldMine CRM using runtime link between GoldMine and Crystal I get a IDispatch error 31816.  Reports run fine directly through Crystal Reports. I know most of you wi

  • Unexpected Stopping cluster service errorNovember 30

    We encounter "Stopping cluster service" error with our cluster. After a little debugging, we know what cause that to happen but would like to know if there is a way to avoid that. It probably an expected behavior of coherence, but please let us

  • HFM cluster errorNovember 30

    Hello Experts, I would like to introduce security issue which we are getting. We already have the Production environment in our network and in HFM it contains the cluster name as *"HFM"*. We have introduced another environment called Production1

  • Helps for WLP9.2 in a cluster:  deploy errors, propagation errorsOctober 11

    I wrote a document for our portal project's production support that details how to fix several recuring problems with WLP9.2 (GA) in cluster. I'm sharing this with the community as a help. Email me if you'd like updates or have additional scenarios /

  • Cluster Installation Error while running root.shOctober 11

    Hi all, Please help I tried to install clusterware but when i run root.sh on first node it shows as below [[email protected] etc]# /u01/app/oraInventory/orainstRoot.sh Changing permissions of /u01/app/oraInventory to 770. Changing groupname of /u01/app/or

  • HFM Application Library error Null while deploying the validated appOctober 11

    Hello, I am trying to deploy a HFM application on EPM 11.1.3 and when I right click on the application in Application library of EPMA, I am getting a pop-up with the following error: Application Library Error null Please note: 1. This is a EPMA manag

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